51 PSI Pushes Big-Turbo EcoBoost S550 To Wheel-Horsepower Record

51 PSI Pushes Big-Turbo EcoBoost S550 To Wheel-Horsepower Record

While most enthusiasts gravitate toward the thunderous power of throbbing eight-cylinder engines, others take pride in doing more with less. That mantra was the mission of Ford’s EcoBoost engines, which promised eight-cylinder performance from just four cylinders. Jessie Ringley of Engineered Motorsports Solutions decided to expound on that mission by pushing EcoBoost performance into the stratosphere.

That die was cast when the then 16-year-old Ringley slid behind the wheel of his first car — a Ford Probe. After moving into Mitsubishis for a time, he returned to the Ford fold with the EcoBoost Mustang seen here.


Already running a built engine augmented by MAHLE pistons and Xtreme DI fuel system upgrades, Jessie Ringley added an EvoBoost intake, Full Race twin-scroll exhaust manifold, Precision Turbo 6785 turbo, and an Alphalocs air-to-water intercooler. The combo is tuned by Ryan Martin of PD Tuning. (Photo Credit: Engineered Motorsports Solutions)

An engineer by trade, Ringley began modifying the car for improved performance, and along the way, he opened EMS with the help of his wife Susan. Eventually, this led to his ride cranking out 804 horsepower at the rear wheels, which he says is the current record for a boost-only EcoBoost machine.

With the goal of eventually pushing the platform into four-digit territory, Ringley recently completed a slew of upgrades that furthered his pursuit of that mission. Among those upgrades was a conversion to a high-end Motec fuel-injection system with a custom wiring harness, which he says makes it the first EcoBoost engine controlled by this system.


He also reconfigured the car with a MoTec fuel-injection system and a custom wiring harness, which works with a Windows Surface Go tablet that serves as an instrument cluster. He also stripped the interior of all but the necessary hardware, relocated the battery to the trunk, and added an 8.50-spec cage.

On the hardware side, he bolted on an EvoBoost intake manifold along with a Full Race twin-scroll exhaust manifold modified by Rise Fab to accent two wastegate flanges. The latter manifold is the foundation for a next-gen 6785 turbo from Precision Turbo & Engine. Supporting the updated turbo’s boost is cooled by a new air-to-water intercooler from Alphalocs.

Bringing synchronicity to the hardware, Ryan Martin of PD Tuning calibrated the fresh combo with a shot of nitrous on top and the result was a record-setting rear-wheel output of 940 horsepower and 696 lb-ft of torque. Ringley says this is the highest output yet for a dual-power-adder EcoBoost machine.


Supported by an Aeromotive 5-gpm fuel pump pushing fuel through a Fuelab filter, the upgraded EcoBoost engine belted out a record-setting 940 horsepower and 696 lb-ft of torque on 51 pounds boost and dry 50-shot of nitrous.

However, his work isn’t done yet. The first order of business is taking a crack at becoming the first EcoBoost combo to run into the 8-second zone. Eventually, Ringley also plans to push his engine’s output beyond 1,000 horsepower at the wheels, which would exemplify doing more with less.

EMS EcoBoost Mustang Mods

  • Sleeved 2.3-liter block
  • EMS high-comp pistons
  • EMS EvoBoost intake manifold
  • Phil Meinzer BMF head w/BP300 camshafts
  • Precision 6785 turbocharger at 51 psi
  • Rise Fab Shop custom twin-scroll turbo kit
  • Alphalocs air-to-water intercooler
  • 50-Horsepower shot of nitrous (dry)
  • Xtreme DI 60 fuel pump and prototype 2450cc fuel injectors
  • EMS Meth’d Up port-injection kit
  • Ignite Red racing fuel
  • EMS modified stock torque converter
  • MoTec M142 w/6R80 control
  • EMS Ultimate Catch Tank


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