Watch World’s First 7-Second Run By A 7.3L Godzilla

The Godzilla engine has quickly become the hot topic for people who are looking to swap a big cubic inch pushrod engine into their car. At the forefront of this movement is Brian Wolfe, who not only pioneered the engine during his days at Ford Motor Company, but has quickly become the leading guru when it comes to 7.3-liter performance. Instead of chasing micro records during the build phase of his Godzilla-powered drag car, he jumped ahead of the pack and created a monster Fox Body.


A monster F1A-94 ProCharger hangs from the front of Brian Wolfe’s Fox Body Mustang.

Wolfe recently showcased his talent by being the first Godzilla-powered vehicle to break into the 7-second range. Seeing Fox Body Mustangs run this fast is not uncommon, but what makes this car unique is that it still retains the stock block, cylinder head castings, and crank! These factory components endure 21 psi of boost via a F1A-94 ProCharger. This equates to roughly a 1,600 horsepower combination.

Adding rigidity to the architecture of this Godzilla engine is Wiseco pistons and MGP aluminum rods. A host of Jesel products aid in the valvetrain department, while M1 Methanol fuel keeps the engine cool and allows the dry sump tank to take the place of an intercooler. The engine’s power is then transmitted through a Neal Chance converter before making its way through the 2 speed transmission. Allowing the power to reach the ground is a complete Team Z rear suspension and pair of Mickey Thompson Pro 275 drag radials.

If you have vague memories of this chassis competing in drag racing before, then your memory serves you correct. The sleek black Fox Body boasts a pedigree of being raced by both Jason Lee and Charlie Cooper. Now Wolfe has taken to the helm and added his own twist. The combination of the car’s racing pedigree and Wolfe’s intense knowledge bank creates a lethal combination on the drag strip, as we witnessed the fall of the 7-second pass from a Godzilla Fox Body. We look forward to seeing more of this notchback Mustang proving just how capable the new 7.3-liter engine is.

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