SEMA 2023: Maradyne Shows Smart Start Fans

SEMA 2023: Maradyne Shows Smart Start Fans

When it comes to our cars, we like to keep things cool and breezy. That’s why we were eager to see what Maradyne High Performance Fans brought to SEMA 2023. We stopped by their booth and met with rep Jim Kahl and he filled us in on their new Smart Start cooling fan.

Jim told us, “What makes the Smart Start Fan different from other electric fans is that it eliminates the problem of current inrush, which is the sudden surge of electricity that happens when a motor starts. This can cause a lot of stress on the battery and the electrical system, especially if you have a high-wattage fan that draws a lot of power.”

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A typical 225-watt motor on a 16-inch fan can have a current inrush of up to 80 amps for about half a second, which is more than five times the normal operating current. This can lead to premature battery failure, reduced alternator output, and voltage drops that can affect other components.

The Smart Start Fan solves this issue by using a logic circuit that controls the power delivery to the motor. Instead of applying full voltage right away, the circuit gradually ramps up the power over a period of seven seconds, resulting in a smooth and steady start-up. This reduces the current inrush to only 20 amps, which is much easier on the battery and the electrical system.

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The benefits of the Smart Start Cooling Fan are not only limited to the start-up phase. The fan also has a long-life motor that uses larger brushes and stronger magnets, which increase the durability and performance of the fan. The fan also has a reversible blade design that allows you to switch between pusher and puller configurations, depending on your preference and application.

The Smart Start Fan is available in various sizes and models, including the MSS12K, which is a 12-inch fan with a 150-watt motor and a 1,250 cfm rating.

If you’re looking for a smart and reliable cooling fan for your vehicle, consider Maradyne’s Smart Start Fan. It’s a great way to protect your battery, optimize your electrical system, and enhance your cooling performance. Don’t let current inrush ruin your ride, get the Smart Start Fan and chill out.

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