SEMA 2022: QA1 Perfects Ride With F-100 Coilover Conversion

One of the most important points of building the F-100 chassis is making sure the stance is perfect. Sure, the engine, drivetrain, and interior play major roles in this process too, but when the drop is right and the aggressive looks match the V8 engine up front, you know it’s a solid build. While the F-100 crowd loves to DIY custom setups on the front, the days of needing to seek out a Mustang II frontend have ended, and the Crown Vic is following shortly behind. That is primarily due to QA1 setting up solutions to avoid having to fabricate, configure, or design your own coilover frontend.

The latest product from QA1 is its F-100 Front Coilover Conversion System. Instead of grafting the frontend from another vehicle onto your truck and trying to determine which springs, spring rates, or coilovers to use, the QA1 kit provides everything you need to give your F-100 the stance it deserves.


The F-100 Front Coil0ver Conversion System comes equipped with single- or double-adjustable shocks, high-travel springs, tubular control arms and crossmember, rack-and-pinion steering, and allows the use of stock or dropped spindles. The list of parts included in the conversion is fantastic, but where the product shines is the fact it is 100-percent bolt-on. No need to source a fabricator or attempt welding for the first time.

Aside from amazing products and easy installation, the F-100 Front Coilover Conversion System boasts of being 3.75-inch narrower than a Crown Vic, which allows a better selection of wider wheels with proper offset. The entire kit is 150-pounds lighter than stock and removes much of the heavy frontend weight. Finally catering to each individual builder’s preference, the conversion system allows for a 3- to 5-inch drop using factory spindles or up to 7-inches using popular aftermarket drop spindles.

If you’re ready to make your F-100 handle at the perfect ride height then QA1 has you covered. The complete F-100 Front Coilover Conversion System is more than just a frontend, it’s a solution to navigating away from custom and time-consuming labor with inferior results. Best of all QA1 products are American-made and they provide a limited lifetime warranty on their shocks.

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