FordNXT Magazine to Merge with Ford Muscle January 1st

You may not know it, but we’re listening and reading – every Facebook comment, email, articles you did or didn’t click on, videos you did or didn’t watch… We hear you. Some messages are louder or clearer than others.

When we decided to split StangTV into the brand-new FordNXT and relaunched Ford Muscle, it was to appeal to the niche habits of diehard Ford enthusiasts – giving the new-school Coyote guys their own sandbox and the traditional guys a separate place to play. As it turns out, that’s not what you guys really want.

The message we have heard over and over again is: “as long as it is a Ford Motor Company product powered by a Ford engine, that’s alright by me.” Well, guess what? Starting January 1st, 2020 we are taking you up on that. One Ford magazine to rule them all! FordNXT is merging with Ford Muscle.

For the readers, the merger means you will have one location to find all of the latest Ford-related events, builds, and news – If it is an S550, S197, SN95, Fox-body, Coyote swap, classic Mustang, Cobra, GT40, Lightning, Focus, or anything with a blue oval, it can be found on Ford Muscle.

For the staff, it means we’ll be spending more time focused on finding hard-hitting stories and less time running down obscure, niche stories (ed note: if you’ve got story ideas, please put them in the comments below).

In the coming weeks, we will be merging all of the social media accounts and newsletter subscriptions for the two magazines. We will also begin the process of merging the websites as well.

Thank you for joining us on this journey over the last three years, and I hope you’ll stick with us a little longer. The merger should position Ford Muscle to emerge even stronger in 2020. We’re committed to building the best Ford magazine on the planet, and will do whatever it takes to keep you coming back for more.

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Scott Parker

Scott dreamed of being in the automotive media in high school, growing up around car shows and just down the street from Atco Raceway. The technology, performance capability, and craftsmanship that goes into builds fuels his passion.
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