Design Engineering’s Lightweight Headliner Drops Cabin Heat And Noise

We do many things to make our cars more enjoyable. While horsepower always garners the limelight, upgrades to make our cars more comfortable can single-handedly account for more time behind the wheel.

Some of the things that’ll discourage enthusiasts from hitting the open road with their car are excessive heat and noise infiltrating the cabin area. Design Engineering Inc. has spent years perfecting a response to each of these issues. Its new Universal Upholstery Material effectively addresses each of these concerns while also giving the interior of the vehicle a nice, finished appearance.

DEI’s universal upholstery material is finished with a perforated, leather-like finish on the outside with a 1/8-inch foam backing to help stop heat and noise from entering the cabin.

DEI’s universal upholstery material comes in a 54 x 79-inch sheet size made with a black, perforated leather-look vinyl that is laminated to an open-cell, 1/8” foam backing.  This universal upholstery is perfect for headliners, door panels or package trays. The material’s black finish is mildew resistant, extremely lightweight, and conforms easily to the shape of the panel to which it is being applied.

The universal upholstery material is easily held in place with DEI's High-Temp Spray Adhesive. Simply apply the adhesive to the material and the surface to be applied. The material easily conforms to the shape of the surface and the large sheet eliminates the need for multiple seams on larger panels.

Besides tidying up the interior of any ride, other benefits of the universal upholstery material are the fact that it greatly reduces the heat and noise coming from the other side of the panel. Of course, what else would you expect from Design Engineering Inc.?

the universal upholstery material tidies up any vehicle’s interior and in addition to reducing cabin noise and heat, gives the interior a nice, finished appearance.

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