Thieves Steal Multiple Mustangs From Flat Rock Assembly Plant

A few unlucky Mustang purchasers might have a little longer wait for their new car to ship after last night’s fiasco at the Flat Rock Assembly Plant. This is not another halt in production from chip shortage, but one based on the theft of six Mustangs overnight. While motor vehicle theft is a common occurrence across the United States, to have them stolen directly from the plant adds a new element. Unfortunately, that exact scenario unfolded last night at 3:20 a.m. when State Troopers were dispatched to the area with reports of stolen Mustangs being spotted.


Like a scene out of a movie, thieves had targeted the plant and managed to drive off under the cover of darkness. Noticing the factory only leaves minimal amounts of fuel in each vehicle, the rustlers made a quick pit stop for fuel. Around the same time, State Troopers were steadily approaching the group. This resulted in the pack branching off and departing from the Flat Rock, Michigan area, bound for Detroit metro area.

Police singled out one from the group, resulting in a minor chase before the driver tried to evade via a grass embankment. Apparently, the driver was not aware that the Mustang lacked the G.O.A.T. modes from the Bronco, he did however became very aware of how low profile performance tires do not work well off road. Police were able to apprehend the suspect at the site. Two other Mustangs managed to reach the Detroit area, but not without running out of fuel and left abandoned. Another three remain at large.

At this point, three Mustangs are back at the police station and one suspect is in custody. with the investigation on going. Ford Motor Company has yet to confirm any details on how the thieves managed to get into the secured facility, but I’m sure they will be taking reactive measures soon. As for the other three Mustangs, Ford is presumably scrambling to get an inventory count finished, but these could turn into a fable tale of missing Mustangs that live on through generations of Mustang owners.

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