Push To Start Your Classic With IDIDIT’s New Ignition

What is the one thing that every classic car owner has in common? Regardless of the make, we all experience that feeling of nostalgia when we are behind the wheel. For those who want that feeling of being young again, or for those like myself who feel they were born in the wrong era, our classics are an opportunity to take a step back in time.

That said, there are some compromises we can make with the present. Adding modern technology to an old car is certainly not a new or groundbreaking idea. However, the push to start ignition from IDIDIT is new and offers features that make classic cruising more modernized.

push to start ignition

In collaboration with VAIS technologies, IDIDIT has released a new push-to-start ignition system to replace your old and probably stripped key and tumbler setup. This system is designed to mount directly to your dash or fit into one of IDIDIT’s aftermarket steering columns.

The ignition comes equipped with modern proximity awareness technology. IDIDIT’s new push-to-start ignition system uses SEER (Smart Entry Exit Recognition) technology to bring modern convenience to your classic car or truck.

The SEER technology works in multiple stages. As you approach the vehicle over 15 feet away, the system recognizes the key tag you are carrying and illuminates the headlights. Once you’re within 15 feet, the hazards or parking light flash. Less than five feet away the doors will unlock. Upon entering the vehicle and the ignition activates. All that is left to do is hit the button and you’re on your way. IDIDIT does state the distances may vary for certain applications and installations.

The price for both the 25mm button (dash mount only) and the 22mm button (column or dash mount) is $909.75 on their website. This may vary depending on the dealer you choose. Both kits include the button, a control module, and a PTS module. It will also come with multiple antennas, a bracket for these antennas, and two key tags. For applications with a low voltage tach signal, you will also need to purchase a $20 adapter.

This may not be a desired addition for every classic car owner. The next time you’re unfolding a coat hanger because you’re locked out or you’re jiggling and finessing your key in the door locks for five minutes, make sure you think about this option before throwing something out of anger. This might be a modern compromise worth making.

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