Video: CJ Pony Parts Installs A 6-Point Roll Bar On 2013 Mustang GT

With the power of the new Coyote engine, and even it’s three valve predecessor, it doesn’t take a lot of modification to achieve fast ET’s at the local track. As the bolt-ons pile up, and ET’s drop, safety becomes an even bigger player in your horsepower habits.

Last drag racing season, CJ Pony Parts saw their 2013 Coyote powered Mustang drop into the 11.0’s. Per NHRA regulations, vehicles running quicker than 11.49 are required to have a six point roll bar. To get their car legal for the 2013 racing season, CJPP recently installed a Maximum Motorsports six point roll bar in their project car.

The installation of this roll bar was all captured on video, and provides a significant amount of highly detailed and useful information for S197 Mustang owners looking to do this installation. This includes mentioning a few differences for the 2013 model, which include a rear panel that must be cut differently than as described in the original instructions.

CJPP had their bar powdercoated to match the Gotta Have It Green color of the car, and the final product installed looks fantastic.

The video outlines the installation step by step, including detailing some of the differences you may encounter based on the year of the car you're doing the installation on.

The quick swing out bars on this roll bar also help it be a little more user friendly for both driver and passenger, and the bolt-in nature of the roll bar means that other than some seam sealer removal and a handful of holes if the bar ever needs to be removed, it won’t mean owners have to spend days cutting out and grinding away at old welds.

While it took the crew four days to do this installation, that included all of the stop and starting that is often associated with filming a project of any kind, which always adds time. CJPP says this should be a weekend project for any enthusiast who is handy and capable with tools, and familiar with working on their Mustang. This is a weekend project that will not only save you some hassle on tech inspection but also could save you some skin if the worst should ever happen.



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