Mod Nationals 2021 Showcases Ford’s Modular Motor Capabilities

Coyote engines aside, the modular motor from Ford has always had little representation in racing. There are few events that even have a specific class for the overhead cam V8. Thankfully, people like Justin Young, Mod Motor Mustangs community, and Accufab all have provided a place to gather with a modular-centric environment. This event is called Mod Nationals, and it is hosted at South Georgia Motorsports Park. After a missed year and a monsoon-soaked racetrack in 2019, this year was set to break records. We saw not only records being broken, but attendance figures, as well. As crowds flocked to the pits, cars made their way to the staging lanes to prove that the modular motor is as capable as ever.

Racing and Respect

Records are meant to be broken and there were plenty falling off the charts at this year’s Mod Nationals. Dalton Winkler reset the GT500 with factory DCT transmission after blasting off an 8.55-second pass. Bryan Crane reclaimed the modular motor with stick shift throne from his Alaskan rival, Allen Garrett. Crane’s best run was an 8.51. Zach Yasko with a factory sealed stock long block managed an 8.88 for a new class record. Real Teal tiptoed into the sevens with a 7.99 at 172 mph pass! H-pattern world record holder Joel Steele was also in attendance and showcased just how fast his car — and shifts — are.

The Mod Nationals falls on Veteran’s Day. While racing was the main goal, there was a strong sense of national appreciation, as well. Memphis racer Travis Chaney custom made trophies for the fastest veteran and the hardest luck. Meanwhile, Justin Young gathered prize money that topped over $7,000. Young even created a list of five categories that included furthest traveled, best reaction time, hard luck, oldest veteran, and longest beard awards.

The Mod Nationals is more than just a place for the mod motor community to gather and race against each other — it’s a family gathering. In the pits, you could see old friends reuniting and racers helping others. While Brian Cummins was swapping clutch packs, he was also loaning tools to a racer doing a 6R80 swap. After hitting 50 psi on a 35 psi tune, fellow racers helped no-time racer Don Hartman pull the heads to inspect the damage. The atmosphere of teamwork was overly evident and everyone felt at home with each other. So, if you’re looking for a place to witness some amazing race action and community involvement, then the Mod Nationals is the place to be.

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