Mustang Breaks EcoBoost Quarter-Mile World Record

Ford Motor Company’s EcoBoost engine is known for providing great torque at low rpm that is more adequate for tight autocross courses than it would be for quarter-mile long racing. While most opt for the 5-liter Coyote option under the hood of their S550 pony car for drag racing, Jessie Ringley made the choice to push the 2.3-liter platform to its limits. His choice has developed a complete business named Engineered Motorsports Solutions with a modus operandi to provide the EcoBoost community with top-notch products and services.

While the shop is developing products to allow EcoBoost-powered vehicles to go faster, it’s the Deep Impact Blue shop car that sees the development of these products in action and pushes the turbo 2.3-liter. You might recall when Ringley broke the EcoBoost horsepower record with a rear-wheel output of 940 horsepower and 696 lb-ft of torque. After attaining the dyno record, Ringley decided to chase after quarter-mile times. The end result is the fastest and quickest quarter-mile time out of an EcoBoost vehicle.

Allowing this Mustang to rocket to a record breaking 8.985 at 152 mph in the quarter mile is 51 pounds of boost provided from a Precision 6785 and a small shot of nitrous in dry form that is forced into the built sleeved block. The combination of turbocharger and nitrous is managed by a MoTeC ECU that is completely tuned by Ryan Martin of PD Tuning. Inside the engine is a set of EMS high-compression pistons. A Phil Meinzar BMF head equipped with BP300 camshafts is equipped with a EMS EvoBoost intake manifold.


When we last spoke with Ringley his goal was to be the first EcoBoost Mustang in the 8-second range in the quarter mile. Although his eyes were hoping to make this pass at the 26th annual Haltech World Cup Finals Import versus Domestic, it wasn’t long after that he managed to knock it out at Bradenton Motorsports Park to secure the record. We’re excited to see what happens when he changes to a billet block and larger turbo.


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