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Well, it has been past 90 days since Power Automedia hired me and I have yet to receive the dreaded phone call or see “the glitch” fixed. I haven’t figured out if they forgot about my hiring or actually enjoy my content and direction. In any case, I plan to stick around until something changes. Now might be a good time to introduce myself and my ambitions for Ford Muscle magazine in an effort to gain popularity in case of a coup d’état of editorial and I get swept under the rug in a covert operation.

Hands-On Experience

Similar to the majority of Ford Muscle’s readership, I got my start of automotive love through family. This began early when I left the hospital and rode home under the rear hatch of a C3 Corvette. We outgrew the Corvette quickly and needed a family car, so a 1990 Mustang LX with a 5.0L engine was the perfect replacement. As race cars came and went, the Wild Strawberry Fox stayed. The majority of my childhood involved climbing through those folded-down front seats while trying to avoid seat belt strangulation. This is where I learned I could hide trash between the third brake light and rear window. It is also where I learned my father had a short temper for my shenanigans. However, the trademark-worthy exhaust note emitted from that Mustang has resonated with me ever since and was well worth the limited leg space.

Over the years I’ve participated in multiple forms of racing and always welcome a new driving experience. The majority of my seat time has been drag and autocross oriented with the occasional road racing track day. I continue to expand my racing rolodex with off-road experiences and drifting events. Thankfully, my location in central Texas grants me access to multiple drag strips, several road race facilities–including the world renowned Circuit of The Americas, and an off-road park. These are the perfect testing grounds for new vehicles and performance products.

I do more than just take test drives and write about my love of Ford though. My current family of Fords includes a built and supercharged 1995 Lightning, full bolt-on 2002 Lightning, stock 2021 Mustang GT with a 6-speed manual transmission, a 1966 Mustang with more dreams than actual parts, and the family tow rig–which is a 2011 Expedition. As you might have guessed, these vehicles will all become test beds for product reviews and long term builds. I try to keep my vehicle lineup as broad as I want my Ford coverage to be.

Before becoming the Senior Associate Editor, I ran my own personal automotive and motorcycle blog with a heavy focus on builds, shop tours, and motorcycle adventures. After a few random connections, I was able to land a freelance writer position with Power Automedia writing for various titles. While freelancing is a lot of fun, taking the helm of Ford Muscle magazine allows me the opportunity to push my own content direction. I keep it simple with a goal to provide Ford Muscle the best coverage of Ford related news, performance vehicles and broad racing spectrum including drag, autocross, road racing, off-road or any other Ford applicable avenues. However, there is so much more to that statement that I want to elaborate on.

Goals and Objectives For Ford Muscle

Ford Muscle has always been enthusiast-centric since day one and I want to keep the tradition alive with more event coverage and recruitment of the finest feature cars. In 2021, after having a newborn 3 days before (sorry wife!) I snuck away to the Holley Intergalactic Ford Festival and NMRA World Finals in Bowling Green, Kentucky. This was my introduction to the national Ford scene. I followed that event up with LMR Cruise-In in Ft Worth, Texas and Mod Nationals in Adel, Georgia. This year I plan on increasing my presence at events across the United States in an effort to showcase the variety of builds and scale of each gathering.

I’m a gearhead at heart and when I am not smashing keys on my laptop or talking with manufacturers about new products, I can generally be found with greasy hands in my garage. I love a good build thread and still reminisce to old magazine builds, which is exactly what I plan to do with our project car section. I’ve made a strong push to build concepts and purpose with any of my colleagues’ cars or my personal vehicles before presenting the build over a span of time. I’ll be mixing it up with engine and transmission swaps, as well as the motorsport we direct it at.

I will be highlighting more usable products for consumers to read about, install procedures, and actual quantifiable results. This will replace internet opinions with factual data. Readers will soon notice more product reviews from the OEM segment and aftermarket community with dyno or timed results. While performance is my modus operandi, I will also sprinkle in some non-race related topics such as towing or truck enhancement. After all, trucks are a way of life for most Americans and being able to get the most from your vehicle from efficiency to performance is always a good thing.

“James Elkins is a top notch human, a driven individual, and a true enthusiast that I think is going to be an all-star for us.” Scott Parker, Power Automedia Chief Operating Officer

Your Source For Blue Oval Content

So, if your blood bleeds blue, then you’ve come to the right spot. I’ll be covering more Ford news, feature cars, event coverage, and builds. Grab your device and get comfortable, as you’ll soon notice an increase in amazing blue oval content. If you feel inclined, sign up for the newsletter, social media pages or just check back at for your direct source for all things Ford.

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