Could Ford Be Replacing 6.2L Boss With A 6.8L Godzilla Variant?

Ford Motor Company currently offers three engine choices in its Super Duty trucks. You have a diesel 6.7-liter option and two gas options: 6.2-liter Boss and 7.3-liter Godzilla. While the Boss engine provides a bump in fuel economy and decent power figures, it was speculated to be a placeholder for the forthcoming 6.8-liter that was mentioned back in October 2020. In efforts to trim budget and streamline manufacturing, it would make sense that Ford would retire the 6.2-liter Boss engine and replace it with a Godzilla variant.

While Ford has not officially stated that the new 6.8-liter engine would be a Godzilla variant, the plant that is building the new engine is in charge of Godzilla production. It would only make sense to close the bore with less machining and add pistons, rather than create a complete new platform.


As much of the performance world has noticed, Ford’s 7.3-liter Godzilla engine is the perfect breeding ground for making tremendous power. The 445 cubic-inch small-block was Ford’s return to making powerful push rod engines again. In stock form it made 430 horsepower and 475 lb-ft of torque. Once Ford Performance began to offer the engine as a crate unit, the aftermarket was able to latch on. Since then we’ve seen superchargers, intake manifolds, and high horsepower builds skyrocketing. The real question now is how will the new smaller bore version compare to his big brother?

At this point it’s pure speculation, as Ford Motor Company has not released any details on power or internals. However, Is this new 6.8-liter engine being manufactured for a fuel conscious demand to satisfy Ford’s overall mpg goal? Maybe it’s a cost saving measure to differentiate between future Godzilla engines? Albeit not what you look for in a truck engine, could it possibly be a destroked version that would allow for high-revving with a shorter stroke?

In any case, if this is true then we’re excited to see the Godzilla lineage continuing, which in turn could provide enthusiasts with a long term small-block solution.

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