Is A Twin-Turbo 7.3L Godzilla Ford’s Next Crate Engine?

Remember back about two decades ago, when the OEMs were churning out small, turbocharged four-cylinder cars as a way to compete with increasing CAFE standards? Everyone knew that boost, either through a supercharger or by using turbos, is a great way to increase both the horsepower and torque of a given engine.

The problem then was the OEMs were using this technology on four-cylinder engines with less displacement than many superchargers that are running the streets today. It helped keep fuel consumption low with an almost satisfactory level of performance, but many enthusiasts wondered, “What would happen if they used that technology on a ‘REAL’ engine, like a V8?”

The 7.3L Godzilla is as close to “big-block” status as you can get. Swapping those exhaust manifolds for a pair of turbos would give it instant street cred.

If reports coming out of Dearborn are accurate, we may need to wonder no more! Several sources have reported that Ford is testing a twin-turbo’d version of what may be the ultimate brutish late-model engine produced by the manufacturer today.

When the 7.3L “Godzilla” engine was introduced in Ford’s F-Series Super Duty truck, it was an instant success. While old-school bits such as pushrods keep the engine’s size and cost under control, it does enjoy modern touches such as variable valve timing, fuel injection, and piston cooling oil jets. The engine is a bone-stock powerhouse with 430 horsepower and 475 lb-ft of torque.

The aftermarket has taken kindly to Ford’s space-conscious big-block, even more since it began selling the engine as a crate offering. For right around 8K, enthusiasts can put this torque monster into areas previously deemed too tight for the Coyote option. Beyond that, early adopters have already been toying with supercharging their own Godzilla engines to great effect.

When you add in the benefits of boost, the final numbers, even in OEM-approved form, could be quite fun! Now, reportedly, Ford is researching the viability of pumping up the pressure in its 7.3L powerhouse. While reports state that Ford is actively testing a twin-turbo variant, there is no guarantee that it would ever make production. But knowing what we currently have as proof, the end result should be a lot of fun. Now, if the boosted package ever becomes an offering from the OEM, it will have the viability and testing which only an entity such as Ford could commit to the endeavor.

Godzilla's pushrod-driven valvetrain keeps its size under control beyond that of a typical Coyote engine.

We’ve seen what Godzilla can do when the boost is turned up to 11, but what do YOU think the final numbers would be from an offering, in stock form, from the OEM? Let us know below what you think, and IF the effort does see the light of day, we can all look back and see how close (or far) we were from reality. Also, what would YOU put a turbocharged Godzilla engine in? Let us know in the comments below!

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