Speedway Motors’ Wheel & Tire Measuring Tool

There’s more to getting that perfect stance and filling your vehicle’s wheel well perfectly than what simply meets the eye. It’s easy enough to see when something isn’t right, but it requires a little more work to ensure that it is right the very first time. Thanks to this wheel and tire fitment measuring tool by Speedway Motors, the amount of work necessary is minimal at most, but the results are amazing!

Before you purchase those high-dollar wheels for your ride, you want to know if those big, meaty tires are going to fit and how they’ll look once installed. By using the tires you intend on using, this handy tool will let you know exactly how much wheel backspacing you’ll need. Simply adjust the backspacing to center those tires precisely where they need to be so they clear both bodywork and suspension components. You’ll know the exact diameter, width, and backspacing of the wheels you’ll need for both the front and the rear of your ride in no time.

 This Wheel Measuring Tool Is Both Durable & Dependable

This durable Speedway wheel and tire fitment measuring tool is laser-cut and press-bent out of sturdy 10-gauge steel, so it will hold those tires in place for dependable measuring every time. The tool can accurately measure 14- through 20-inch diameter wheels that range from seven to seventeen inches in width.

Wheel and tire measuring tool

You can see the numerous holes that allow for such a broad scope of adjustability with the tool. Simply loosen the carriage bolts using the wing nuts and adjust the tool accordingly. No wrenches are necessary!

This provides you with an accurate way to measure and confirm wheel backspacing and offset using the actual tires you plan to use. You simply assemble the tool inside the tire and mount the tool onto the hub or axle shaft lug nuts, just like you would a wheel. Then, you adjust the tool’s backspacing by loosening the ¼-20 carriage bolts and wing nuts to slide the tire in or out to center it perfectly in the wheel well. Tighten the bolts and check the fitment of the tire’s rotation and clearance while turning and throughout suspension travel.

With something so important (and possibly costly) as getting the proper tire and wheel selection, it makes sense to do it right the first time. You can plan on that with this wheel and tire fitment measuring tool from Speedway Motors.

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