Video: Mustangs Set Record For Largest Burnout Image

When it comes to setting records with automobiles, the focus tends to be on highest speed, lowest weight, or quickest times. There are, however, some lesser-known car-related records out there just waiting to be established or broken under the watchful eye of the Guinness Book of World Records. The latest such example comes to us from Saudi Arabia of all places, where the world record for largest tire mark image also had a charitable twist to it.


Two Mustang RTR-D’s set the world record for largest tire mark image. (Photo Credit: Guinness World Records)

The Al Jazirah Vehicles Agency and Al Jazirah Ford Racing team shredded a lot of rubber on their way into the Guinness Book of World Records, raising awareness for breast cancer with their huge ribbon design.

Wearing special tires that create pink smoke when burning them off, two drivers in Mustang RTR-Ds (created by Ken Block’s Hoonigan Racing team) created the well-known breast cancer awareness ribbon measuring 9,515 square-feet. It took approximately 45 minutes to complete the image.


“The first message the event wanted to promote was to raise awareness of the breast cancer disease,” said President of Al Jazirah Vehicles Agencies Sheikh Abdullah bin Fahad Al-Kraidees. “We need to do more as a society to promote breast cancer awareness throughout the year with creative ideas that connect with key audiences in our society. We have to talk more about topics which impact people’s health, and push the importance within our communities about the need for early screening which improves the chances of recovery from breast cancer.”

Burnouts and breast cancer awareness. An odd couple, but one that works.

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