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Starting in 1989, Engine Parts Group was founded by a group of independent engine parts distributors who were looking for a way to work cooperatively in buying and marketing their products. Today the company’s specialty engine components production brand, Engine Pro, produces and sells a countless number of high quality parts for both streetcars and racecars.

In an effort to eliminate some of the confusion in selecting the right set of Engine Pro valves, Dave Sutton of Engine Parts Group breaks down the features of the 1000- and 2000-series stainless valves to help you decide which set is right for your build.


For your high horsepower street engine, mild bracket drag racing builds and oval track projects, Sutton recommends Engine Pro’s 1000-series valves. The valve is forged from a stainless steel alloy and the body is CNC milled into a one-piece design that features a dished head (depending on the application), a chrome plated stem, and a friction welded and hardened stem tip for improved strength.

Engine Pro's 1000-series valve features an undercut stem (left), for improved airflow and reduced mass; and a friction welded and hardened tip (right), for extra strength.

The stem of the 1000-series is also undercut near the head of the valve. Removing this excess material helps to improve airflow on factory heads with restrictive port designs and reduce mass. The forged stainless steel alloy aides in maintaining the structural integrity of the valve, even with the material removed from this critical area of the stem.

The 1000-series valves are available for Chevy small-blocks and big-blocks; Chrysler big-blocks; Ford small-blocks, the 351C (and 351W with GT40 heads), Boss 302, 429 and 460s; as well as Pontiac 400 through 455s.


The next valve up in strength and performance is the 2000-series valve. Like the 1000-series, this valve also utilizes a one-piece CNC milled body, a hard chrome plated undercut stem (and straight stem), with a friction welded and hardened tip. But is instead forged using a 21-4N stainless steel alloy, while the head is swirl polished to further improve airflow characteristics.

The 21-4N alloy has vastly improved strength and the ability to dissipate heat more efficiently. The 2000-series is considered to be a premium choice for high horsepower drag racing builds commonly running aggressive roller cams and high valve seat pressure.

These premium valves are available for the Chevy small-block, big-block, and LS; along with the 32-valve Ford 4.6L and Ford FE engines.


In addition to the company’s mid-level and top tier enthusiast-grade valves, Engine Pro also offers an entry level performance valve for factory small-block Chevy rebuilds wanting a little extra strength.

The 500-series valves still retain the one-piece forged design, chrome plating, and undercut stem; but instead use an economy EV-12 stainless steel alloy which is best suited for engines sticking to pump gas and near stock power.


Engine Pro’s range of consumer-level poppet valves have something to offer any gearhead that is looking to take their street build or amatuer weekend racer to the next level with the utmost reliability and heat dissipation where it’s needed most.

For a full list of valve specifications and applications, be sure to checkout the Engine Pro product catalog on their website!

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