A Trip To Hammertown Is The Right Choice For Bronco Lovers

If you like to take your wheels off the pavement and into the dirt, chances are you have heard of King of the Hammers or Hammertown, USA. This off-road racing event combines desert racing with rock crawling and features some of the craziest and most extreme off-road rigs imaginable. Being the off-road enthusiast that I am, it was a dream come true to attend this race.

When you think of racing, you probably think of a racetrack built on asphalt or concrete with race cars just inches off the ground, not rocks, sand, and dirt. This race isn’t just about going fast, but it’s about rock crawling and having a capable and beastly built 4×4 rig. I was amazed to see thousands of campers parked along the race area, hundreds of vendors, and close to 80,000 people at the event.


If watching races are not your thing, there is still plenty to do in the middle of the desert, really there is. 4×4 Off-road experiences, vendors, food, concerts, and a desert playground for your own 4×4. I had the pleasure to test the terrain and my driving skills with my favorite off-road vehicle, the Ford Bronco. I was able to drive a Black Diamond, Bronco Raptor, and a Bronco Sport Heritage Edition through the desert to compare the capabilities of each model.


Of course the Bronco Raptor is the most capable of the three, but did you know that the Bronco Sport has Rock Crawl mode and other off-road G.O.A.T. Modes? My personal Ford Bronco Outer Banks does not even have Rock Crawl mode! Driving all three of these through the sand was an easy task, but clearance would eventually become the issue for the Bronco Sport. Being able to drive all three of these to compare side by side the capabilities showed me that there really is an off-road vehicle for everyone.

This Ultra4 Racing event spans over 9 days annually in February and brings many enthusiasts together. Although I was only in Hammertown for one day, I tried to immerse myself with all that this event has to offer. I suggest packing up your 4×4 and camper, and staying for the full event as the endless amount of activities will keep you occupied. To learn more about my experience, check out my full length video.

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