Video: 2013 Ford Focus ST Hits Drag Strip, Then The Dyno

Whenever a hot new performance car comes out, that handful of initial buyers usually has a very specific purpose in mind for the car. Whether it be adding it to their collection, adding on modifications, or simply taking is straight to the track, it doesn’t take long for a car like the 2013 Ford Focus ST to find its way onto YouTube to share the new owner’s happiness…and some impressive stats to boost.

Well thanks to the guys at Buschnur Racing, who normally undertake compact import models, we have the first stock stats for the 2013 Ford Focus ST. This is including a run down the ¼ mile dragstrip and some time on the dyno. Can you guess how much wheel horsepower this hot hatchback is making?

First let’s talk about drag times. While the Focus ST wasn’t built with drag racing in mind (and let’s be honest, no front-wheel drive car is), that doesn’t mean it can’t turn in a respectable performance. The guys at Buschnur wasted no time, and with just 60 miles on the odometer, they took their brand new Focus ST to the drag strip for some totally-stock runs. We only see one run, and it is a 14.72 @ 97 mph. Not blistering fast, but certainly respectable. Hell, this engine is barely broken in.

On the dyno is where the real fun starts though. While the Focus ST is rated at 252 horsepower (with the overboost feature) and 270 ft-lbs of torque, it seems like maybe Ford has underestimated the potency of its EcoBoost engine. The final numbers? 211 wheel horsepower, and 242 ft-lbs of torque. It seems like maybe this new hot hatch makes a little more power than Ford let on, hrm?

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