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May 23rd, 2012

Overhaulin’ Returning! Apply Now!

Calling all Overhaulin’ and Chip Foose fans!

Velocity back Overhaulin’ this Fall and they need YOUR help finding candidates to be Overhauled.  Do you know someone worthy of a Chip Foose makeover?  A friend?  Family member?  Here’s your chance for the opportunity of a lifetime!  Submit your application now:


After a few years of  hiatus Overhaulin’ is returning this fall on the velocity network. Chip Foose does some amazing work and is an pioneer in automotive design. He has built some amazing cars such as the mustang pictured below.  We all look forward to seeing what Chip and the Overhaulin’ team can do for some deserving enthusiasts. Please apply online via the overhaulin.tv website.



By zach71maverick @ 5:49PM PDT.
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  • 1
    avatar wallace blakely jr says:

    Hi Chip I have a car that I’ve been working on for 13 years I haven’t gotten very far.I have a vision like you when I look at it but I’ve had bad luck. I had the motor re done I put 10.1 pistons big valves and hi rev valve springs European cams the mechanic that did the work messed up on lining up the cams and the valves smacked the top of the pistons it would have been better to put a 302 ford motor in it.I need your help you would have fun with my car a 1976 Alfa Romeo Al feta Gt. If you seen it you would also see a cool vision.I also think it would be cool to see a Alfa Romeo on an episode of Overhaulin. Thanks Wallace Blakely

  • 2

    dear fose and who can take a dream car andmake dreams come true iwould like ot tell ofdads dream come true my dad is to owne another cobra while he is able dads 63 now is struting agound you see dad is special forses green bera. 100 disable wonded in action he went through a lot but thank god he made it home alive , we think its time to enjoy it hiis dreame car was a 1967shelby cobra gt 500.the one he bought in vietnam while fighting throu the swamps and rivres chassing charley . when he would say justdoing my job sissy but he was neaver going that come true . but have a geat with the foos dream help bring dream come true he could neaver aford it he found on 1967fastback mustang he fixed herup the best he could would you help me to get pops dream come true .my dad is the best dad in the world us girls

  • 3
    avatar Robyn Hagy says:

    Dear. Chip, My husband has 99 ford dually 4×4….its his work truck and he really wants to fix up but he works on water and never has time to do it…..Please pleass can you help me out and surprise him with your touch and talent …..He loves your show and always talks about how he love for you to overhaul his truck……Sincerely Robyn

  • 4
    avatar jacob griego says:

    dear chip my wife has a a chevy truck that i would luv to overhauled it is a 91 chevy z71 that she has owned since she was 9 years old it has a 350 lt-1 v-8 her dad gave her this truck and she is always putting off restoring it to help everyone else and i would really love to see her get it built it is her dream truck i really love your designs and think she deserves this very much thank you Jacob Griego.

  • 5
    avatar Coty Hargis says:

    Hey chip i have a 1964 ford f 100 that my grandpa gave me when i was 16 for myyou birthday and i am 22 now. I would like to fix it myself but i never have time working night shift all week. It would be so great if your team could do this for him. Thank you.

    Coty hargis.

  • 6
    avatar Brett says:

    Hi, my dad has a 1926 Ford Model A. He has been working on it for some time now. In the past ten years he has got it running two or three times. He doesn’t have much time to work on it but he does the best he can. As of right now it doesnt run at all. Everything in from the engine to the interior is original. It would be great if you and your team could do this for him. Thanks

  • 7
    avatar Brett says:

    My bad it was a 1930 Ford Model A

  • 8
    avatar Janice Norris says:

    My husband is a full time Pastor & he also works 40+ hours per work in corporate America. He purchased a 1972 Plymouth Satellite Sebring Plus several years ago and people have taken advantage of his kindness in his attempts to restore this car. It has been painted & there has been some engine & interior work done but I don’t think the job was done too well. If your team could assist with making his dream a reality, it would be greatly appreciated.

  • 9
    avatar Sara says:

    Hi chip! My husband and I love your show and do amazing things when it comes to cars. My husband has a 94 mustang GT that he has talked about rebuilding for a few years now but doesn’t have the time or money for it. Unfortunately I have put a few dings on it when I would drive it do I told myself I would have something done for him. This would be his absolute dream. Thank you so much for your time.

  • 10
    avatar sue Howell says:

    please,i’m telling you about the most giving and loving father and husband.he has always put his needs and wants,aside for myself and our 3 children.this man has thought us what a real loving family is all about.i know that this truck is his true love,he would never even think that there would ever be a way for him to have that truck the way he has always dreamd on,can you please help myself and my 3 children thank him for the loving family he has made us,this would be the best gift that we could ever give to him,our thanks to all of you.

  • 11
    avatar Kenneth W. Bond says:

    I watch ur show all the time. And I would love 2 have my 1994 Ford Thunderbird, overhauled. They did not make that many. Mine has a v6 supercharger n it. I just got laidoff and don’t have the money 2 get it the way I want. I hope u can help me out. I am from MT.Olive, Illinois.

  • 12
    avatar Kenneth W. Bond says:

    I love ur show. The cars u overhaul come out lookin awesome. I always fantisize about my car being on ur show

  • 13
    avatar Al Pirez says:

    You guys do aweome work,I dont need my cars overhauled…I do it myself
    Just got done doing a 67 Camaro,your shows inspire me and Ive learned a lot from your designs
    Look forward to seeing the show return

  • 14
    avatar juan ollamburo says:

    Hola, buenos dias, me llamo juan y soy de argentina, veo mucho sus programas y me encantaria alguna vez poder ser elegido por ustedes y llegar asi a cumplir mi sueño, la restauracion del FORD FALCON que pertenecio a mi padre, me esta llevando mas de dos años la reconstruccion y todavia no logre ningun avance.
    Muchas gracias!!!!!!!!!

  • 15
    avatar Steven hunt says:

    I have a 1986mustang gt but a motor from a 1995 gt in then me and my son started redo it we wanted to but a 2003 dash in it I had a motor bike wreck and can’t to much because I Brock 9 bones 3 in back and my son is 10 and he love the work u all do I would love for you all to do it if u could call and let me know how much it will cost 352-615-7022 my name is Steven

  • 16
    avatar Dave Fenby says:

    Hi Chip, My father in law bought a new 1977 ford longbox pickup and has driven it ever since. He drives it back and forth to work and is workig on it all the time. He drives semi and has hauled car parts for over 39 years for the same company. I have tried to get him to work on the body of the truck for years, I love your show and the work you folks do. He can’t afford to retire and my mother in law just became sick and they have racked up some medical bills. We live Michigan and have been hit hard by the economy. If there is a guy deserving of a “overhaulin” he is. Would love to here from you. Thanks for listening. Dave

  • 17
    avatar Sandra Paszko says:

    Hi Chip,I hope this is the right thing to do for my husband?You see he owns a 1969 Chevy C10 stepside truck.The truck is in great shape and a great ride,but it is not “FOOSED OUT” as my husband says it could be.I would really like to see my husbands truck get “FOOSED OUT” and surprise the heck out of him.I do not have any real sad story or current hardship to mention at this time ,just a husband that works hard ,treats me and others great in any way he can.We have no kids,but with our two dogs we are a happy family.My husband works hard as a custodian at Sandown North Elementary school grades k thru 3 and loves that he can make a difference in even one childs life by just doing the best he can, anyway he can in his position as custodian in that school I always hear how much they really love and appreciate “MR.ZIG”!!!So all I can say is I really love and appreciate my husband and the way he lives his life.I believe if he was picked to have his truck done,it would hit him as to how much I love him and want to see his dreams come to light for both of us to share and everyone that is a part of it now and in the future. Thank you for your show and for reading my story. Sandra Paszko

  • 18
    avatar maria metzner says:

    Hi chip my husband watches your show all the time ..my husband is a good father and husband and he has a 1979 monte carlo that he loves and he wants to fix it up he works so much to they and save money and its like he can never get it done. He puts his needs and wants aside for me and our kids. He has been through a lot And I would if he gi ot picked to have how car overhauled he would be so happy. All he says is I wish this car was fixed so him me and our kids can go for a cruise :)..chip please help

  • 19
    avatar Claudia says:

    How you doin’ Chip? My Husband Cesar has a 1978 Cheyenne Chevy Truck , He started to work on it since the day he got it, he tried making it a 4×4 but like everything its always $$ and time, It kills the motivation when you have neither!He deserves to be OVERHAULED because he’s always been a hard working husband and dad.. taking care of our four kids and myself even when he lost he’s job, always being a RESPONSIBLE PERSON . Thank God he’s working again ..but my hunn works so hard for us that I want to pay him back, with having You.. Chip and the Overhaulin team to work on my Husbands truck. :)

  • 20
    avatar Kyle says:

    CHIP! We need your help. My dad has a 1979 jeep Cherokee cheif with a posie rear end which is rare from what my dad said but he has lost interest! And I haven’t, I still want this jeep and I’m all alone with this project that can be a really cool ride. Plus I want to get a good joke on my dad when he sees the jeep missing we can tell him we sold it by accident. It will be a good kick in the head. Also this jeep would be my high school car, let me ask u something would u have a bad ass ride to show off to all of your friends, or would u want that crap Toyota that u got for a thousand and be ashamed to drive anywhere u go?
    Thanks for listening

  • 21
    avatar Sarah Schmid says:

    My husbands baby is a 1975 Triumph TR6. He bought this car right after high school in 84 and began working on it with his grandfather. In fact the thing he holds the most pride in with this car is the wood dashboard his grandfather made to replace the original one which was bad. We dated in this car and it has many many wonderful memories for both of us but as we married and began our family it got put away. My husband Josef and I didn’t have the money to put into finishing the project with putting all our time and energy into our Autistic son. My husband has dedicated 19 years to our son, helping him to become the best man he can be. Our son is now in college, after graduating with a laurette award in music and getting his Eagle Scout Award. He is going to culinary school and a well rounded functioning person because of his dad. A couple years ago my son came to me sad because he had decided to write to you to ask you to Overhaul his dads “Baby’ he was sad because he hadn’t realized that what he and his dad were watching all the time had already been discontinued. If you have time and would like to work on a British Triumph for an amazing man and his son…it would mean the world to both of them! This would be a dream come true for them both.
    Sarah – loving mom and wife.

  • 22
    avatar Rebecca says:

    Hi Chip,
    My boyfriend has a 1970 chevy stepside that needs a lot of work. His mom says he has been hauling it around for about 15 yrs now. He works as a respitory therapist in the ICU ward of a Local Hospital. When he gets a stretch of he justs wants to take off and try to relax as he sees some tramatic issues most days. I alos believe that I can not help him fix his truck as he thought maybe this was something we could do together.LOL… I am trying to get my home refinanced and I need his truck either fixed or towed as soon as possible. If you could take the time to consider fixing his truck, it would be a great blessing to his life. I believe if you can not assist him, it will be one less joy he has to look forward to. Thank you for your time and conisderation. Rebecca

  • 23
    avatar Debbie Powell says:

    Dear Chip,

    I know you get so many letters that you can’t even read them all. I’ve been trying to get through for years. My husband Richard, has a 1987 Monte Carlo Areo Coupe. I understand there are only about 3000 of them anywhere. There were not a lot made, as they were a prototype racer w/wraparound back glass. He truly Loves this car. (I think more than me) and has spent every dime he’s had on it for years. He’s worked mostly on the engine so the poor body is a mess. It needs interior work and a full body restoration (spotted rust) like you’d expect. I just can’t get him to part with it no matter what. If you decide to do a rare bird, this is it. A real early Earnhardt special! I can’t imagine he will ever be able to do all of this single handedly. ( We were hit hard in tis part of the Country by the recession) He was on his back for 2 weeks working under it on the “headers”. He is 65 yrs. old, and too old and out of shape to do this anymore, and I see his dream of his “happy car” fading. Anything you could do even though I don’t know how we’d fake the “robbery” would be the most wonderful thing that could ever happen to a Lifetime Chevrolet Lover. It’s white w/ grey interior. Let me know and i’ll send you some photos. I can’t find a way to apply.
    Thank you for your consideraton, ( I will pray) God Bless!
    Debbie Powell

  • 24
    avatar Juan says:

    Hello Chip, my name is Juan. I would like to get my stepfather overhaul. He has a 1951 Crown Vic. For many years he has saved money for it. But always had to take care of the family. He use to be a truck driver, but had an accident and lost right eye. That was about eight years ago, he is now currently fighting liver cancer. He seems like every time he thinks he is ahead to have car fix. Something always come up. Step father’s name is Billy Joe Cherry Sr. Everybody calls him Pops, he has help every member of the family as well as others. He is a very caring person

  • 25
    avatar Juan says:

    Every member of are family has tried to save money. To have Pops car fixed. But with things being hard. It seems like this car will never be fixed. All of my family members are praying to have this Old Ford fixed. This car has a flathead V8. Six volt electrical, fifth wheel with fender skirts. Hopefull you can help us surprise Pops. Yours Truely Juan

  • 26
    avatar wesley says:

    chip my girlfriends brothernlaw gave her a 1988 chevy pickup truck iv tryed to get it back the way it was but im on disablety he bought the truck brandnew and now it sets in the yard i would love it if you could take ths truck and fix it for her as a surprize to her because her brothernlaw wont be here much longer hes hes in a wheelchair now and cant remenber nobody any more feel free to call me any time and ill let you know the whole story thanks you guys are great and i watch all your shows

  • 27
    avatar beto Quilon says:

    I love your show I would love for you to overhaul my vehicle 1948 Chevrolet Fleetline all original. since I’ve had it for 3 years of able to sand it down take off all the chrome and I blew my knee out at work and now I’ve been I just staring at it with you 1 day I hope can fix it. my dream is to be overhauled. I live in San Diego. and I watch every show I can I think you guys you awesome quality work. chip in crew please overhaul me.619-288-4440. when I bought my vehicle is a sad story when I picked it up good sorry but sad. I wish I could send you pictures of it.it runs. I droveit round the block a few times now just park it in in my garage. have the original upholstery and it looks nice too wish I could send you pictures..l take care god bless , love you show….

  • 28
    avatar Vennie says:

    My husband has a 1956 Dodge Custom Royal that he had been trying to fix up.But he hasn’t gotte very far. It is a very rare car. t is the only one like it that he has found. So he can’t find the parts he needs. I would love to get it on your show and have it overhauled. That would be very cool and h woulod never expect something like that to happen. He has tried everywhere he can think of to get te parts he needs but no luck finding them. So I figured I would try yhour show to see if you could get it on there. We really love yoru show. He watches it every chance he gets. he loves your work. He is all about cars that is all he ever talks about. He wnt to put his car in some car shows but can’t because he nees several part to getthe car on the road.

  • 29
    avatar Karen says:

    Howdy Chip,
    I believe my husband Andrew would be a good candidate for a overhaul. He got a 1971 Chevy Nova when he was 17 years old. It has a 350 motor. It has been down the quarter mile racing track quite a few times. We are very proud of it and have gotten alot of offers on it from people wanting to buy it but has alot of sentimental value. Would love to see it all shined up and body work done. Recently lost a good friend of ours (due to a motocycle hit and run accident) that holds alot of memories in there as well as my husbands and I 13 years together :-) I am a stay at home mom, so he works to provide for the family so every bit of time an money we have go toward the family right now! I think this is something much deserved! THANK YOU!

  • 30

    Hey Chip,
    I have listened to your show for a couple of years since I’m am blind. I think your are doing something great for the people. My dad has a 1970 El Camino that was his first car. He loved that car and had someone paint it that actually messed it up and took parts and replace some for others. They had the car for months before he got it back. To say the least it was a mess. He has been trying to find the time to restore it but my mom was injuryed at work and with my problem he hasn’t be able to. He met my mom in that car and it holds alot of sentimental value. He would never get rid of it and we always talk about how he would fix it up. I would love to do something for him for all he has done for us. Thank you Milo

  • 31
    avatar keith runyon says:

    Dear chip and a team you guys are the only ones I would trust to help finish my feonseys dream 68 Camaro z28 please help me do something nice for Keith he hallways does for peaple in need before himself his mom died and he got in a car accident and hasn’t had money to finish his dream car his b day is February 13 he watches your show religestly please I’m wishing for a way to do something nice for Keith after my sons dad died he has raised my boy like he is his own he is a great person that deserves the a team help needs the foose smack down I’m a girl can’t do it or I would thanks and God bless the a team and goose that helps dreams come true

  • 32
    avatar keith runyon says:

    My names Kristina. You can reach me At keeferr213@Gmail.com

  • 33
    avatar keith runyon says:

    Please help keefer

  • 34
    avatar hope tozer says:

    Hi my dad has a 2004 Ford F-150 crew cab,truck and it needs work done yes it still runs its our only ride but he can’t afford to get it fixed right and he wants to get work done to it but he’s not in that good of health he has breathing problems and he is always helping friends and family and he’s done so much for me I would just like to see him happy.

    Thank you hope tozer

  • 35
    avatar Juan says:

    Hello Chip, my name is Juan and I would like to get my father’s 1951 Ford Crown Vic overhauled. My dad has tryed to restore this car. But everytime he trys to fix car he has to help or family. We call him Pops he pickups grand kids from school, as well as take them to school or football practices and games. Are family has tried to help save money to restore car. But at this time cannot afford to. A few years ago Pops lost his right eye on the job. Then last month he found out he has liver cancer. We are praying that you can help are family. Yours Truely Juan

  • 36
    avatar lisa evans says:

    How would you like to steal a car from a cop?? Yeah! Tricky, but I think it can be done. My husband had to BUY his deceased dads truck from his ex step mom after his dad passed to keep it in the family. He also has visions of makinging his dad proud of the the truck, as all of the other applicants do! Its a 94 Chevypick up. I couldn’t tell you the rest of the details about it as that is all Greek to me! I just think it would be super fun to freek him out& doll up his baby on wheels! Thanks!

  • 37
    avatar Zackary Miller says:

    Hi Chip,
    my name is zack i have a 1979 ford F150 4×4 it has been my dream truck for a long time i am 19 years old and it is hard building a truck with little to no funds and limited experiance right after i got it everything started going wrong transmission went out freeze plugs wiring etc and it seems like everytime i got closer and closer 5 more things mess up and its killing me the truck has rust all over and i just cant keep up people tell me there is no way this truck can be nice but the way i see it it can be i hope you can and will help me i want a truck to be proud of
    thank you zack

  • 38
    avatar Jerry Kenney says:

    Hi Mr Foose

    This year I picked up a 1968 mustang coupe for my wife. This was her 1st car and well I guess her 1st love. LOL all kidding aside. Over the past couple of years she has been through hell. She lost her farther and her 1st cat had to be put down. Then we got rear ended and had to purchases 2 cars in 1 week. Then one of our dogs had to have 2 surgeries in a 2 month span. Now her mom has been kind of sick and lives 60 miles away. She gives up every Saturday to dive to her moms house to take her where she needs to go, writes out all her bills and whatever else her mom needs she takes care of. My wife has not asked for much and with my limited knowledge I have made some progress with the car but it is taken more time that I would have liked. She does not ask for much and this is one thing I would like to give to her. If I do not get professional help I am afraid it may take me longer than i anticipated.

    Thanks for your time

    Jerry K.

  • 39
    avatar Sue Osborne says:

    Hi Chip my name is Sue Osborne. I know you get so many letters that you can’t even read them all so many people wanting car’s done, I am another one . I pray that I could somehow get my husband’s 1980 El Camino done for him . All his life he put everyone ahead of himself now he has no money and I see no way he could ever get this done. Without a merical like geting on your show.He has worked so hard overthe year’s now he is disabled and a diabetic insulin dependent. I really love and appreciate my husband and the way he lives his life. He has and dooes not ask for a lot in life but he dreams about geting this car redone. He sit’s here and watches your show over and over . Say’s you guy’s are the best. I think he is the best and would LOVE to see this happen for him. Thank you so much. I hope and pray you read this. God Bless keep up the awesome work . Thank you for your time. I appericate you reading my letter. I will be praying that I hear back from you. Thank’s once again Sue Osborne……

  • 40
    avatar amanda says:

    hi chip my name is amanda and my boyfriends name is derek we are fans of your show and we love what u do to the cars you choose we were really hoping you would choose his dads 1964 Ford Galaxy it has a 427 engine in it and it literally spits up dust oh my god this car is a beast and thats why we think his dad deserves his car to be fixed up it just sits there and gets water damage and scratches on it and you can tell it hurts him to his car go in that kind of damage.Robert is a great dad he took us in knowing we had no jobs and we had a son wich is 2 months he pays for are tuck payments and food he is a hard working dad and he really deserves to drive his ford Galaxy around in style and the for it to be fixed up like he wants it to be. thank you for listeing to are story and we really hope you choose his car the car deserves it and so dose he. sincerly anmanda and derek.

  • 41
    avatar paul says:

    hi chip and co. i bought a 93 mustang gt in 93, i’ve got 67000 original miles on it but i was hit by a car and messed my back up and shattered my leg. i was wondering if you’de be interested in working on my pride and joy? i’ve never seen the show work on anything this new but i believe your mind could do wonders with this machine!

  • 42
    avatar Jake says:

    Hey chip I’ve got 1981 gmc caballero I’ve been working on. I just don’t the needs and know how to do it the right way . I had a 1973 nova but had to sell it too pay the which had added up after and accident left me unable to work for 18 months . Im still trying to get back on my feet. It would mean the world to me. I realy hope u choose me thanks for your time

  • 43
    avatar Ashley McGowan says:

    My name is ashley my boyfriend brandon and i have been together for 3 years . He has a ’72 ford ltd that belonged to his great grandma. He has been trying to fix it up but since we had our son in January its been hard to save up the money . He works so hard to give us everything we need. It would be so awesome if i could get you to give just this one thing that he could have just for him. To show him how much we appreciate everything he has sacrificed for us.

  • 44
    avatar Kanousha Martin says:

    Hi, Chip foose I am a desperate wife who is in dire need of getting her husbands car overhauled…. I have done the app and showed pictures…..I promised I would help him fix his prized possession a Bucik Electra 225 I have never seen a buick on the show but I know you can work a miracle with it. He has been bugging and buggin me to help him but I am the only one working and has any income because he was hurt in a truck accident he started fix it but he had spinal surgery and is now disabled and he cannot get it fixed because he cannot work. I want him to keep his car but I will never be able to help with trying to provide for our family by myself. He helps by staying at home with our two children while I work for 5 days a week for eight hours. I really appreciate him doing all he can despite his disability. I do not have to worry about my children at a daycare. I wanted to show him during our anniversay which was on Nov. 2 after paying our bills every month I don’t have anything left to buy anything extra, I really thinks he deserves this because before his accident he was making fairly decent money driving 18 wheeler flat bed trucks now he can do nothing…he is in constant pain he barely sleeps at night I feel like he is old without being on because he has to rely on pain meds to get through a 12 hour day. If he does not get it overhauled I’m afraid he is going to sell it. Everyone he helped when he was up and going has turned their back and now he looks for me to do it he has not worked in 7 yrs no one will hire him because of his condition and government support is not coming through I wholeheartedley want to help him but I can’t he gets mad and frustrated about it and asks for money telling me all the things he wants done to it and its expensive, I don’t wat him to give up his dream just yet. Please help me.

  • 45
    avatar Marrio Green says:

    Hi there Chip i have a friend and former roomate who has a 1979 Chevy El Camino we are in the US Navy and he is currently away at school and has left his car parked at my house, before he left for school he would try and sand the paint off the car and fix some small things on the car I know the speedometer doesnt work and that there where times he would drive somewhere and i would have to go pick him up because the car wouldnt start agin when he would try and come home, he love his car and has always wanted a El Camino. He has just recently got engaged to a wonderful women he meet while at school and i think getting his car OVERHAULED would be the best gift i could give him and he definately deserves it. His name is Jonathan Atkins and the car is currently in Oak Harbor, WA.

  • 46
    avatar Marrio Green says:

    Hi there Chip i have a friend and former roomate who has a 1979 Chevy El Camino we are in the US Navy and he is currently away at school and has left his car parked at my house, before he left for school he would try and sand the paint off the car and fix some small things on the car I know the speedometer doesnt work and that there where times he would drive somewhere and i would have to go pick him up because the car wouldnt start agin when he would try and come home, he love his car and has always wanted a El Camino. He has just recently got engaged to a wonderful women he meet while at school and i think getting his car OVERHAULED would be the best gift i could give him and he definately deserves it. His name is Jonathan Atkins and the car is currently in Oak Harbor, WA


  • 47
    avatar Esther Ochoa says:

    Hi. I am writing to you so plead that you consider my husband to overhaul his truck. He is trying to dedicate it to my mother due to her having breast cancer and fighting it. She has been through a lot in the past 6 years. With my dad having prostate cancer and than her having a minor stroke, than breast cancer, than tearing her meniscus in her knee and than she had to have a heart valve replacement. She almost didn’t make it through the cancer or the valve replacel, but God was on her side and she is a survivor!! So now we want to dedicate his truck to her because she was always there when we needed her even when she didn’t feel the best. The problem is we don’t have the funds to do it for her because I am the only one working and he has been unemployed for the past two years because he has one eye and isn’t able to work right now. This is a gift I would love to provide not only for my husband so he can show how thankful we are for my mom, but also show my mom she is appreciated and reward her with a reminder for the strength she has showed us anyone is capable of having. This would mean the world to us and our family!! So please consider us. I know being in SW KS may be far, but would greatly be appreciative of being the chosen one!! God Bless!!

  • 48
    avatar adam ranghiasci says:

    chip my dad has a 1937 plymouth pt50 its his farthers truck passed down through the family and we were going to fix it up but he a heart attack in 1999 stopped every thing . he watches every show he gets very emmotional i would love to get this truck on your show they didnt make many .I have a picture of him with his dad when he was little it reminds me of you and your dad truck he is 75 now he bin sick but he is doing well i would love to be chossen it would be assomethanks for listen adam his son

  • 49
    avatar Darren Hurst says:

    Hi Chip, I had got a 1988 ford mustang hatch back for my son Austin when he was 14 with the plan to totally redo it for hi so he could drive it when he was 16. Well he is now 21 and in boot camp at Ft. Jackson, S.C. and the car is still in pieces. He is so deserving of this. I can’t say enough about him. He played football in school and he went to vocational school at Eastland Carrer Center up by Columbus, Ohio. He took Criminal Justice with Mr. Wallace. His mother and I divorced back in 1998 and I was awarded custodial parent of our children. Well he has a sister Victoria (19) and then I remarried and he loves my wife Amy and his two other sisters Samantha (8) and Brooke (2) all most (3).The divorce was rough on him and then my wifes Dad did November of 2004 and then His best friend Jake died 12/18/2006 and then his friend Josh died in July 2010 and then my Dad Died 12/11/10 from cancer. I was in a car accident back in 2004 and I have been limited to not being able to work on it for any length of time. His Grandpa my Dad died 2 years ago today on 12/11/10. Austin really looked up to my Dad alot and I don’t feel he ever got over his death. We also farm a little raising herford cattle with six cows. Austin always helped in any way he could. He is a great young man and I wish I could give him what he really deserses. When we got the car it had a 4 cyl. engine and we also got an extra 4 cyl. and standard transmission. I had went to vocational school and then college at North Western business college in Lima Ohio for auto Diesel mechanics associates degree and was two classes short because I got very sick and came home. the classes I missed was a/c and heating and welding. So I felt that him and I could restore it but I have fell short and let down my son. If you could help me out I would donate a cow for what ever you wanted. For your freezer or a beef roast or even donate to a food bank. He has had alot of trials in his life and he deserves to have something great happen. He was going to college to be in law enforcment but it got to expensive so he enlisted in the Army to serve his country. He always wants to help others and keep them safe. I would be so greatful. Thank you for reading this and concidering him for the show.
    Thanks from a loving Dad
    Darren Hurst

  • 50
    avatar Randolph says:

    Hi Chip. I bought my wife a 73 Camaro about 7yrs ago. She is a great wife and has being though a lot with me. I have helped my dad build his 65 Ranchero, I bought are middle daughter a car for high school for good grades and keeping her mind on school and no boy friends now she’s in collage and doing awesome. So I got her a 64 falcon 4dr and took it all the way down as far as you can go and re built it like show room for her and mom’s car is still on the back burner with out a word from her about her car. I lost my job and lost are home and shop, then I had to go on the road for work and still stands by me. I got a job back in town in 29 palms marine cops base.
    I am a mechanic out there. I started out there in Dec-09 and in April-10 I was in a accident, I was hit on the way home from work to take the family to a monster truck show we missed. I was in the hospital for 7 days with 5 broken ribs punctured lung and spleen and shattered shoulder blade she never lift my side and I was out of work for 2 mouths, and still no word about her car getting done. Then I buy my 65 fury and still nothen from her. she is a one of a kind and I would love to have this done for her and by you and your crew would be the icing on the cake. she just lost her my 3 days after Thanksgiving 11-12 I would love to do this for her.
    Thank you, Randy & Brandi (she don’t know)

  • 51
    avatar Will Morris says:

    Mr. Foose,

    Hello my name is Will and stationed in Stuttgart, Germany. I lived in Yoder, Colorado where I met my wife for about six years. Ashleys grandparents live there and Roger, my grandfather in law, a Vietnam War Veteran and Army retiree and Honeywell Retiree has a 1968 Camero. When I was there Roger did everything he could to support everything we did from taking in his granddaughter Ashley, and grandson Joseph. Roger is a very family dedicated man and wont say no to anyone. He always put others needs before his own desires. We did our best to start on the project and he even went to the trouble of taking the engine out of the Camero to put it into a truck so that I had something to drive. Rogers health has since diminished and can no longer work on the car. Roger loves his car and now unable to work or work on the car itself. I fear he will never see it run ever again. I have recently just restored my 68 Ford Mustang Coup and there is that long standing rivalry between the two cars and it is a nice thing we can talk to each other in a semi civilized manner when it comes to the two cars. I would really like to be able to go cruisen side by side Mustang and Camero on the road together. This would be a blessing to Roger and his health as he has no hobbies to keep him busy. Mr. Foose our family needs your help getting Rogers dream back on the road. We would greatly appreciate your help. It would be one small way I could pay Roger back for everything he has done for my family and would be willing to help in any way possible. I even have a group of old men that would be more than will to help with the rebuild.

  • 52
    avatar Tammy Harvey-Stanzil says:

    My husband has 1993 150 ford truck and its old and need overhaul.He works hard and seems to never have enough money to take care of his needs.He beleives taking care of the house bills first.We was watching your show and if you could see the smile on his face and he just couldn’t believe that ther are people who helps others. He had a savings account years ago but his brother used his drivers licenses and it cost him all of his savings to take care of court cost to prove his brother had stolen his license number and caused a lot of issues.But you know that was great after going through all of that when his brother died this year he helped scrape up money to bury him. He said he truly forgive him and it was the past.So he has had people to use him and never gets nothing back but he still has a heart to help others.I’m
    his wife and I have tried to get him to sale the truck to the juck yard for parts and later when we are more finicial stable we will get another truck for him later in the future, but he want because he loves his truck, but I think its just a gas gungler and junck.He came in my life and I have never meet an man who would give you his last .It just would make his day to walk out the house and see that ruck looking new again.It just make me feel said inside when I listen to him talk and think good things never happens to people him.He always tell me that he always remind himself how did I COME INTO HIS LIFE AND THE REASON WHY HE THINKS NO ONE CARES.hE IS A TRUCK DRIVER BUT THE WORK HAS GOTTEN SLOW DO TO THE ECONEMY AND HE JUST DONT HAVE THE MONEY TO RESTORE IT.It runs but he only uses it to go get his truck about 5 mins from the house. Ijust want you to consder him for an over haul .I WANT HIM TO DREAM AGAIN AND KNOW THERE ARE GOOD PEOPLE LEFT IN THE WORLD.He loves his truck but its shoot. If you could find it in your heart to consider him you just don’t know what this would do, I think he would literally cry. If you could have seen his face when looking at your show, he loves your show.

    Mrs. Tammy Harvey- Stanzil
    Ivey rd.
    Graham n,c 27253

  • 53
    avatar Verna Lee says:

    Dear Chip, filled out the application couple minutes ago, hope to hear from you–Roland Okla. 909-997-7286

  • 54
    avatar Verna Lee says:

    1/4 Scale 1938JD “G” Replica,is 2nd thing to cross the block Tues 15th @ 2pm Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale 2013. Mike made this,it’s NOT a restoration.If you go to Auction- you should visit with him. Mike is a special person,you’ll grow from kn owing him. “Smiles are Priceless”

  • 55
    avatar Amber says:

    Hello chip my husand is all way think of others before him self i would love for yall to help me do somthing nice for him he is allways tooken for granted he has a 2001 chevy 3500 dully 4×4 that he used for work and now it dosent work he works all the time and he dont have time to fix it i hope to here form yall

  • 56
    avatar carol haller says:

    Hi chip my husband has a 75 caddy conv. It was his mom’s for years and before that his cousins. It has 80 thousands miles but needs tlc. His mom passed away feb 24 2011, so he wanted to make it nice to honor his mom. But he has had 2 back surgerys and thinks he still work on it. 10 to15 minutes into it his back starts hurting. So the car just sits there. I know it would make him so happy if you could overhaul it for him. His mom will be looking down to. Thanks carol

  • 57
    avatar keith says:

    Hello Chip
    I recentley purchased a 2013 Challenger R/T Classic…after looking over the Vehilce I found a Bunch of Paint Issues…I had to Return the New Car the next day then went without it for 2 weeks…I guess during the repaint, someone went to far on the side pilar or did some over spray..I returned it to the Dealer and was informed that I would have to Pay for it…to this Day, the car Remains Parked under a car cover and not Driven…Please Help..Dream Car

  • 58
    avatar keith says:

    Glad to hear that the Show is Returning FINALLY !!!!……back to seeing some Nice Rides done once again…But I really would like to Have you do something with my Challenger…Some of those Crazy 70’s colors would be pretty Sweet !!!! if not, I will still be tuning in to see what you come up with for other cars………..

  • 59
    avatar Mary Dimke says:

    I did an online application for my nephew’s 53 BelAir Chevrolet on Jan.28,2013. I am not the best at online anything and just want to know if I may receive a confirmation that you have received the application. Thank you.
    Mary Dimke

  • 60
    avatar Mary Dimke says:

    I submitted an application on line on 01/28/13 and since I am not very adept at online anything, I would like a confirmation that the application has been received. This was for a 1953 BelAir Chevy owned by my nephew, David Mancuso. Thanks for your assistance.
    Sincerely, Mary Dimke

  • 61
    avatar larry sigler says:

    Mr.Foose I have a Ford LTD Year 1978. I try my best to keep it running and looking decent but after putting 18+ years in the Army I got a late start on life. after my Medical discharge. I had planned to retire. The Ford has a 351W and really runs sweet. I don’t see any rust on it but I can’t see under. I love this old Ford its just about the only thing I ever owned(Clear title). If you are interested in working your majic on it I will let you have it if you promise to never sell it and send me pictures when your done Thanks ….Larry

  • 62
    avatar Garrett Myers says:

    Hi chip. My name is Garrett Myers, im 14 yrs old. My dad has a 1969 ford cougar, him and my step brother put alot of work into the interior and he had it garaged. When he got divorced with his wife my step brother and my dads ex wife went to Florida. Then he married my mom and when my my brother was born and got old enough he started working on it with him. On his 16 birthday he gave the car to my brother in hopes he would fix it up. My brother just didn’t have time for it and now it just sits in the front yard. It has been sitting in the front yard for years and years now and it just kills my dad to see it rust there when he put so much work into it. He is thinking about getting rid of it and scrapping it and i don’t want to see him throw his dream down the toilet. If you are interested on working on it i would really appreciate it. I would love to surprise my dad
    Thank you.

  • 63
    avatar Brandi Miles says:

    Hey Chip my name is Brandi, my friend Eric has 1993 ford thunderbird that was his first car and now the car has been sitting for about five years and has multiple problems that he cannot afford to fix. He is 25 and has four step kids and his wife is desperately trying to make it in the art business but just got started so currently he is the only one supporting the family and is very strapped for money big time and has been talking for two years about fixing his car to where he can drive it again. There family hardly ever catches a break and this would be a break that he would remember forever. Everyone keeps telling him he should scrap it or sale it but it would crush him to see his car get used for parts. If you could please help my friend out.

  • 64
    avatar Jurrell Hightower says:

    Hey chip need your help on a 95 mustang 5.0. Have the vision but dont have the time and the money. Neeeeeeeeeeed Help. Thanks

  • 65
    avatar Jackie Creasy says:

    Hey chip. I need your help. My husband has his truck chevy c1500 year 89. He been Working on it befor we got together. He is going for his disability for his back and it makes it hard for him to do anything. He would help anyone out and a man asked him if he could help him get his tools and equipment back from NJ where he had ben working after the hurricane that hit in 2012. On the way back pulling a trailer borrowed from a near by church loaded and the back of the truck the motor went. Nearly two months later saving every thing we could since we spent everything we had saved for christmas for our five kids. He payed 350.00 for a good running motor. So the man said he allso said he garenteed it to be a good motor. When it turned out it wasnt after a total of six days in 20° weather, from sun up to sun down then the ride home on his motorcycle for like 25-30miles each way. He called the man and told him about it and the man wouldnt make it right. And now it just seems as if the bills are pileing up and there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Can you consider us for your show. Thank you.

  • 66
    avatar Joe Schappell says:

    I see you have a lot of fans wanting their vehicles on your show. I know my chances are slim to none to have a reply to my email/have my vehicle on the show as is the same for everyone else asking for the same thing. Here is my pitch for my 1988 Chevy Silverado extended cab longbed 1/2 ton pickup. I got it cheap. After driving it for awhile I am seeing why, something breaks on it. I replace/fix the problem, and no that I get that done something else goes wrong with it. Seems like every 3 to 4 months I’m having to fix something on it. At this rate I’ll never get it where I’m seeing after it’s done. Because of all this I felt applying here might have a happier ending. Thanks…..One of many biggest fans

  • 67
    avatar Reed says:

    Chip….HUGE fan. Have recorded and watched all original episodes and was excited to hear OverHaulin’ and the A-team were back. I sent an application about my son’s ’70 Maverick just after your show went off the air back in June of ’09. He searched for and bought a Mav after borrowing one of my friends Grabber for his senior prom back in ’07. He wasn’t able to spend much since time or $$ then due to college (graduated last year) and is planning a wedding for July. I’d love to bring his car to you, or invite your team to come see us in Charlotte, to work with NASCAR partners like Mr. Rousch, Michael Waltrip or Robby Gordon from past shows !! I’ll submit another app on line and hope to hear from you soon, as my son is a very giving deserving young man…..I’d do anything to make his dream come true.

  • 68
    avatar Myna stewart says:

    I would love to see my son’s car fixed. It is a Chrysler 300 he bought win he was stationed in Iraq. It is not running. His brother has it stored at a junk yard.PLEASE HELP ME BUT A SMILE ON MY SON’s face. Thank you and GOD BLESS

  • 69
    avatar Sonja says:

    Hello Chip,
    My husband and I always watch your show when it was on TLC and enjoyed. He doesn’t know I’m doing this but I wish I could bless him with one of your overhauls. He has a 1970 Ford Torino GT that his brother gave him when he was 17 and he still has it. He was in the middle of restoring it but his father got sick and what funds he had he sit them aside for helping his dad. His father is now deceased and I wish I could get you to help him with this overhaul. From his notes on his car it has a 351 Clevland with a shaker hood. A eight inch rear end with a Fordmatic 4 speed transmission. I hope you can help and if not I understand. Thanks for reading my request.

  • 70
    avatar vicki d wray says:

    Hello Chip, I am writing in behalf of my husband, Gerald G. Wray. He has been restoring a 1964 Galaxie 500 XL 390 4 speed car. With all his health issues, heart by- pass, 3 stints, copd, atrial flutter, sleep apnea,diabtes, and he is 100 % disabled from Vietnam, his disability is on PTSD. He is unable to finish his dream car. We live in Kingston, Oklahoma, and would be willing to bring the car to you if you decided to use this car as a project for your upcoming show. He is 71 years old and is simply unable to finish it. His goal is to see it finished so he can do the Crusin the Coast show once before he is gone. We also have a 1959 Ford Thunderbird that he bought for me to restore and it has been sitting in the garage for 5 years. I am willing to donate the Thunderbird to you to restore and sell and have the money go to wounded warriors or any other veteran related organization. Please contact us at 580-564-2588 or 405-401-4207, 14150 Stepp Rd Kingston, Ok. 73439

  • 71
    avatar Deneen Scully says:

    Hello Chip,
    I wake up w you and your crew on my tv and I fall asleep w you on my tv and now I’m having a change e-mailing you to hope my husband dreams come true. He is a man who helps everyone and never excepts nothing back he has the best heart and wants everyone to live a happy life. Now it’s his turn, pls!! He doesn’t have the best health and I would love to make his wish come true. He has a 94 Honda accord wagon and of corse every time we fix something something goes wrong. We are not the wealthiest pp and to have children it’s very hard to save money or take our kids on any trip. Witch we can never do because we need to fixs our cars. We love your work, u are a big dream to come true. I might not know how to write you my story but if you know what he goes threw to put love into our cars and the issues and not having the budget to make this mans dream come true is Hart braking. My fingers will be crossed that u can help just a little, Guides. It’s so bad that someone had giving him leather seats and he cut the leather off of other seats and wrapped the leather on to our seats… Pls help me to give this man a wonderful gift that he would never forget from you and your crew and I , please

  • 72
    avatar Brian Whitcraft (740-541-0933) says:

    Hello overhaulin. My name is brian Whitcraft and i am writing your show to help my father Howard. He has an 88 chevrolet silverado that has been sitting for quite some time he bought it about twenty years ago and has never really been able to drive it. he is the best dad and friend. not long after he bought it it was totaled by deer. after we fixed it my older brother needed a vehichle to drive to work so my father let him drive it and it was wrecked again. we had it completely rebuilt and painted then i needed a car so once again he let me drive it and i totaled it for the third time. and we have had so much time and money invested in it that he doesnt have the time or money to rebuild it again. he works anywhere from 50 to 80 hours a week and on the weekends he doesnt even have a vehichle to go have fun or even drive and as much as he has done for me and the rest of my family he deserves it more than any other person that i know of. if you could atleast consider my father for your next overhauling program i know that he would be so gracious for the rest of his life cause knowbody has ever done anything for him. thank you for your time

  • 73
    avatar rigo velazquez says:

    hi ship Foose my name is rigo velazquez I bought this 1969 Ford Thunderbird in 1993 with the intention to fixing it. from that point on everything went downhill I haven’t had the finances to fix it, I love the car, I used to drive it for about 10 years then I stopped, due to engine problems. I don’t want to get rid of it I want to fix it for my daughter she loves the car she wants to drive it I just don’t know how to fix it,I love your show I get motivated when I see other people get their car showroom condition, I just wish my car can be in your show one day. i hope hearing from you or your staff,thanks.

  • 74

    my name is Kimberly my mom pass away feb 10 th 2012 ans step dad my mom made him promise to get me a truck and he did had it now june 2012 I have put money in to the chevy sliverodo my step dad does not think I can keep the truck up I have put a lot in to I even gave up my home to have truck plz can you plz help me finish truck it has some modfi work already summit parts I only get ssi of $710 amonth,,plz plz Kimberly Birmingham
    1-575-652-4908 home ph
    1751 w hadley ave spc 194
    las cruces new mexico 88005

  • 75
    avatar stuart Belfeld says:

    My name is stu I have been watching your show for two years now and I really love it, I am an unemployed person who decided to go back to school and I also do volunteer work for wyandotte hospital in Michigan. Well I bought this 66 amc marlin and I really could use your guys help with it I really would like to fix it up but I am just having all kinds of problems finding parts for it. Can you guys help me out with this the car is just sitting around.
    1-313-292-6122 home phone
    7873 william street
    Taylor,MI 48180

  • 76
    avatar Steve says:

    Chip my buddy Tom has this 67 ford bronco he wants to restore but he has come on hard times with work and all. We have been buds since 4 years old we are now 52. He has worked his ass off all his life to provide for his family he would be so moved to see his dream be finished. Time is running out on this because he may have to sell it and that would suck. All the best His pal Steve

  • 77
    avatar maryanne hyland says:

    My husband Richard has a 1977 F250 Ford pickup, that he has owned and shown for over 20 years. But ever since 9/11, my husband, a firefighter who was in Manhatten at the time; he has lost interest in it and has not touched it since. The day plauges him every single hour, and he has lost many a friend and colleuge. It is my wish, because i know it would bring him the utmost joy, that his truck can be featured on your show in a 9/11 memorial theme. I think that if his truck is overhauled, he would enjoy showing it off with our young son at the many events he used to go to.

  • 78
    avatar Nolan Rampulla says:

    My dad has a 1967 mustang that has been sitting in his garage, since i was born. That was 23 years ago. I think it would be awesome if it could be restored, as he was, and still is my role model. Growing up, i wanted to be a fireman just like him, and i have. I even went a step further, and joined the marines, having served in iraq. He says he will restore it one day, but he doesnt have the time. I have 4 siblings, and two are still at home, the youngest is 13.

  • 79
    avatar Tiffany Crenshaw says:

    Hello my name is Tiffany and my husband has a 1972 thunderbird that he has been trying to restore for years. But because he puts everyone else needs before his own he hasn’t been able to. Getting you all to overhaul his car would be a blessing considering that it was in mint condition other than a little body work and the motor when it was stolen a few months ago. We found it a a chop shop. So it needs a lot more work done now. He doesn’t ask for much, if you all could make this happen it would be awesome. God bless!

  • 80
    avatar Magdalena says:

    Greetings from Texas! I would like to nominate my husband and his ’63 Ford Futura Convertible to be overhauled on your show. He keeps on planning on doing a complete restoration (black lowered, offset big wheels and a 302 under the hood – he spoke out loud in his sleep) but due to economic constraints and set backs he is unable to commence. He is watching your show at this very moment and doesn’t have a clue of what I’m up to! He is a very giving person and never thinks of his needs. This would be a great gift to an ex-Army grunt that works hard all day to keep me and my six year old daughter happy. Thanks for all you do Chip and team of auto artists!

  • 81
    avatar AMYCOCHRAN says:


  • 82
    avatar Dan Thiesfeld says:

    Hi Chip’ I have A awsome brother-in- law that a few years ago got into a really bad wreck and injured his shoulder he was out of work for a long time and he never let it slow him down he has an 1968 mercury monteego that he has had in his storage unit for the past few years hes had this car since he was a young boy he has put it together had taken it apart before he just to busy working and trying to make ends meet to put it back together again he’s always think of others before himself. He is very deserving of being overhauled and also would be one of the most apreaciative overhauled persons to date he is an awsome car guy and has a lot of ideas for this car. he’s even thought of selling it. wich would be a shame since he has had it so long a has the skills to put it back toghether just not the time and money. thanks for reading and hope you choose him to be overhualed thanks Dan in union Oregon

  • 83
    avatar Jenna Goodchild says:

    Dear overhaulin’ dudes, My new fiance (Daniel McCall)and I are just about to graduate high school (yes we are a little young to be engaged haha), But this boy is the most car crazy kid iv’e ever met. I knew just about absolutely nothing of cars or how to fix one, until I fell for Dan. He has a rare 1970 cloned into a 1969 DODGE CHARGER, He claims to have allot of the parts in his garage, so I don’t think it would/ should be to much work finding parts. He got this car/ his dream car, when he was 12 years old. It was supposed to be a father son bonding project but like the usual economy will change that. Dan is very much interested in keeping it classy and original. Just about everyday i hear about how much he loves his car and how bad it deserves to be restored.
    If I had to classify Dan, he would be the guy to always put others before himself .. he is so encouraging and generousness it would be a shame for him to loose out on an amazing and once in a life time opportunity like this.
    Dan’s friends …. tease him all the time about being a charger lover and not being able to restore his beauty. I think it would be very entertaining and great revenge to surprise his friends with a 450 big block, vinyl roof, black interior and high back bucket seats.
    Dan also had a 1973 dodge charger, but was recently sold because he couldn’t maintain the constant needs of that old rust bucket. Seeing his face as he watched the new buyers take his baby, I could see broke his heart. Since that day he hasn’t stop talking about starting to restore the 1969 charger.
    In out future i plan to be a radiologist tech and he wants to be an auto body engineer and a possible welder. We were hopping to get married in the next two years, and how cool would that be to drive off in his fully restored 1969 powerful dodge charger!
    This would be a great wedding present or an amazing/ bad a$$ graduation gift. Iv’e seen your show plenty of times; Thanks to Dan, and you guys do mind blowing restorations! Please give this boy his dream car.i can guarantee you he will fall on his knees and cry his eyes out *I’m actually willing to make a bet with you chip*.
    Oh, and since surprises are the best kind of presents, I was hoping we could do this as a secret!
    !!!Looking forward to see the lucky winner!!! but please don’t over look my application! it would mean the world and more to me and Daniel.

  • 84
    avatar Alicia Maciel says:

    Hi Chip my name is Alicia and I am writing to you to see if you could help me. My oldest son Daniel offered to buy our 1970 mustang when he was nine years old. My husband had no idea my son had been saving money for this car so my husband told him he could have the car for $30.00. When my son heard the amount he ran to his room and brought out the money. It was always a dream of his to get the car totally overhauled. He has tried to work on it to get it going without success he is in the Coast Guard and he has a wife and two small boys with all the expenses that come along with that needless to say the car has been sitting in his garage. I would like to surprise him and have the car overhauled for him. A little back ground he is the eldest of five sons four of them serving in the military and the youngest attending the University of Hawaii. Please consider my application. Thanks in advance.

  • 85
    avatar Sharon L. Ossowski says:

    Hi Chip… Watched Overhaulin and loved the 1967 Mucstan convertable. Great that the guy thought his car was being used in a movie. Would love if you could help me by Overhaulin my husbands 73 Avanti. The car has been partially restored but retirement and helping our son does not leave a lot for “discretionary” spending. This car is his pride and joy and it has taken him a long time to get it put together and running, but it really needs some work. to get it into top shape. It is one of 125 built. and has the origingal drive train. He is a great guy and to be able to have his car chosen would mean the world to both of us.

  • 86
    avatar billy says:

    Hi chip my name is billy i have a 65 mustang i have been working on this car for3 years it is for my son when he turns 16teen he is12 know but may not ever get to drive a car because. he has an eye disease. of an 80 year. old person and if you could just. understand. what kind of car fanatic. he is. its just a sad situation he is a good kid and would love for him to have something. like this just would like to say thank you for listing god bless u and have a good day

  • 87
    avatar kenny rogers says:

    HELLO CHIP ANDCREW I sitting hear in ohio watching the epasoaid of the monty carlo and all i hafto say i think it is graite the things that u do for good people i have a 65 chevy chevell iam working on geting ready to big bloch and miny tubs your show givs me goog things to try on my car so just wanted to say love your show and glad to see its coming back with new eppasoaids i think i sean all the others twice THINK YOU KENNY

  • 88
    avatar Kartisha Green says:

    Dear Chip.. My dad has a red 87 ford mustang he has had it for about 7 yrs the paint is chipped and when he do start it up and drive it my sister thinks it’s gonna blow up.. He works 24/7 and is always doing everything for everyone else so it’s about time I do something for him.. I want for you to Overhaul his mustang and give him a car he would love to be proud of.. Because right now it doesn’t leave the garage.. Thank you.. Hope I see you soon.

  • 89
    avatar Vernice Hammond says:

    Dear Overhaul’n
    Eight and a half years ago my father bought my oldest son a 1978 chevrelet pickup. two months later he was killed in an auto accident. My youngest son, now 22, still has the truck. In readonable shape but runs pretty well since putting in a new motor last fall. He dreams of restoring the truck in a fashion that the older brother dreamed. The biggest problem for you and your team would be coming to Alaska to do the work. We live near the Kenai river, 2 miles away, and the salmon run like crazy in July. Perhaps you could make it an adventure. We would certainly make sure your team got plenty of river time if you like to fish. There is also clamming and ocean fishing and gold panning for your enjoyment. Would love to fulfill my sons’ dream and maybe provide an adventure/vacation for you and nyour team.
    Thankyou for your consideration ,

  • 90
    avatar Nicole Arens says:

    Dear Overhaulin,
    Hello My name is Nicole Arens. My father Jerry Arens, I don’t know anyone that works harder for anyone besides himself. If you need anyone you can call on him. He helps everyone, we live in South Dakota where snow is very common, he puts his snow blower in his 1992 Chevy Silverado and takes it everywhere to help everyone when they are snowed into their driveways. He really needs it fixed up because he helps everyone with that truck. He has helped me move every time that I’ve ever needed his help. He lives with my grandmother, his mom, and helps her and his uncle who lives there also out. If you can help him with fixing his truck out, its rusty and he really needs it fixed up so that he can continue to help people out everytime they need it. Please think about this. Thank you very much.

  • 91

    Just hoping you recieved my letter & photos. I know a lot of people write you. Ty and everyone else for the great job you do on the show.

  • 92
    avatar maryann says:

    To Chip Foose and the AWESOME Overhaulin gang:
    I need your help.
    My husband has a 1955 Chevy Pickup Truck that he restored about 25 years ago. He rebuilt the truck to make it a street legal race truck.
    He loves his truck but because it has been so long since he did the original restoration, it desperately needs your overhaulin expertise.
    One challenge he has had since the very beginning is installing a windshield. During the restoration, he chopped the top several inches. Because of this, he has been unable to install a windshield without cracking. At last count, it was 15 installed and 15 broken windshields.
    About 2 years ago, he put the truck away for the winter. During that winter, he caught a virus that affected his lungs. After 2 years, several hospital stays and many doctor visits he is finally feeling better. However, unfortunately at 74 years old he does not have the energy or funds needed to do the restoration again. The 55 needs a lot of work.
    My husband has always been and still is THE person family, friends and even strangers go to for help and advice to repair their vehicles, lawn mowers, generators etc. He does the repairs when he can, out of the kindness of his heart. He enjoys helping others and the challenge and satisfaction of finding and fixing whatever was wrong.
    He watches and loves your show. Please consider his truck for overhaulin. It would make him so happy (I think he would even cry!) to see his 1955 Chevy Truck bright, shiny and whole again.

  • 93
    avatar Frank says:

    Dear Chip

    I met my fiancé about 9 years ago and we met at work. I was wait at the roach coah with my brother and I heard this rumble and out came a 69 Camaro with a blonde inside and that is that. Over time we ended up together and found out she has love Camaro’s her whole life. Her x took the one I saw her first in but it was a bondo bucket that he trashed by working on it. Here is the good part her mother order her a 1971 Camaro in San Fernando and drove it for years. Unfortantly her mothers life was cut short so her Grandmother took over the car and drove it til 2009 where she was 91 yrs old. She got hit making a left turn on Hubbard and ended up being ok but her license was taken from her and it wasn’t her fault just age she pasted a couple years later so the is a one family true car and we have it but don’t have the time and tools to do it right. This car put back together would make her world representing her childhood, past present and future. She deserve something like this . A Girl Scout leader for 18 yrs always giving to others. Shuold be her turn now!!. Thanks

  • 94
    avatar Brent says:

    Dear Chip,

    I tried to submit an application on Overhaulin.com but it wasn’t coming up. Anyway, my father is has a few antique cars. One in particular he would like to have restored is a 1960 T-Bird. He 67 years old and has lung cancer. So I think since the car has been restored some already when he purchased it, he is the interior is good but the engine is runs ok has 63k. If it could be restored close to original that would make him feel great while going through Chemo.

  • 95
    avatar Laura Valdez says:

    Many years ago my husband Max started restoring his 1967 Chevy pick up. It’s a US Arsenal truck and he’s put a lot of time and effort into it. He’s done the exterior but the paint job was not the best for what we paid and the interior is still waiting due to financial issues. Now at 64, his “Maintain” sits waiting for him to finish her up. He’s gone back to work to try and save the money to finish her but I would love to see Maintain finished by his 65th birthday in February 2014.

  • 96
    avatar Darlena Pike says:

    Dear Chip,
    My husband Richard has a 65 Mustang which he bought about 10 years ago to refurbish. His dream since he was a teen was to own a ’65 Mustang fast back (couldn’t get a fast back but a regular one). He started working on it but because of our financial situation had to be put on hold. I even bought him the “pony interior” about 6 years ago for our anniversary which he had installed. He even put his ‘dream’ aside allow me to realize my dream to go to medical school. After I finished and started in my nurse practitioner practice and making money so we could afford for him to resume fixing the car, Richard was diagnosed with esophageal cancer in Dec. of 2012 and has gone through treatments and recently surgery (May 2, 2013). His still has the dream to get the car fixed up and to be able to drive it in our Back to the 50’s cruise we have every summer at the end of July. I realize that it is probably too soon for this year, but maybe next. During this time we also lost our only son to a drunk driver(pedestrian vs car) in March 2013. It has been a very stressful and basically horrific year for us and I know that getting his car done would be a small consulation but huge for him. He is a very strong man with a huge heart who would give of himself to anyone who needed it. He is yet to totally BEAT this cancer and may have to go through another round of chemotherapy. To have his dream car done would be a tremendous boost to him. Besides, he LOVES watching OverHaulin. In fact, as I write this he is resting and getting his tube feeding watching you restore a Malibu (I think) on the Velocity channel. I don’t know if it is a problem or not but we live in Grants Pass, Oregon.
    Thank you so much just for reading my email and possibly considering helping my husband of 33 years to realize his dream.

  • 97

    Dear Chip, My husband watches your show all the time, so I would if you could come to Washington and overhaul his old red jeep, he works 10 hour days 5 days a week, he has no time to fix it up and would love to surprise him with a total overhaul, it is his work jeep so he has a dream for it and I would love to see it come true, we will be married 30 years this June and what a surprise that would be for him. He is watching you right now overhaul a comet for a young girl. Thank you for your considering this wonderful surprise and dream come true. Thank you Chip for your consideration.

  • 98
    avatar Rick Seconds says:

    I have a friend who has a 1957 Chevy Bel Air that he has had since the late 70’s. It has gone through many motors, eventually ended up slightly wrecked and on jack stands in his garage. I believe it would make a really great episode for Overhaulin, he’s very deserving of the work and would be so surprised if it happened.

  • 99
    avatar Charles jimmy says:

    Hello I would like to have a 1973 Chevy nova overhauled for my daughter . I have had the car for a few years now but when she was little she asked me for the car I told her if she graduated and got her licenses she could have the car but as the years have passed I have not been able to do what I needed to do to the car for her . on her end she has graduated and has gotten her licenses too so please help me get the 1973 nova overhauled for her please.

  • 100
    avatar tom thibodeaux says:

    hey Chip, do not know if you remember me, but i may be the only guy ever to give up your spot at the grand national show to someone else. john and i managede to find a good spot for you and hope that made up for my mistake. i would like to submit my brothers car for consideration to be on your show. its a 29 ford 2dr sedan that he recently purchased, shortly before learning that he had be diagnosed with cancer in his arm. the car is in a state of needing to be completed and at the moment he cannot work on it because of his surgery. he is a former marine and has worked on cars and trucks his entire life. always ready to help others, never asking anything for himself, if i could i would just hire the work to be done for him, but i am unable to do that now. if i could surprise him with his car being on your show it would be just the greatest. car is in chino, ca. i have pic’s, just need to know how to get them to you. a possible excuse for you to see the car is that he had to give up riding his harley for his health and it is for sale. you could come to look at the bike and see his car at the same time. all the best to you and your crew. hope to see you at the next gnrs
    thanks, tom thibodeaux

  • 101
    avatar sid says:

    Hi chip i have afriend in joshua tree cal that has a james beam classic he show in eu it need s re don e he isnt able to get it done if u need more info email have address.

  • 102
    avatar Jennifer says:

    Dear Overhaulin,
    My dad is 70 years old this year. He has been trying to restore a 1966 El Camino with a 396 4speed.He is always busy doing something for my mom, sisters and myself. He bought the El Camino from a guy who was in the military. It came from California and it sat in a field for 20 years. My dad never goes anywhere. He is always working.But he doesn’t have the time to finish the car. His sons were both killed in car accidents so he has no sons to help him. Please help him to make this car what it used to be in it’s day! He would be so overcome with happiness! He could feel like a teenager again cruising the strip! Thank you so much!

  • 103
    avatar connie stuckwisch says:

    Dear Foose hello I hope Im at the right website, my husband has a 1968 firebird hes had for at least 6 yrs hes already stripped half the paint gutted it completely ordered parts for the car, its his dream to see this car back to the way it was, he has no time to do anything to the car but is hoping if no one bugs him for more cash maybe he can get something started, he watches yr show all the time and asked me why havent you put my name in that for our car lol the car is in awesome shape and he has mostly all the parts except a new motor for it.hes willing to do what he has to to get this car back on the road you hardly see these cars anymore,if you can will you please help my husband out he would be very grateful hes always helping others i think something like this would really be good for him he deserves something for once and this car would really make his day.someone like you no there stuff you do an awesome job with all yr cars, be nice to have this firebird done by the one and only Foose . Hope to hear from you, Thank you

  • 104
    avatar Toni williams says:

    Hi im only doing this for my father he has a 1955 ford it runs (barely) it was given to him after his uncle passed away my dad has worked on this car for the last two summers and he doesn’t have the money to fix it he would be so grateful to have it done correctly my dad helps anybody that needs it it would be nice to keep this car in the family but if we don’t have money to do it we cant pass it down .Please please cant wait to hear back

  • 105
    avatar Richard Rothmund says:

    Hi Chip,
    My wife has a 1961 two door bubble top Impala,with a 283.that we purchased about 20 years ago.It was running at that time.But has just been sitting since
    about 1995.
    She loves this car and I would like to have it done for our 50th,anniversary in 2015.
    I would like to know what it would cost me,if anything.ball park figure.
    Thank you.Rich

  • 106
    avatar Janice Brown says:

    Dear Fose,
    I’m writing this letter because my husband of 50 years has his little 52 hardtop Chevy since high school and it has been his dream to get it fixed up. That was the only car we owned for many years and he was very peticular with it.
    As the years went by it got put on the back burner as he served others. He served in the Air Force as a helicopter pilot for twenty years. He served a remote tour in Viet-Nam for a year in helicopter rescue, and then other short term stents. When we finally retired in 1983 he thought he would have time to fix his car that we had hauled all over the country, but again he has spent his time serving as a Board Member at the christian school and elder in the church. Time has never permitted Jerry to seek out his own desires for his car. After becoming a fan of your TV show he has gotten all excited about how he might be able to get the car back in the shape he would like to have it in. So that is why Iam writing. He just had back surgery, fusing his L-3,4 ,and 5. vertabraes and I don’t see how he is going to be able to do the lifting etc. that it would require. His little 52 Chevy sits in the corner of our barn and I would love to see it back in running order for our 50th wedding Anniversary,(August 18, 2013) He has been such a faithful, loving husband and father of our four children and 15 grandchildren. He always put us first and neglects to serve himself. It would bless my heart and his if you could help him fix his car. Thank you. jan

  • 107
    avatar debra larrieu says:

    Hey Chip

    I am married to the man of my dreams, I am tearing up as I type this because I want to give him the word yet I cant. His name is John and he is a giver, never asking anything in return. He is a mechanic yet never seems to have time to do his own car because he is ALWAYS working on his friends and families cars. He has a car that he calls the car of his dreams in our garage and I’d love to see him be able to drive it instead of just look at it and wish. He spends hours late at night surfing the net just wishing for parts and design ideas, it breaks my heart. We both work really hard yet there just never seems to be enough left over to get him in his car. He has truly hung the moon in my eyes, please help me get his car on the road so he can drive it in the moonlight.

    Thank you so much

  • 108
    avatar scott martin says:

    Hey Chip
    I love your talent the cars and trucks that all of you guys work so hard to build are awesome. I am a father and husband that have three cars that i’ve had for about twenty years that I would love to be foosed but if it weren’t for bad luck I’d have no luck. Just wanted to say I love the show seen them all.So keep doing an awesome job and i’ll keep watching, you guys are great.

  • 109

    […] here is the "boss 302" that we worked on for chip for his show. it is a plain f/b with the boss crate engine. Overhaulin’ Returning! Apply Now! | FordMuscle.com […]

  • 110
    avatar mike johnson says:

    hello chip, i want to do something special for our 20th annaversary, sorry for the misspelling. anyway my wife has a 98 dodge durango slt 4×4, with the 5.9 liter under the hood. I would love for you to help me make her wish come true if you could overhaul her truck. we’ve been together for 18 years and were best friends for 5 yrs before we started dating, my wife and i have been thru every up and down possible, she has recently lost her aunt, and 8yrs prior to that her cousin joe, which they were very close, i feel all she needs is a break, and i think with your help and foose design we can do this. i would do anything to make this happen, she loves the color purple, and suede leather. please help me make my wish come true.
    siincerly your biggest fan mike johnson

  • 111
    avatar stella dotson says:

    hi chip, I like to do something for my grandpa roger he really a good man he will do anything for his kids his grandkids and great grand kids and he even gave up his home for them and he got a old 66 mustang and he always wonted it to be candy apple red and white interior and it would mean a lot to him sents he goy sick and he starting to get better but he having problems with his legs so him and I would deeply appreciate it and I will respect your decision ether way but I would realy like to supries and repay him for what he has done for me so thank you
    sincerely stella doson

  • 112
    avatar Thomas Sawyer says:

    Hey Chip been a fan of yours from way back how about coming out to the east coast Fla and help me finish my 66 GTO .Have been burned by 3 body shops and am disabled so now she ‘s just sitting waiting to be finished I have completed the drive train and don’t want to end up another stalled restoration story I really need help with the body and would love to see your version of my GTO I just don’t have the physical body to complete the car I’m a simple guy that just wants to drive his car and leave it to my grandsons when I’m gone. Thanks for your consideration.

  • 113
    avatar Teresa Elliott says:

    Hi Mr. Foose,
    My name is Teresa. My husband Marvin is the most wonderful man. Anyone that meets him can’t help but to love him. The past two years have been difficult in anyone’s eyes. His brother Larry has overcome leukemia, his mother died and he survived brain surgery for a non-cancerous, thank GOD, brain tumor. He has a gold trans am 1985 that he would love to have restored. It has 27,000 miles on it and has been sitting in the garage for approx. 5 years. He has seen every episode of your show and watches it over and over. Both him and I were particularly touched that you had a sister with progeria. I am a hospice nurse and am sensitive to such things. It would be so amazing if he were overhauled. I don’t expect that it will ever happen but of all the people I’ve seen overhauled on your show there is no doubt in my mind that my husband could easily be a perfect candidate. Thanks for your time. Sincerely Teresa Elliott RN

  • 114
    avatar Teresa Elliott says:

    Teresa Elliott says:

    October 30, 2013 at 2:35 am

    Hi Mr. Foose,
    My name is Teresa. My husband Marvin is the most wonderful man. Anyone that meets him can’t help but to love him. The past two years have been difficult in anyone’s eyes. His brother Larry has overcome leukemia, his mother died and he survived brain surgery for a non-cancerous, thank GOD, brain tumor. He has a gold trans am 1985 that he would love to have restored. It has 27,000 miles on it and has been sitting in the garage for approx. 5 years. He has seen every episode of your show and watches it over and over. Both him and I were particularly touched that you had a sister with progeria. I am a hospice nurse and am sensitive to such things. It would be so amazing if he were overhauled. I don’t expect that it will ever happen but of all the people I’ve seen overhauled on your show there is no doubt in my mind that my husband could easily be a perfect candidate. Thanks for your time. Sincerely Teresa Elliott RN

  • 115
    avatar Teresa Elliott says:

    From Teresa Elliott, sorry the first email address was incorrect, please note. Thank you.

  • 116
    avatar Anita R. Ledford says:

    Mr. Foose, My family and I Have enjoyed your show and your expertise with car restoration for years. My husband collects classic muscle cars and has for years. He has a 72’Pontiac Grand Prix, a 75’Pontiac Trans Am, a 79′ Pontiac Trans Am Silver Anniversary,a 87’Chevrolet Camaro,and 99′ Dodge Truck. We also have a 07’Corvette and a 04’Ford Truck. My husband promised my son 2 years ago he could have the Camaro{its blue, his favorite color} but then this year in February, I found out my husband was having a 3 year affair with a woman 10 years younger then me. He left us and took everything. He filed for divorce and lied about his income[we own a lucrative pool business called Wimberley Pool Company in Wimberley,Texas] I’ve been a housewife for 20 years and didn’t get a very good lawyer. He got the business, all the cars and guns and I have to sell our house in 3 years and split the money with him. I was able to get the 87′ Camaro for my oldest son but it doesn’t run good and the rear hatch leaks because my husband smashed it in. We found a replacement hatch and my son worked hard to put it on but it still leaks. I’m looking for work and we’ve replaced the starter, the distributor cap, the computer,and the plugs and wires. It still doesn’t run right. I was going to sign it over to my son on February 11 2014. Its his 18th birthday. Please help me fix his dream car for him. It would show him that there are good people out there and real men he can look up to. My husband is trying to get me to sign the car back over to him so I can get a cheap truck but I’d rather give my son the car he was promised cause I think its cruel to break your promise to your own child cause your new girlfriend hates him.

  • 117
    avatar patrick cwiklinski says:

    i want my sister inlaw to be overhauled

  • 118
    avatar Markis Redmond says:

    Hi mr foose
    I love the show I also do autobody an paint your work is amazing an i would love to get my dad 1968 327 Chevy chevelle all original overhauled but the twist is That i would love to paint the car to make it that much special. The money we make every day painting cars mostly goes towards helping out other people so our bills get put last then we never got time to work on our own cars between money an cars we just don’t have the time.
    I was blessed with 2 sets of twin 3 boys 1 girl I don’t have time to put into the car an it just sitting rusting away when it be in shows an diving up an down the road. Every day for the last 3 years I’ve been made at my self for making other people dream come tru an we can’t fix our car so mr foose can I help us out please

  • 119
    avatar Markis Redmond says:

    Hi mr foose
    I love the show I also do autobody an paint , your work is amazing an i would love to get my dad 1968 327 Chevy chevelle all original overhauled but the twist is That i would love to paint the car to make it that much special. The money we make every day painting cars mostly goes towards helping out other people so our bills get put last then we never got time to work on our own cars between money an cars we just don’t have the time.
    I was blessed with 2 sets of twin 3 boys 1 girl I don’t have time to put into the car an it just sitting rusting away when it be in shows an driving up an down the road. Every day for the last 3 years I’ve been mad at myself for making other people dream come true an we can’t fix our car so mr foose can I help us out please

  • 120
    avatar Lisa Dunn says:

    Dear Chip,
    My husband and I have been married 17 years….we love your show. My husband Rocky is just a regular hardworking guy who has taken me and my two kids and loved us unconditionally. My Dad gave him a 1969 Ford truck, and I dream for him to be able to fix it up, that just never has come to reality. He never asks for anything…but gives our family everything he can. We have Grandkids now…they call him Bop… :) Could you please find it in your heart to help out one the kindest, hardworking guy I have ever known. He never complains about getting older and not having really anything to show for his hard work…but if he could be Overhauled….it would be a dream come true….thank you for your time and thank you for what you do Mr. Chip Foose :)

  • 121
    avatar Colleen Farrell says:

    Dear Chip, My husband is a big fan of your show recently my grandpa passed away from cancer but before he died he helped my husband by an old pickup truck which he loves very much but the thing is falling apart he wont dare give it up it means to much to him. we have had a very ruff life though i know many out there do but at 17 years we had our first son and a week following that and a accident he found out he had osteosarcoma bone cancer in his right leg. He beat it and has gone through many many surgeries to extend his leg which is made up of metal. He goes through so much pain everyday just moving around. He is unable to work though he has tried very hard to do but he is just disabled he recieved help to go to school to become a truck driver but could never find anyone to hire him due to insurence problems. he is a great dad of now four children, three of which the doctors told us we never would be able to have because of his chemo. He tries so hard we both do i am going back to school to try to make a nice stable life for us and our children we meeyt when we both were thirteen and now going on thirty so we have been in each others lives for a long time i just know getting his truck fixed would make him so happy and show him life can be good. If you do read this thank you for your time to even look it over i know you get a lot of letters but thank you very much. Colleen.

  • 122
    avatar Lindsay says:

    Hello Chip!
    First YAY! I’m so happy we are set for more seasons! My father and I watch your show whenever its on. Now to business- My dad owns a 2008 coupe corvette. I think he loves it more then me….. I would love it you would consider it a project. we have ran into hard times with my sister. She ended up needing to be sent to rehab for severe drug dependence. My mom and dad have diminished their live savings to pay for her treatment. It has been an ongoing battle for the past 7 years. He really wants work to be done on his ride but at this point, financially, its impossible. He really does deserve something special for everything he has sacrificed. Hope to hear from you!

  • 123
    avatar Bill Stein says:

    I’m glad to hear Overhaulin is coming back. One of my favorite shows.

  • 124

    hi chip my is Thomas litzenberger I have a 2000 dodge dakoda pick up it has a v6 in it and it has 4 wheel drive on it and 2doors its has the clubcab to it I am glad to hear overhaulin is coming back to get me online is litzenbergerthomas@yahoo.com or call me at 585 754 6964 I live in Geneva new York the zip code is 14456 thanks you.

  • 125
    avatar daniel patch says:

    I just want to tell you guys that my 4 year old daughter loves your show she asks for it every day this is a great show….

  • 126

    I have a 1986 GMC short wheel base pickup that I bought for my daughter! I wanted to fix it for her! I’m disabled and a single father! She has been there for me through every thing and helped me more than anyones child should have to do! I love her dearly and hope that you would help me give her something she will remember me by for years to come! Sincerely wayland perrite

  • 127
    avatar Kenneth Trypuc says:

    Chip I know you have heard it all by now, it’s a great show and you have a fantastic talent. 40 years ago I bought 1968 Corvette. I love the car and drove it for year, but as my family grew the car spent less time on the road than it did on the driveway. I would like to give it to my daughter who is serving in the United States Coast Guard, however it is in need of a make-over and I do not have what is necessary to get it done. Please help!

  • 128
    avatar LaurieJ says:

    We have a 1981 Z28 T-top, that needs tons of work. No motor or tranny. The story goes like this. Our son, now 33, worked with his dad doing lawn work in his teenage years. Saved his money, bought a dirt bike, then traded it for the Z, he tinkered with it and got it running. Then he graduated high school in May of 1998, 5 days later he was off to Parris Island to become a Marine. He left it covered in the yard. Rats chewed the wires. Came home put it in storage for a few years while in Iraq. Decided he no longer wanted it. Passed it down to his brother, he didn’t do anything to it. Passed it down to his sister, she didn’t have the money to restore it. Now baby brother has it. It would be great to have ya’ll work on it. We love the show and ya’lls work. Think about it. We live in Florida. Please choose this car, it would be a awesome restore. Thanks. Laurie

  • 129
    avatar David Worthington says:

    I would like to start by saying you and your crew are about the best. I have always loved cars, I did some drag racing when I was younger in the early 70’s. I have trying to afford to build my dream car or truck. I recently bought a 1984 GMC long bed truck. I feel it doesn’t need much work, but as you know when you get to the guts of the vehicle there might be some hidden problems. I was just wondering would you your crew be interested in helping me restore it. I do not have any sad stories to tell you. I am a 60 year old man that just wants his dream truck.

  • 130
    avatar Anthony J Raniero says:

    Hi I was wondering if you could help me out myself and my dad built a couple of hot rods when I was a kid together and he had to sell them to make sure I was taken care of I would love for some help to get him another car/truck it would mean the world to him I hope u are able to help

  • 131
    avatar Linda Hamm says:

    Dear Chip, First I would love to tell you how you inspire me as a person. I would love to meet you in person. The reason why I writing is for my boyfriend. He has a 1968 Mustang that is right now in parts. I have help him get this car about a yrear ago, to show him I believe in him. John had a very bad motor cycle accident back in 2008, and almost lost his life. Only by the grace of God is he here. He has a lot of balance and TBI issues. We have been together 2 years and we belong together, got I also have MS and have the same problem. I have a 1981 corvette that is getting redone 1st. He is so good to me in help get my car done and his car sits. It is our dream to both have a really nice car together. We talked about selling the Mustang because we could only do one car right now, so we are doing mine. He really did not want to sell it because he said “if I could see some thing in him, even though he had the problems he does, and I never give up on him. He was not going to give up on the Mustang with all the problems it has. ” kinda like seeing himself. We are very blessed that we have each other to love. We watch your show and I know everyone thinks they deserve their car done. By the will of God, I pray this story moves you to help us. Thank you for giving back to people. god bless you and your team and the show.

  • 132

    hola se que tienen muchas personas que quisieran que lesalludaran como yo todos tenemos diferentes problemas y diferentes historias todos quisieran que ustedeas areglaran sus carros gratuitamente por no tener los recursos para repararlos es dificil para ustedes porque es mucho dinero y loentiendo yo estoy casado no tengo hijos mi esposa tiene dos hijos que yo e ayudado asta la fecha hombre y mujer el quiere ser pastor y esta como de misionero lo estan preparando y ella esta estudiando para farmaseutica y no mearepiento aberlos ayudado tengo mucho tienpo queriendo areglar uno de mis carros pero la verdad no e podido porque tengo que aserlos pagos de renta y todo lodemas y ayudar ami esposa con todos los pagos del hospital porque tiene quistes en la matris creo que es canser nose espero que nosea grave vueno no quiero que mevean con lastima pero asi es la vida todos tenemos problemas verdad bueno miren tengo un plymont 73 scamp y chevy pyuk 78 y quisiera areglar cualquiera de los dos pero como todos nesesito ayuda y quisiera saver si ustedes mepudieran ayudar que ustedes meloareglaran y medieran la oportunidad de pagarselos en pagos flexibles para no desatender my familia tengo ya 42 anos y creo que no tengo ya mucho tienpo para poder areglarlo semesta acabando el tienpo y auque sea quisiera tener un carro areglado en la vida que queda nose si ustedes yeguen aver mi mensaje se que leponen atencion nadamas alosque an echo algo en la vida pero si lo leen almenos es ganansia como lesdije lopuedo pagar en pagos moderados si mepudieran ayudar selos agradeseria mucho y sino detodos modos muchas gracias y que dios los vendiga atodos ustedes por todo loque asen por la gente para aserlos felizes una ves en su vida gracias y cuidense mucho

  • 133
    avatar Edwin Fernandez says:

    We have a Mustang 1967 me and my dad we are working on it for long time but. i think never is going to be done, dad buy it bacause my good notes at schooll but my dream never going to come

  • 134
    avatar Calvin Phillips says:

    Hi there Chip im a BIG FAN and it is soo good to see someone working in their field of passion and the dream coming to life. This is what I want for my brother a father of 3 kids and divorced at this present time. He use to own a 1990 Corvette and wanted to restore it back to original condition but had to sale it due to hardship and paying child support. He love his kids dearly and wants them to have the best. He currently drives a Kia mini van with over 200,000mi mark. I want him to have his dream,but i dont know if you all glamourize mini vans and this is his only way of transportation. We are car guys at heart I have a Pontiac G8 GT and a BMW Z3 M Coupe I love exotics and i want this for my younger brother. If you can or if i can do anything to assist. I love your show and I record it on auto. You and the show have a blessed week and much success. I love that you’re a giver and i notice a giver is hard to recieve..Chip you Keep On Keeping On.

  • 135

    Hi there Chip.I am a fan of your show,an I am 69 years old.I know that this is a big request,but I am writing this letter on my own for my wife an 3 children do not take me serious,about doing this for me,but I have a 64 El Camino,that I would like to restore,for its been park next to my house,for 24 years, I have most of the parts for it for I had crash it,which,the frame was bent, but I have another spare one, I would like to restore,it for my grandchildren,to leave than something to remember there grandad

  • 136
    avatar Brian Hargrave says:

    HI Chip Foose and Team !!!! i have a 1972 mustang . my brother-in -law and i started to rebuild this car and he had a couple other better paying jobs come to his shop . so we put my car aside . since then i have had a dual transplant and i got very sick , it was a deadly situation . i have recovered . then Larry got very sick and lost a kidney . some time had passed by , he never really got to feeling any better and he passed away in January of 2013 . my mustang is sitting there in pieces and has had the shock towers replaced the left rear quarter replaced and some other body work done . its in primer . im really praying to see this car completed so carry on the memory of his ideas and all the work he done in his past . both my sister and myself would have this memory of Larry to remind us and his family and friends . and then we can also have the memory of you CHIP FOOSE and the OVERHAULIN TEAM of the AWSOME WORK YOU ALL DO !!!! HOPE TO HEAR FROM YOU !! GOD BLESS YOU and your TEAM !!!! :)) Brian Hargrave

  • 137
    avatar Scott Morse says:

    Hi Chip and the A-Team,

    I have a good friend that has a 66 Dodge Camper special pick up truck that was passed down to him and his brother after their father was killed in a motorcycle accident the same year the both of us graduated high school. I would love for you and the A-Team to fix up the old 66 for Troy and his brother Todd. They have been talking about fixing the truck up for several years now but the family business keeps getting the way. They both work very hard in excavation up here in Lake Tahoe and are working very hard to keep their fathers business afloat.

    Thank you for looking and god bless.
    Scott Morse

  • 138
    avatar Jose Marrero says:

    Hi Chip: Le escribo porque tengo un Camaro 1987 Iron Z que me restauraron, pero no me quedo original. La parte electrica no esta como debe estar y no se si usted y su team puesen ayudarme a que quede original. El guia se lo cambiaron y en P.R. no se consigue. yo se que ustedes recogen un auto y lo restaurant original como estab, esparo me ayuden con mi carro.

  • 139
    avatar Jose Marrero says:

    Hi Chip: Le escribo porque tengo un Camaro 1987 Iron Z que me restauraron, pero no me quedo original. La parte electrica no esta como debe estar y no se si usted y su team puesen ayudarme a que quede original. El guia se lo cambiaron y en P.R. no se consigue. yo se que ustedes recogen un auto y lo restauran original como estaba, esparo me ayuden con mi carro.

  • 140

    first of all I have to say I love this show so much seeing deserving people get some thing they other wise wouldn’t get because more important things that come up , like family and friends having problems in life or they have problems them self and you guys give them some joy in their lives .
    I am a father of two sons that i think is the greatest boys in the world in my eyes , my oldest son Jeremy and my youngest son Matthrew where only 18 and 17 when in 2004 they lost their grandfather ( my dad ) in April of 2004 and just a few months later they lost their mother to M.S. they both had signed for the Army National Guard Jeremy had already completed the first half of his boot camp and Matt was going to start his that summer , then their great grandmother ( my dad’s mother ) passed away that Febuary of 2005 , they all passed away before the boys even gradurated of high school , through all of this joining the Army National Guard knowing there was a good chance they would have to go over seas and fight they still joined and did go to Iraq for a short time and losing their great grandmother and their grandfather and most of all their mother they turned out awsome boys , I have had some health issues now in the last few years and they help me and others no questions ask , even when they where having their own problems they would still stop every thing and come help . Jeremy is going through the training to be a linemen , keeps him away from home alot and his wife and him just had their first child a daughter and Matt is working as a roofer and just completed his training as a industrial union roofer and he and his wife two little ones his daughter will 6 in a couple months and son 4 they both have pick up trucks that could use some dependablity back in them love you guys keep up the good work .

  • 141
    avatar THEODORE RODRIGUEZ says:

    HI Chip love the show ,
    Especially the mustang episode’s I watched every show trying memorize each detail you add every one of the cars. So I could some day have someone try and recreate what you make look so easy. Wish you guys where closer to the east coast it would be a dream come true if you and the A team could get your hands on a mustang I bought close to 13 years ago for my wife birthday. When we younger and before the kids we use to tool around in my 87 mustang. One day after working on the car together I got the idea of getting her something she can call her so I picked up a 69 coupe . But like a lot of guys priorities turned less and less to the cars so I sold off my car a we got a family cruiser. Still with the hope of some day picking up the wrenches and put her 69 mustang back on the road. I been in love with my wife since the day I met her. She’s always had my back stuck by me during good times and bad. She does so much for me and our two boys. It would great to be able to give her something like this love the show guys have a great year.


  • 142
    avatar Neal Fry says:

    Hello to Chip Foose and the whole family, What you do for people is just plain amazing , the heart felt customizing is mind blowing.
    It’s been years since I’ve gotten to see your show in my area (Virginia) Today I thought about you and everything you do. Today I lost a very dear friend , in return he left me his 1987 GMC.
    I wish I lived in your neck of the woods, I would ask you to work your magic on this tired old GMC.

    He loved me as his son, He would always bring stuff by the shop and ask me if I would fabricate a piece or to weld something up, without hesitation I done what he wanted and never charged him a cent. I paid my employer for the materials.

    It would mean the world to me if there was a way to get his truck done. I know since I haven’t filled out the app., it’s not gonna happen.

    Keep up the good work, Chip. , You do so much for others and we like it…..

    R.I.P. (Walter Elgin 04-08-2014)

    Thanks: Neal Fry

  • 143
    avatar Angela Rainer says:

    Hi my name is Angela Rainer, my finance has an old monte Carlo that he has been working on for years. He’s a very hard worker and has been since the day he started working, but has not been able to come across the money to fix his car the way he would love to. His only wish is to have his ole school car fixed the way he would like it. Please surprise him and myself and that could be his wedding present from me and you all to him.. Please

  • 144
    avatar Colin Decker says:

    Hey chip, this is a kid talking. My name is Colin Decker I live in a small town where the population is around 800 in city limits. I am 16 and I have a really close neighbor. Were really big dreamers and he moved into our small community several years ago has fixed up his house and has six kids who are great. He is married and he own a corvair hes doesn’t have the knowledge to fix it up the way you do, he doesn’t have the money or the time. he is a nurse i believe and he has a great heart he likes hunting and the outdoors a lot. He has been great family friends and is raising really great kids and providing for his family in these hard times. I know you may not even read this but it was worth a try. I want to let you know that i love the work you do for others. My mom also has a jeep that always breaks down. My mom is a mail delivery women, but she just subs for the real ones who cant make it some days. She doesn’t make enough to buy a new one and its not even worth. she would never make up the deficit I don’t know the jeep year or model but i love my mom and thinking of what you could do would be amazing. My dad is hard working man and works for the huge Morenci mine which is the number one producer for copper in america. Please consider one of these people as a mark or both if you really want. I even challenge you to be able to pull both cars off in a week in the area that i live it would be pretty hard you would have to have some pretty dang good skills so please consider this challenge Please email me something and if you do i could get my dad in on this to help with the logistics.

  • 145
    avatar nicholas Demelfi says:

    Hi chip,I have a daughter who has a mitsubishi lancer 2002,which my younger daughter let her have ,because she could not afford to buy a car. But the car is run down,their is a 178,000 miles and interior is bad,and engine lights come on,and Windows are broken,she really needs help because she cannot afford to get it fix. She is a great young lady,who is the ( rock )of the family who does so much for my wife,and helps with cooking and every thing else.chip if you could help her with her car , I would appreciate it so much ,she is such a great person. Thank you so much .

  • 146

    Hi chip,my daughter has a mitsubishi lancer , 2002,which needs a lot of work that needs to be done ,but cannot afford to have any work to be done on it . She helps my wife with cooking because my wife can no longer do anything with her illness so my daughter does everything to help us ,also works with handicap kids . she really could use your help chip . Thank you so much.

  • 147
    avatar Betty Carlgren says:

    My husband has a 1960 Ford Falcon Ranchero that is one and only thing that his dad left to him before he passed. Now my husband is getting along in age himself, but still dreams of restoring his dad’s car. Please consider making his dream come true.

  • 148
    avatar Eduardo Cano says:

    Kiero saber ik diosito me ayuden de k ustedes lo vean tengo mucho tiempo de verlos y como areglan los carros mi sueño adorado sería k arreglaran un mustang gt 94 5.0 convertible está un despintado mi dirección es 355 saint marys dr Oxnard ca 93036 teléfono 8054074668 ese es mi sueño andar en el bien equipado sería como para morirme de feliaidad eso es todo y k viva overhauilin siiiiiii

  • 149
    avatar doris perdomo says:

    hola te escribo desde Venezuela se que es difícil mas no es imposible, te escribo porque mi hijo sebastian de catorce años siempre me pide que te escriba para ver si su sueño y el mio se hace realidad yo tengo Mustang año 68, que es herencia de su papa que murió hace nueve años fui madre soltera por mucho tiempo y el carro se fue deteriorando de gran manera yo he tenido que aprender muchas cosa de la mecánica y yo misma arreglos las partes mecánica cuando se daña, me volví a comprometer hace tres año y ha sido peor para el mustang ya que el dinero no alcanza para pintarlo se que esta petición es casi imposible pero le di la palabra a mi hijo que escribiría a tu programa y cumplí si algún día vienes a Venezuela por favor no se olvide de nosotros gracias y que dios lo bendiga mi teléfono es en este país linea digitel 0412-5027556 y el de casa es 0241-8531078 ó 0241-8946205 no se cual es el código de Venezuela Numero que es 058

  • 150
    avatar doris perdomo says:

    hi I write from Venezuela is that it is difficult but not impossible, I write because my son sebastian fourteen always ask me to write you to see if your dream and mine comes true I have ’68 Mustang, which is inherited from his father died nine years ago I was a single mother for a long time and the car deteriorated greatly I had to learn many things mechanical and the same arrangements mechanical parts when damaged, I turned to commit three years ago and has been worse for the mustang as the money is not enough to paint it that this request is almost impossible but I gave the word to my son would write your program and fulfilled if one day you come to Venezuela please do not forget us thanks and god bless you my phone line is in this country digitel 0412-5027556 ​​and 0241-8531078 or home is not what is 0241-8946205 code number is 058 Venezuela

  • 151
    avatar Debbie Dolphin says:

    Hey Chip! I would love the opportunity to surprise my husband. He has a truck, nothing fancy a 2002 GMC Sierra that was his dads. It has blistering paint and the engine is getting ready to need some work. My husband Glenn is retiring this year and it would be great if we could save this old truck because his Dad gave it to him. He has always done things for others and never has had the money to fix up the truck. We have raised 3 children and now have adopted a granddaughter as our own and we are starting over, so between her braces and and other expenses I know we could not afford to get this done. He has been in the Marine Corp in his first job and law enforcement in the current job. So please consider him for one of your Overhauln’ Projects. Thanks, Debbie Dolphin 803 646-3103 PS Did I mention it is our 30th Anniversary this year?

  • 152
    avatar jozey says:

    my dad john wood has a old dodge he bought and was wanting to redo it bought he got layyed of.So he got a new job at Frito lay he isn’t making enough money and it’s his birthday so i want to do somthig nice for him.so please have him in one of your Overhaulin’ projects thanks jozey wood 816-809-2778.i am 8 years old!

  • 153
    avatar henry holsenback says:

    yes i have a 2000 z71 4×4.i have three kids and will never have the money to fix it to look like i want it too.been dreaming of having it lifted and also needs some body work,needs some beauty added to it.i work forty hours a week in construction and still don’t have the money to have it fixed up.love your show and watch it every week!!!would love to see my truck overhauled.i have been trying to fix up a z71 4×4 for over twenty years.really would like to be able to see my dream come true!!!!!!!!!!LOVE YOU GUYS AND ALSO THE SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 154
    avatar Breanne Leach says:

    My dad has a 1970 mustang. He’s had it for a little over 18 years, and has always talked about wanting to restore it. He’s always worked longer hours so he’s never gotten the time to start. He attempted before I was born, but found out my mom was pregnant and had to put it on hold. Everytime he tries to start again, something comes up. He’s providing for a pretty big household and doesn’t have the money to put into it. I want to help him out with his dream. For everything he’s done for me the past 18 years, and to thank him for being the father he has, and putting everyone’s needs before his own. I believe that by restoring his mustang, I could do that. But I’m going to need your help.

  • 155
    avatar Angel alpizar says:

    Hi.My Name Is Angel Im Only 14 But This Aint For Me It’s For My Brother He Would Like To re-Store His Dad’s Car Who Died in The Car Why’ll Saving 3 Of His Friends And This Car Means The World To Him That Car Is The Only Thing That Reminds Him Of His Dad We Tried To Re-Store It But That One Problem Is Money

  • 156

    dear mr. foose,
    my brother bob has a 64 chevy c10. he can no longer work on he has had a stroke, and lost the use of his left side. before that he was a football player. a b-52 tail gunner. he built f-16 and f-22’s. also he helped the hood county sheriff by being the captain for 6 years.he gets mad that that he can’t do much wotrk on cars any more like he wants too.he once broke down in front of the gold deposits at fort knox with this truck, it got him through a divorce. he loves this truck. he wants it to be a pro street truck .fat tires on the back and fastcow hide seat covers, dallas cowboys colors.he is giving me away when I get married this month, we are twins.

  • 157
    avatar Oliver Licon says:

    how inpatient my father is and kinda cheap, well not that he is ! But we all want to find the best deal to get. So my father took his car to a body shop to get its dents fix and body parts to get painted and I dont ever blame people on how to do there job but my father had waited to get his car back from the paint shop for months. So I told to him hey its ok they’re going to do a great job if they are holding onto it for this long . So the day had came and my father picked the car up and showed me some pictures it look good but in person I had pointed out some faults there where lots of theses bubble things around some parts of the paint. So my dad as nice guy as he always is says eh its ok .. so I dont argue if the guy is happy then let it be.

  • 158
    avatar Jack Kostrin says:

    I have an opportunity for you. I know you have recently been to Australia and wonder if you have considered OVERHAULIN an AUSSIE CLASSIC. You could call it “International Overhaulin” . Problem being getting the vehicle to you. Anyway the subject vehicle is my 1972 FORD XA FALCON COUPE/FASTBACK. Just think ROADWARRIOR/MAD MAX, but better. I have been really slack letting my Pride and Joy sit in the garage. Lack of funds doesn’t help. Anyway Mr FOOSE, it is a dream of mine to have you and the OVERHAULIN TEAM work your MAGIC on this BEAST. As well as having a piece of FOOSE HISTORY DOWN UNDER. If you read this I thank you for taking the time. Keep up the great work you guys do. LOVE the show.

  • 159
    avatar Rachelle Franklin says:

    Hi, my name is Rachelle. My dad has a 1978 cadillac deville and its his baby. The bad part about it, is that it has a lot of problems. For example the altintor doesnt want to work, the seats are all ripped up, he cant drive at night cause hismlight dont work, and the driver side window wont roll up. At the moment its his only way to get around because his other 2 cars broke down as well. Its been a pretty tough year for him and he cant afford to do much to his car. He is now a retired truck driver he got hurt at work. He cant work on cars witnout getting a bloody nose or getting all short of breath. He’s had it for about 8 years now and it sucks seeing him struggle with it. Thank you for reading this. :) love your cars by the way

  • 160
    avatar Randy Tancowny says:

    I am sending this for my nephew. He is 50 years old and can not work dew to having being electrocuted 30 years ago that has given him migraine headaches and scars that on his body. he was revived twice on a oil well lease after the electrocution and he has had this 1969 chevel SS that as money and his health permits he is trying to restore. he has owned the car for over 20 years and it is still in need of major work but it is running and driveable. this man I think could use your help and would make his day and mine seeing him get a break for what he has been through thank you Randy

  • 161
    avatar burl phillips says:

    Here go nothing me and my wife pick up this car new in 1988 but it a 1987 oldsmobile cutlas 2 dr 6 cyc. We run this car for years but now it need a lot of work. Me and my wife wanted to make a hot fast car out of it . We were trying to save up for it . But few years ago every thing went bad . She has open heart done at the hospital in winchester va.after that she has to go 3 days a wk to get her blood clean at a center 4 hours at a time . After that she has a stroke now she in bed for good she can talk some but cant do any thing. My son has to lesve his job to help me take care of her.so not good for my wife .she told I wish I could get that car done wsy we wanted to but I cant my yime is running out.her name is is patsy phillips she 71 year white f.i am not in to good my self I have a back yesrs ago and could not work any more. And blind in one eye could go blind but I hope not dr told I could yesrs from now .poor car has no hope at all if you all dont help us it over for our dream car.i am 72 .we live in stephens city va phone no 540 303 0653 dont hurt to wish I know this want happen. I glad the show is comming back on . We love the show .keep up the good work . That was the best car show on tv what can I say or best be said . I watch the new show. Your fan burl phillips

  • 162
    avatar jeff scholebo says:

    my dad has a 1971 buick grand sport stage 1 for 35 years its know sitting in the woods have grown up around it he also has a 1969 or 70 in an old garage he used to be a machnic and body man for many years he built cars for lots of people then got burned out and went in the trucking buissness and work on the car on weekends then he became ill and gets sicker every day all kinds of problems so i would like to enter his name in the drawing he talks about working on them all the time but he is not able he watching your show all the time including reruns and wished it could be him he says chip is the greatest car builder in the world this is his dream car and high school car if you need more infor you can call me at 618 318 1827 this is my moms no# my name is brian i dont know if you will come all this way but his a great man father and grandfather you should meet him thank you for your time

  • 163

    59 Red & white Corvette. In pretty good shape. He would love for it to be a muscle car.

    His x bought it for his 40th BD. They divorced 17 yrs later. She lied to the Judge saying she had sold it along with all his work trucks and tools. He had to start over in life.

    We met and are getting married.(Pretty brave of him after what he’s gone thru.) His BD is 12/29/49 & he will be 65.
    Please consider him. This car has been the piece of his life that he was able to hang on to. It would mean a lot for both of us.

    Thank you,

    Sharon Bancroft

  • 164
    avatar carlos castaneda says:

    Hi chip foose my name is carlos. I have my friend well he is more then a friend he is like my bro… well he has a 65ss Chevy impala thats his dream car.. hes has it for like 14 yrs and he always wants to fix it up he started by going to the car shows to buy different stuff for the motor hes never had a lot of money so he did it lil by lil . Well thats as far as he has gotten he got married had a kids then got divorce . He went back to school full time while also working at his dad nursery and taking care of his son . Well that impala still hasn’t gotten fix . He has move and move and the ss has moved with him .. he lost his job because they lost the land where they had there business . But he still went to school because he wanted to show his son thats more important he becomes his school president . Got a job with program in school that he was a part of so this hole time he is a full time student full time dad had a part time jod and was the president of his school. Trust me idk how he did it. Well time got harder for him the years has past us buy and that 65 still sits there.. he has a job now but he always told his son that he was meant to b someone in this wold that he was put here to change lives .. so after taking 2 yrs out of school after he got his aa he decided to go back because he felt that he is not being the men he was meant to be so he applied to a university called pitzer ccollege a school that he wanted to go to but knew it was a long shot well he applied and got accepted (yay) but now he will have to quit his job and go to school and the impala still in the back burner. . Now im asking you and your amazing crew to help me help my brother . If their is anyone in this world that deserves this is him plz plz help me idk if im to late and the show is no longer on or if u guys are still doing the overhauling but if u are i know how much he love your show and how much it would mean to him .. well if your not doing the show but if u do ever bring it back can u plz take my friend into consideration .. thank u very much

  • 165
    avatar Riley Kuipers says:

    Hi Chip,
    My name is Riley I am 12 and my siblings are 10, 6, and 4. I also have a wonderful mom and dad. My dad is a very hard self employed man, this year he turned 42. My dad has two starliners that are very important to him one is starting to rust and the other rusting baddly on the floor. He would love to work on them but he has no time. every year he says he’ll work on them but he never does this makes me sad. He loves your show and has watched all of the episodes on netflix. I love him to death because he does so much for me. If you guys would help me do this for my dad you would not believe how happy my dad, family and I would be. I need your help. Thank you for taking your time and reading this.

    – Riley Kuipers age 12

  • 166
    avatar Riley Kuipers says:

    They are 1960 starliners.

    – Riley Kuipers age 12

  • 167
    avatar Riley Kuipers says:

    1960 ford starliners.

  • 168
    avatar Tracey Young says:

    Hi Chip! Me & my 2 kids plus a dear special friend Anthony Evans have watched your show for years & me & my children would like to
    see you restore his 1985 GMC truck. This man is a very hard dedicated worker but never ever having the time or money to fix his
    truck. It would me a lot a to me & my kids to see that this truck be
    restored as he’s a great father to our children & I believe he deserves
    this as this is important to him. Yout thoughts & imput are greatly
    appreciated & may God continue to bless you with the wonderful work
    you & your team has done! Thanks

  • 169
    avatar Ines romero says:

    Hola Sr. Chip todos mi esposo y yo vemos siempre su programa y nos emociona ver como deja los carros restaurados nosotros tenemos una ford 71 y nos gustaría que nos aconsejara para poner los colores adecuados al interior pues el exterior es verde agua gracias.

  • 170
    avatar Ryan Ragon says:

    Hi Overhaulin Team! I would like to surprise my brother with his 64′ Cadillac deVille that is a diamond in the ruff. Ever since he traded one of his previous cars on this deVille for his love of Cadillacs it has sat in the garage wilting away. This piece of history needs to be showcased on the road and who better to do it than Chip Foose and the Overhaulin team! So what do you say… how about we get this 64′ out of the garage and onto the open roads for past and future generations to see a classic beauty!

  • 171
    avatar Katey Smith says:

    Hi Chip my husband has a car that is a 1996 Pontiac GT I believe we have a 7 month old son and I really want to have it redone and restored for us to use as a family car it is a stick shift please help us we need your help I wanna do something doe our 2 years of being together just for him he is my life please make this come true for us he wants a car to hand down to our son when he gets older.

  • 172
    avatar Ridel Linares says:

    Hi, my father Ridel Sr., has a 1986 Ford 250 he’s had it forever ! He started his plumbing company in this truck and has been a hard working man all his life . The truck has been worked just as hard . I remember as a child that truck was always a nice ride but now over time it’s turned into a rust bucket ..I would want nothing more then to have that truck be a example of all you can accomplish if you work hard and never give up because my father migrated from Cuba to America when he was only 15 by himself and built a great life for himself and his family. He deserves to have something that represents that if anything. Please overhaul this truck!

  • 173
    avatar pedro luis perez says:

    hola Overhaulin soy de venezuela maracaibo me gusta mucho como arreglan los autos no soy mecanico pero me encantaria mucho aprender de ustedes mi numero de telefono 0414-6603650 0261-7410777

  • 174
    avatar Georgine James says:

    Dear Chip,
    I would love to have my husbands 94 Mustang GT fixed up for him, Every time he tries to put money away to fix it up something comes up and the car doesn’t get fixed. The transmission is leaking, he need new front seats cause they are broken, and he needs a few other things done to it. We really don’t have the money to put into it but the car is his pride and joy. The car was given to him and every Christmas we give him gift certificates so he can purchase items for his car. Can you please help me or at least refer me to someone where I can have his seats replaced since they are broken. He loves to watch your show when he can and only dreams that some day it would happen to him. Can you please help me make his dreams come true I can’t think of anyone who deserves it more than him. 267-265-2658

  • 175
    avatar Ben Segura says:

    Mr Foose, my mom died when I was eight & my big brother was 12 he dropped out of school to go to work to help our alcoholic father make money as a trim carpenter & has been helping our whole family grow up.
    May17,2013 he had a bad accident & died for about
    3 – 5 minutes before they revived him his dream car was destroyed & the guy who hit him was in a stolen SUV so he has survived the accident but he lost everything & is now disabled!
    He bought a 1966 Lincoln 2dr coupe & tried to restore it but everywhere he’s taken it they have taken advantage of him.
    I don’t know of anyone who’s more deserving, please help my brother he has a big heart & will give you the shirt off his back
    He has been through a lot I would love to see his face with his car overhauled,please consider my request God bless ya’ll
    I would love to hear from you Mr Goose thanks for your time.

  • 176
    avatar Ben Segura says:

    I wrote Mr Foose I don’t know why it posted Mr goose I apologize for the typo at the end of the last letter.

  • 177
    avatar salena says:

    Hello i would love to get my husband’s 77 ford mustang on overhaulin. he worked vary hard to get it. The car was his first ever. He is a amazing father of two lil girls.im a stay at home mother.the car is in really good shape but i feel that he will never get it done or have time to work on it. The car stays at his father’s house he would never know it was gone.this would mean so much!please help and god bless

  • 178
    avatar Don Estep Jr says:

    Yes my boy friend has 08 Dodge Charger , with the hemi motor. He really wants to make this car with an eagle on the hood, he’s a veteran, and wants it painted, with all patriotic pictures. And to run like a bat out of heck. But he is on Disability, from his back. He wanted to have it done himself, but due to lack of money, and no one does anything for free. He is in a really depressed state. He’s wanted a patriotic car since he’s been out of the military. But as I said it costs a lot of money( that we or he doesn’t have) and even after surgery, and gets back to work, he still never be able to do what he wants. Can you help?? Thank You Mary L. Smith

  • 179
    avatar Ed Leslie says:

    Hi Chip, I have semi restored a 1968 elcomino, gave my car to my brother Mike LESLIE that lives in , salida cal. he was going to restore it ,But he is loosing his smog shop. due to goverment regulations , and economy , i did upgrage the motor from a 305 c.i.
    to a 454 13 to 1 compression pretty powerful motor but now he is depressed and this would be pretty cool if i came up with this awsome restore , you probubly want to use this motor, with a little extras, the car is a little rough
    but it does smoke new camero’s and new mustangs.:-)

  • 180
    avatar Don Berry says:

    Hi Chip i have a 1969 Chevrolet C10 truck it was my daddy’s vehicle but he passed in 2002 it’s been sitting up like 2 years the rear end is bad it was still running when i parked i was gonna sale it because i can’t afford to fix it up i don’t know whether you charge to overhaul vehicles on the show but it has the original straight 6 engine i really don’t want to get rid of because of it’s sentimental value my daddy’s truck i live in Mississippi in the Anding Community hope to hear from you soon

  • 181
    avatar mlm software says:

    Estrogen- including EC is going to be safe to gain women but the growth hormones can acceleration the chance for encouraging blood clots.
    The showcase has grow full of gadgets who seem to
    are web based based. Before EMG testing, a patient has the capability to still survive for life quite often.

  • 182
    avatar Robert says:

    Hello chip I have a79 el camenio that I would love to have overhaul by you and your staff . I have own it for two years and just have not been able to get it together.I’m a small business owner looking to get it done right by The foose squad.So please give me the plaguer of letting my el camenio to be overhauled

  • 183
    avatar Chad McCaulley says:

    Chip and all of the overhauling gang, I am a big no the biggest fan and I wanted to have my wife’s truck overhauled. We never have a lot of money and this would change her world. You see she loves her truck even though it is only a V6. She has had it scene I brought it home. I bought it off the lot in 2001 and she fell in love with it. My wife is very deserving of this because she is very selfless kind hatred, and a joy to be around. Even through my knee replacement and losing our house se kept us in high spirits. She has sacrificed so much for me and the kids we would love to do something for her. Please consider her for your next overhaul. By the way she would be floored I think that would make a great episode. Knowing how Chip loves it when people show there emoticons for there cars.

  • 184
    avatar Carmen Wollum says:

    Hi Chip and the entire overhauling gang! My husband is the biggest fan of your show. He watches it for HOURS!!! … and sheds many tears for the happiness that you have given many. He has a 1974 Corvette that he has had for about 8 years. He has had plans to do some work on it over the years however that has not happened to this day. He previously had owned a 1974 Corvette when he was in his early twenties but then got married and started a family. Unfortunately, he had to sell the Corvette to support his family so he was excited to find one very similar 8 years ago. I would love it if you could overhaul his Corvette. He is SO deserving! He always thinks of everyone else first, always doing for them and putting his own projects “on hold”. Please help make his dreams come true and consider him for an “overhaul”. I would love to make his day! —- Hope to hear from you. Carmen

  • 185
    avatar Ana Smith says:

    Dear Chip , and the team I am writing ti tell you about my husbands dads 1979 corvette, my husbands dad Mike was good man who incountrred some bad luck in his life as well as had some wonderfull moments in his life one of those wonderfull moments I think was when his 1979 corvette use to run from what I hear it was a bad ass car .The corvette was made the year my husband was born my husband is named Michael to and even though my husband and his dad had allot of ups and downs it was obvious that his dad loved my husband.my father in laws car was in a reck about 20 years ago and he was unable to fix it and out went his dreams of having my husband drive the corvette someday a dream I know my husbands dad never really gave up on I know he always wanted my husband to drive the corvette and enjoy it.4 years ago my father in law lost his home and his luck seamed to get worst threw itb all my husband stuck by his dad as much as he could ubfortanatley almost 2years ago my father in law got diagnosed with stage four brain cancer threw it all my husband took care of his dad as well as worked nights and overtime to take care if aur family , my father in law passed away on march15th2014 and my husband his best friend was by his side.we picked up the corvette from his dads friends house and its not even a shadow if what it once was we cant afford to fix it we are expecting aur 3rd baby and my husband has decided to sell it I know it would mean allot to my husband if you could fix the corvette for my husband and he could drive it like his dad dreamed for him to do some day help me do this and honor mike seniors memory thank you a wife that loves her hubby

  • 186
    avatar damari marsh says:

    hi chip my name is damari Marsh I have a 1968 GS Skylark convertible that came from my grandfather he is now 90 years old and we do not know how much longer him and his wife will be around but he has been a great grandfather as long as I can remember he told two or three pieces of property in Oakland California and Berkeley California he has recently had to sell his property in Oakland now they just so the one in Berkeley his and his wife’s home he loves classic cars but he had to make a decision to save my moms house in Modesto California that he bought her now he lives there and his wife and my mom so she can look at them and make sure they take their medicine but I clearly can see it bothers him now that he has nothing left no carsbecause he is too old to drive them and DMV will not renew his license but he often asked me how is this the car coming along and if I still have itand I tell him I do still have it but I haven’t done anything to it because I also have a 1970 ss El Camino that I done a LS swap and 6 speed conversion to so time and money is not available these days but I would love to show him that this car has been restored and I still have it and he can at least ride in it with me before he departs so please get back at me this would be good for my family him and the people of the Bay Area Oakland California!!!!!

  • 187
    avatar Jenny Lay says:

    Hey My BoyFriend Has An 1980 Luv Truck That his dad bought him before he died and he has tried and tried to fix it up but things hasn’t went so good and he watches Ur show all the time and dreams of y’all fixing his ride So could y’all please come to the rescue lol it’s to good of a truck to just go to waste he’s all the time helping other people with there’s and gets no help in return I would love to surprise him and have it fixed up for him cause I’d love to see it fixed myself it’s his dream to have it fixed up so please contact me back.And Thank You Love The Work Y’all Do!!

  • 188
    avatar Zac Cochran says:

    Hi chip my grampae has an old chevy camper truck its siting at my house I would like to see it get fineahd its a 63 c10 factory camcamper he wants the camper left on it

  • 189

    would you do a car from columbiaville michigan?i have 1947 ford super/deluxe 4dr.i had the engine rebuilt,i did all of the work on the car but i did not have the money to do it right,i got the car in 1988 painted in 1992 put it on the road in 1993 . it dont look bad from 50 yards.


  • 190
    avatar Tim OKonis says:

    Dear Chip and Overhaulin team. my brother Dave is always working too much,and helping others.HE HAS A 1966 CYCLONE sitting in a garage, which he earned by trading for labor.I doubt it will ever get finished.It would be cool to see that car on your show, and a smile on Dave,s face.Thank you for this chance. Timski

  • 191

    Hello Chip,
    My husband has a 1969 Chevrolet capric, that he been working for the last five years when he get the money. He came it bad health in 2012,andhad to retire. Now he don’t have the money to complete the car. He love this old car. He will give the shirt off his back to help any one out. We live in Memphis Tn.

  • 192
    avatar Hannah Roberts says:

    Hi my name is Hannah Roberts and I’m 11 and my dad has a 1973 cadillac. and my great grandmother gave it to him I think it was last year and ever since he’s been trying to fix it up so he can give herone last ride in it before she passes away. he served in the Army and he is the best daddy you could ever ask for he always puts everyone else before him. And I think that you might think that this is just a warmup story so you can come in get the Cadillac and fix it up but its not this is all true and I really want him to have the Cadillac and I just want to see the look on his face when he realizes that he got overhauled so please please please thank you and yet again I’m Hannahand I want my dad to be overhauled.

  • 193
    avatar tori sage says:

    hi I’m tori I was wondering if you could fix my dad’s car it’s a camaro he doesn’t have any time to fix it up we are always busy him taking care of my grandma and my uncle who has a disability and working late sometimes he always wanted to fix it up and he never has the chance to me and my dad love watching the shows and I am only 11 my always wanted to take are family to a car show but never has the money or time when grow up and got my licenses I would get that car the car is a 1979 z28 thank you!

  • 194
    avatar Walter Gaddis says:

    Hi I was wondering how much money would it cost to get a 1979 for on overhaulen?

  • 195
    avatar Sallyann Maher says:

    At age 47 after years of yearning, waiting and financial finagling my husband Bill finally got the car of his dreams, a 1957 Chevy Bel-air but unfortunately he didn’t have it for very long. Due to some financial hardship he had to sell it. To try and mend his broken heart he drove to Ohio and purchased the hull of a 1957 Chevy with hopes to someday transform it into a “Gasser”. It would be beyond “unbelievable” if a guy like Chip w/his extraordinary talent could make Bill’s dream come true. Thank you for your consideration. It would be so awesome to see Chip or one of his colleagues at my door. Happy Holidays to all of you at Overhaulin!!!!! P.S. I also filled out the application for a makeover on the website.

  • 196
    avatar Max says:

    Hi Chip my dad has a 1969 Mustang that is almost done but doesn’t have money or time to finish it.He is a hard worker. He has 2 jobs to support the family. When he is not working he helps my mom a lot. He has been there every time my mom needs to go the doctor. My mom was diagnosed with cancer in 2013. He is a wonderful dad, father, hard working man and never usually takes time for himself.Can you please help my Dad get his car running.

  • 197
    avatar master shawqi says:

    Hello my father has a 1966 ford Mustang and has resently had a heart attack. We have ran out of money and time for this car. Please cunseder helping my dad before his days are over

  • 198


  • 199
    avatar steve martin says:

    my name is (yes)steve martin, i have a 1964 Ford Galaxie 500 XL 4dr hdtp, a great friend gave me this car many years ago, it did run when i first got it, it been sitting for several years now. i have been out of work with a bad shoulder injury, and i don’t know if i can keep my job because of it. monies are very tight and don’t know if i will ever have the funds to fix it. i am 62yrs old with a heart attack and artheritis in my back knees and now the shoulder problem. all i ever wanted was to have a cool car to take to a car show. the car is really orginal and needs some updating. i know there are others more deserving, but think of me. i am a major FOOSE fan in don’t miss OVERHAULIN. thanks for reading this.

  • 200
    avatar katherine weeks says:

    Hi Chip and the whole crew, Jan25th 9PM
    My husband has a 58 pichup chevy he has been trying to work on for 13 yrs, he works so hard but can’t seem to keep jobs long enough to finish them I bought this for him when we first met.We love your show and watch every one at least twice or more times He also has a 1965 chevelle that he has had this since 1992 its a mess He puts the motor in and try’s to get it going but has had no luck This one is his baby! I don’t know anybody that loves their car as much as he does. We live in Reno NV I’d love to see him be part of your team, but I guess everyone would .Anyway Thanks for reading our story and having the best show ever Katherine

  • 201
    avatar steve says:

    hi chip i have a 1985 gmc stepside that I began to restore. but about 9 years ago 3 beautiful children came into my life and have been raising them. I have dreamed of one day trying to finish the truck so my boys can enjoy it when they get older . I invison the truck with suicide doors, lowered down with side pipes and seats that swivel out.would be my dream come true to be on your show. thanks for your time

  • 202
    avatar Allen Tisdale says:

    Dear chip my brother has a 65 mustang that he was wanting to restore but last year his loveley wife passed she was the light of his life she was taken to soon they have a a little gril that is sweet as can be and is also tipe 1 diabetic I know it want bring her back but it would bring closher seeing how she give him the car he’s my brother and my best friend thank you for you’r time

  • 203
    avatar Tim Friedman says:

    Dear Chip,

    I never thought I would wright to you about a project my son and I have but I just don’t know if I can pull it off any time soon? I am pulled in so many directions.

    My son and I purchased a 65 mustang to fix up and him to drive when he turned 16. I told my wife It wouldn’t be a huge problem as I have done a few cars in the past.

    Evan is the oldest Of 4 boys. His younger brother Jacob was diagnosed at the age of 2 with severe to moderate Autism. Jacob is now 18 and going to graduate high school this year.

    Evan has always been there for Jacob And Is a huge part of where Jacob is where he is today. Evan decided at a young age criminal justice is what he wants to do. He graduated with honers from live Oaks where he took Criminal Justice.

    Evan is now 19 and has enlisted to serve in our Army. He is in boot camp for 16 weeks. 6 are specialized training.

    I would love to get the car going for him when he comes home. I can’t think of a young man more deserving. He is such a compassionate selfless young man. We are so very proud of him.

    Ps.We love the show and how you help friends and family realize there dream. Can you help us ?

    Thank you,
    Tim Friedman

  • 204
    avatar Debby Parker says:

    Dear Chip, My husband has a 94 Thunderbird and the engine is great but has a few bugs. The reason Im writing to you is this. He walked 3-5 miles everyday to work for a year to get this car. So after that I took him to the lot and got the car. He has had it for over five years now. He loves this car. No amount of money from offers he has received will ever pry it away from him. So it needs a little help. He watches your show all the time and I don’t believe he has missed one. We live in the North West and he has told me that you haven’t done a show here. My husband is the best and he is a hard working guy. If I could pay for a over-haul on his car myself I would. We even buy lottery tickets maybe one day we will win and thats the first thing I would do for him . Until then I hope you would consider this and we love you in the North West . I hope you get this. Thank You Debby & Gentry Parker

  • 205
    avatar David bohne says:

    Hey! I have a friend that is really sick.. He works his ass off everyday.. Even on weekends and never keeps any money.. He stays broke all the time..His family has giving up on him.. He has no one left but his baby and that’s his 1988 red mustang.. It needs a lot of minor work done.. And this is his dream is for his car to be tricked out.. Please contact me asap 7047231529.. He really would love to have this done and it will lighten his life complete up.. He is a good friend/brother to me and treats everyone as you would want to be treated.. He would take his shirt off his back for anyone.. I really really want to see my friend/brother get picked by you’ll to get his baby fixed up nice.. He is really looking forward to his dreams come true one day.. And I hope you’ll can be the ones to help us lift his dreams..

  • 206
    avatar Jim Solorio says:

    Hello Chip and the A-team,
    My name is jim Solorio from Orange county California.
    I would really like for you Chip and the A-team to get my sons 1985 K5 chevy blazer looking like a eye catcher.My son has always been a great kid especially for the four years of high school never gave my wife and I a problem getting up and going to school each and everyday, never late to school always did what he was told.When we bought him the truck we would drive everywhere looking for parts and trying to put them on.I just loved having him here with me we would do everything together my son 18 yrs old now, Just left for the ARMY on JAN 3rd to fort benning GA for basic training for 14 weeks, just brock my heart knowing that when I get up in the morning he would not be there I think he deserves and would appreciate you OVERHAULIN his truck, its not in to bad of shape I think even his truck would appreciate it.
    Thank You, Chip and the A-TEAM for your time.

  • 207
    avatar cclick67 says:

    Dear Chip my name is Lexi Click my dad has a 67 mustang he restored from the frame up in 1997 but his sister had a bad car wreck in a new mustang wish her fiance and he passed away that day so my dad gave the car to her for inspiration cause she was so depressed during her accident she was in a coma for 28 days and had a stroke know she can barely get around my dad gave her the car for hope cause he worked all the time to pay off the build but they never done nothing with it and didnt put in the garage so they recently gave it back to him and it looks terrible but he’s trying to get it fixed but he recently got laid off my dad would go out of his way to help anyone like last year he took groceries to the elderly people that couldn’t get chip can u help him since he helps other people …thank you lexi

  • 208
    avatar james says:

    Dear chip my friend name is jim hes from california he has a 88 fiero kit car u never do fieros would lv to see u do something diff than old school, jim lives in atlant now he has a homeless ministry he always helping someone im just taking a chance at a big blessing god bless u all thanks for all the good wrk that u do and make people smile, call me because i dont have a active email,678-851-5503 ……

  • 209
    avatar Angie Shoptaugh says:

    Dear chip our Dad has 2 1973 mustang Mach 1’s he has been wanting to restore one of them he has a great big heart and spends most of his time helping others work on their cars, fix their a/c units, and will help others before he does his own tasks . 2 years ago he added a 2,ooo sq. foot addition on our home. He slept 4 hours a day and did plumbing , electric, heating and air tile and stained all the trim . He worked all day on house and all night at Toyota !! He works so hard for his family and puts everyone else first . He loves your show and would love to have a Mach 1 restored It would be a Dream come true for our Dad !!! thank you and God bless

  • 210
    avatar Derrick says:

    I have a 68 charger rt, had this car for over 20 years. .i have seen all the post on this site, and I’m Blown Away as to how many there are… if interested I’d be grateful.. Thanks.

  • 211
    avatar Mitchel Molina says:

    Just got home after serving 4 years in the USCG and my dad still has not finished his 1970 Scout 800 or his grandfathers 64 Nova that is all together. I don’t think he’ll ever finish it with all the things he does for others. I was trained for some mechanical work in the Coast Guard but mainly outboard motors and hydraulics. He tries to watch all the car shows but again no time. I asked him to come to NYC when I was released to road trip back and he dropped everything he was doing to do so. I would like to help him get one of his cars done but I am trying to get my degree before my GI bill expires. If you choose him that Scout would be pretty unique American Classic!

  • 212
    avatar Joseph Eversmeyer says:

    Hi chip and thia is joseph eversmeyer and i just got back from Afghanistan and served in OEF, and don’t know if u get to read these but my father and law has a 1964 1/2 ford Mustang that has been sitting for over twenty years. It was his pride and joy for a while. He has had to take care of so many people other then his family. He has a company and he has kept it running and has made sure his people always had a job. So because of his schedule he don’t have the effort or energy to put the into it.

  • 213
    avatar Louis Lester says:

    I have a 1971 Camaro that I wanted to be overhauled onto your show. I understand that there is a apllication procces which I had trouble finding to apply if you can help,it would be more than thankful if you could reach me at my e-mail.
    Thanks I enjoy watching your show.

  • 214
    avatar steven m, jansky says:

    I have a 1972 Plymouth satilite Sebring plus I ‘be been working on for several years had it complete and running then tranny went pulled it out to get fixed never got it back when I called to find out what happened to it he said that I took too long and he sold it to someone else I didn’t pay him but I am still without a tranny and from sitting so long the car needs some work.

  • 215
    avatar DEBBIE FAIR says:

    HI CHIP I would like to summit my husband as a candidate. He has a 1940 dodge cab over with a cummins in it that he built and drives daily and it just needs a face lift …his health is deteriorating , he came into this world not in the best way but he has done for himself all his life…we run a business that deals with handicap people (modifying vehicles) and now he is one….he has since had a few heart attaches and the diabetes has slowed him down, his body is betraying him, he turned 66 this past Nov 2014 and this is something that I would love to see him have done for him. Thanks Chip for all that you have done for people you are an angel in disguise….

  • 216
    avatar Leticia says:

    Hello Chip!
    Not sure how to begin here. I have been reading some of these posts and mine would probably not sound like any of them. As my fiancee is watching your show, I googled your website and accessed this site. I recently got engaged. I had been dating John for almost 4 years. This will be not our second marriage for both of us, but our rest of our lives marriage. John just turned 52. He served in the military for 20 years and retired. He now works in electronics. He is now watching show and talking about what he wants to do to his car. He owns a 68 Fire bird. It has been in his garage, I’m guessing for decades. It looks like a decent car, but not sure how much work it will need. It would be his life long dream to have that car restored. John loves cars and car shows. I have been watching John watch your recorded shows, and to be honest it is getting tiresome. I am not sure that he will ever get his car back on the road. Honestly, I think it will take too much time and money to get it on the road. I don’t tell him this though. I love him too much and I think that would hurt him dearly.

  • 217
    avatar Cheri Strempel says:

    My husbandfound a 49 Cadillac and fell in love with it! He had always wanted to restore an old car. He has done every bit of work by hand, painted,wwetsanded and cut out all the rust and welded in new steel. Hand polished all the chrome. It has been his dream to finish it. He is so proud of all the things he has done. It is a beautiful car our grandson has always called it grandpas cool car. All the kids want it! My husband was stricken with cancer 2 years ago ,so work has slowed down.his only regret is that he hasn’t finished it. It would be awesome to have this car finished for him. We are not sure how much time he has with us. I am hoping you can help make his dream come true.

  • 218
    avatar Clayton Jack French says:

    i just got a 1995 ford mustang base 3.8L v6. Mustangs are my favorite cars, and when i was 7 years old i told my dad that i would make sure that i would get a mustang for my first car, and its sitting in my driveway barely driving, and its gonna be a project car. but i cant afford what i want in it, i want it to have a 1967 shelby gt 500 eleanor body style with a 5.4L supercharged cobra with twin turbos. all my money helps my parent pay the rent so i dont think i can get the way i want it, and i just hope that you can overhaul my car, and i love your show.

  • 219
    avatar Rick Alvarado says:

    I am writing for me nephew i am his uncle and try to help him as much as i can, he never knew his dad so i try to help him as much as i can My nephew has a 1988 mustang lx 5.0 he has had for awhile, he has it at my home and doesn’t have much time to work on it he doesn’t have any tools and he lives in an apartment. He has a wife and two young kids and going to school twice a week and working 40 +hours a week and helps his wifes grandpaw who is a retired vet. he has no time or money to work on it. he spends most of his time with his family and doesn’t like to be with out them, he loves to watch overhaulin and loves Mr. Chip Foose work. any help would really be appreciated. Thank you,his uncle Rick

  • 220
    avatar Kyle roberts says:

    Dear chip
    My mom has a 2008 Dodge caliber that is falling apart unfortunately my car is in the shop to my mom is driving me to and from work Yes I know It’s a 2008 but I think she got screwed when getting this car the car needs everything done and seeing as I am not rich or have the money to help my mom I’d love to give her a great running car if you would plz considermy mothers vehicle thank you
    Kyle Roberts

  • 221
    avatar Tony Overby says:

    Dear Chip,
    My son and I bought a 1971 Ford Bronco and we were going to restore it for his first vehicle, but we don’t really have time. I have worked in a family owned mechanic shop for 25 years and my family is barely getting through, but I don’t want my son to grow up before he has the chance to be a kid. He has to take care of his mentally handicap sister Whitley and never has the chance to have fun with others. My son also has to deal with school and sports. The Bronco is falling apart and I want give my children the best they can have but I’m not made of money. I would like to give my son the best vehicle he deserves so he can enjoy being a teenager without worrying about how the family can get through with paying bills.
    Thanks Tony Overby

  • 222
    avatar Ed Hackathorn says:

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    Hi Chip my boyfriend has a 1972 chevy nova he bought 2 years ago with the intentions of fixing it up then he fell on the ice and broke his ankle was off work for 5 months so money had to be used to pay bills so the car just sits in the garage . I watch your show with him you do amazing work. Thanks Cheryl Goll

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    I have a good friend who devotes his entire year to his church’s annual car show.He has two sons and they are gearheads as well.When he is not working on the car show he is helping one of his sons restore one of their pickups.He has a ’55 chevy that he is trying to build but with all his other obligations his time is just not there.This car show is something he started and it has exploded with popularity.When he finishes with this years show he will start prepping for next years.Between the show and his sons projects he just doesn’t have the time to build his 55.I know we are in Alabama but if there is any way you could help this very deserving guy out it would be great.Thank you Wayne Branyon ph.205-345-8077

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    My name is Carrie ,I have a have 3 teens ,I am doing this for them .I lost my husband and they lost there father a lil over a year ago to a car a accent he was only 36 ,We have a 88 firebird trans am .We restored this car as a family ,that’s why the kids love it much and reminds them off there dad .A week before my husband died he just missed a moose and drove the car into a tree ,the front end is pushed in,I so wish I could do this for my children they loved that car so much ,they always ask mommy can u try and get it fixed but I just don’t have the money ,This would make them so so happy ,to put a little light back into there lives , Thank u for doing what u do ,Carrie

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