A New Driven Oil That Is Safe For Vintage And Classic Engines

Driven oil

If you’re looking for a conventional oil that is perfect for your classic, GP-1 Might be just what you need.

If you have read anything on the internet lately about engine oil, you know there are a lot of myths about what’s needed for a given engine. Knowing what oil you need for a given situation is paramount. Take for instance, what is a break-in oil? Do I need a break-in oil? Can I run synthetic in my small block? These are all valid questions,

For those of you that prefer to run a conventional oil, Driven Racing Oil, has released its new line of GP-1 conventional oils for a variety of applications. This oil is engineered specifically for use in vintage engines, and according to Driven Oil, its GP-1 conventional oils utilize modern additive technology to achieve optimum performance and protection.

We’re told this conventional oil is formulated with premium Pennsylvania Grade base oil and features a high-pressure viscosity coefficient and superior lubrication properties. GP-1 also gives the user a high zinc (ZDDP) content which is great for enthusiasts with flat-tappet camshafts. The unique formulation found in GP-1 is engineered to prevent leaks and assist with ring seal and features high film strength for anti-scuff protection. The GP-1 oil is available in several weights, including a Break-In 20W-50, SAE 40, and SAE 50.

Driven Racing designed its GP-1 conventional SAE 40 for antique and classic engines that require a 40-grade oil. The SAE 50 is optimized for vintage racing applications and includes methanol-fed and supercharged engines. The high zinc and molybdenum (Moly) content of GP-1 SAE 40 and SAE 50 reduces friction and provides extreme pressure protection, leading to decreased engine wear and improved efficiency.

Driven oil is available in one-gallon bottles, with a retail price of $34.29. To learn more about the line of GP-1 Conventional oils and other Driven Racing Oil products, visit drivenracingoil.com.

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