Video: Miniature Working V8 Engine Made Completely of LEGOs

Most of us had at least some experience playing with LEGOs when we were kids, building castles, space ships and cars. But Barry Bosman has taken what some would consider child’s play and turned it into an amazing hobby. The result is the fully functional 32-valve V8 engine built completely from LEGOs that you see in the video above. Featured on the Make Magazine blog, you have to see this engine work to believe it.

The engine was built using LEGO Technic components, or basically LEGOs for adults. The whole idea behind the LEGO Technic line is to build real-life models that work and move just like their life-size counterparts. While LEGO Technic does offer build kits to create many functioning models, Bosman actually came up with the design for this engine on his own.

Three hundred hours and 2,862 parts later and the electronically controlled LEGO V8 was born. Complete with illuminated accents, this engine has everything from moving pistons and pulleys to spark plug wires, fuel lines and headers.

While it’s not quite as detailed as the world’s smallest 327cui small-block built by Jim Moyer, this LEGO engine is extremely impressive.

For being made out of LEGOs, this engine is extremely detailed

So what could be better than a working LEGO engine? How about one that actually sounds like the real deal? Well this engine also gives you that. With a turn of the control knob, this bad boy is roaring along like there’s not tomorrow. And yes, even the controller is made of LEGOs.

Surprisingly, Bosman has not kept his unique LEGO engine design top secret. He actually has a full parts list and step-by-step photo guide to help others build the same model. Sure, it’s not the real thing but if you can’t tinker on the real-deal, you might as well tinker on the next best thing.

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