Video: Ford Bronco Driver Brings Donuts To The Ballpark

The new Ford Bronco has made waves in the off-road community. The Bronco has won everything from King of The Hammers 4600 class to the Utility of the Year from the NACTOY jury. While this new Bronco has had an incredible reach into the consumer market, it was only a matter of time before we began to see some new off-road shenanigans. Well, that day has arrived as one Bronco driver decided to try out the Bronco’s handling in the outfield of Petco Park in San Diego, California. Yes, inside the playing field. 

While this idea may have come out of left-field, so did the Bronco’s entrance. The driver used an open left-field tunnel to make his way onto the unused playing field. Once on the field, he began a series of long sweeping donuts and enjoying a day at the ballpark. The once bamboozled grounds crew jumped into action by blocking off the escape route with a forklift in the open tunnel. The driver, 22 year old Nicholas Joseph, realized he was out of playing field, stepped out and was placed under citizen’s arrest, until San Diego’s finest arrived and placed him in handcuffs for vandalism. A judge agreed to release Joseph on his own recognizance under the condition he checks into a behavioral health center and stays away from Petco Park. 


Ryan Carlson, a witness who filmed the incident, mentioned he thought it was a grounds crew member, until the driver started making rounds erratically. “…And then he just whips out and starts doing doughnuts,” Carlson said. “After about a minute, he came to a stop, and a bunch of the grounds crew guys made their way to the car and did a citizens’ arrest. It happened peacefully, wasn’t aggressive, at least as far as I saw. They walked him over and sat him down.”

Aside from being completely illegal, this act of vandalism has been the best use of a major league stadium since the lockout started. However, this might also be the perfect time to bring up the Bronco Off-Roadeo that Ford’s has set up, in case you want to legally try your hand at off-roading. 

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