Rare 1965 Shelby GT350 Rescued From Squalor Of Abandoned House

After the success of the Cobra, Carrol Shelby sought to transform the Ford Mustang from a “secretary’s car” into a true performer. To that end, the Shelby American team sharpened the suspension, fortified the brakes, and put more power under the hood. The result was the Shelby GT350, and a legend was born.

GT350 Hideout

Just days before Mr. Shelby’s birthday, the YouTuber American Mustangs revealed quite the discovery. Hidden in the squalor of an abandoned lake house were several Mustangs and an assortment of Ford parts. One was a ’91 Mustang LX convertible, but the other was a legit, numbers-matching 1965 Shelby GT350. That’s right, rotting in a garage was one of the rarest Mustangs around, one of just 562 examples created.

“It’s just incredible. It’s an incredible find. I’ve had a lot of cool cars, but I think this is one of the best ones I’ve ever come across,” proclaimed the videographer, who bought all the Ford hardware onsite, including a K-code Mustang in the basement. You can watch the full video here.


It is rare to find a 1965 Shelby GT350, but one rotting in the garage of an abandoned lake house is the stuff of barn-find dreams. Better yet, this car has since been revived to running condition but still wears its well-earned patina.

The car was discovered a year ago in Georgia, and its body was pretty rough with peeling paint and rust, but all the original parts appear intact. Peeking inside, the interior was in much better shape than the exterior.

Since this video was shot January 2021, the new owner freshened up the engine, transmission, and brakes to make it driveable. Because the interior was in great shape, it just needed a good cleaning. “Not planning to it restore at the moment,” he added. “The plan is to let the car tell its story for a little while.”

Look for the full story behind the car’s acquisition and a look at its current state of operation in future videos from American Mustangs.




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