Custom ’65 Mustang Fastback Packs A 5.0 HO Punch

Nowadays, it seems as though every Ford enthusiast is obsessed with Coyote and EcoBoost engines and stuffing them into older Blue Oval chariots. All for good reason, of course, as they truly are some of the most affordable, modern performance variants available from Ford today.

Noting that, it can be easy to forget our roots and where we came from, and before there was a Coyote engine, there was an earlier rendition of the 5.0-liter V8, and the popular high-output version found in the Fox Mustang platform.

Case in point is this custom ’65 Mustang Fastback for sale on Bring A Trailer. Pop the hood and what do you see? What appears to be a stock-looking 5.0 might be more than it appears.

(Photo Credit: Bring A Trailer)

Sure, this 302ci V8 doesn’t feature any signs of forced induction, but make no mistake, this V8 is built like a powerhouse. Featuring an electronic fuel injection system, this small-block uses ARP hardware throughout, along with a pair of AFR 165 cylinder heads.

Filling those heads is a set of PAC Racing valvesprings to work in conjunction with rocker arms and an Xtreme energy camshaft from COMP Cams. Forged pistons and a host of OEM Blue Oval parts such as 24 lb/hr fuel injectors, an Explorer upper- and lower-intake manifold and a set of Cobra fuel rails are at home here too.

Dig the interior? Those seats, which now include lateral bolstering, were redesigned by TMI Products.

1965 Mustang Engine Mods

• ARP hardware throughout

• Air Flow Research 165 aluminum heads

• 8mm Bead Lock Intake Valve, 1.900-inch x 4.900-inch O.A.L

• 8mm Bead Lock Exhaust Valve, 1.600-inch x 4.950-inch O.A.L

• PAC Racing Spring 1.290-inch OD

• Dual Valve Spring, 140 pounds on seat, .600-inch maximum lift

• Comp Cams High Energy 1:6 roller rocker arms

• Comp Cams Magnum double-roller timing set

• Comp Cams Xtreme Energy XE270HR cam w/ 270/276 duration, .512-inch valve lift, 114-degree LSA, and 110-degree intake centerline

• SpeedPro forged pistons

• Ford Performance 24 lb/hr fuel injectors

• Ford Performance 9mm spark plug wires

• Ford Explorer upper and lower intake

• Cobra fuel rails

• 130A high output alternator

• BBK 8004 76mm mass airflow sensor

• BBK 70mm throttle body

• Remote-mounted TFI module with heatsink

Custom-machined 6061 serpentine accessory drive brackets

JBA stainless, mid-length mandrel bent headers held down by ARP 12-point header bolts

• 2.5-inch custom-bent stainless steel dual exhaust

• Northern aluminum oversized radiator

• SPAL 16-inch, low-profile electric cooling fan

The coolness factor doesn’t stop with that hot rodded V8, though. In fact, it’s only the beginning. Touting a full, ground-up restoration, this custom Fastback has had every nut and bolt examined before being offered for auction.

What started life as a ’65 C-Code Mustang Fastback has blossomed into a functional, modern coupe, which was restored back in 2015. The original owner purchased this Fastback as a rolling shell in 2009, and has since then thrown nearly six figures at the Mustang.

All of the work was performed by Rodz Body Shop out of San Carlos, California, according to the original BAT ad here.

Now about those modern amities – transferring all of that instant pushrod torque to an 8-inch Currie Traction-Lok rearend with 3.80 gears comes from a Tremec T5 five-speed-manual transmission. Smack-dab in the middle of transmission and the rearend is an aluminum, 3.5-inch one-piece driveshaft.

Moreover, this Fastback uses four-wheel disc brakes from an SN95 Mustang, which is supported by a matching SN95 master cylinder and an adjustable proportioning valve. It is upgraded with a pair of four-piston Kelsey Hayes front calipers and SN95 rear calipers, along with custom CNC-machined 1020 steel caliper mounts.

Continuing that trend of modern features means this Fastback takes longevity to a new level by incorporating truck-bed liner which was applied underneath and throughout the interior. Yes, you read that correctly. There’s a reason for the madness, though – it is a proven, durable treatment, according to the shop that restored this beaut.

And you won’t have to worry about that new coat of Marathon Blue paint with Metallic Slate stripes, either. Before the bare shell was painted, it was media blasted to rid it of any imperfections on the surface – a fantastic way to ensure the final touches, like the clearcoat, are able to bond as well.

Certainly, the opportunity to own a custom Fastback like this may not come around again. If you’re looking to pick this one up for yourself, or you’re interested in learning more about it, head over to the original listing here for more information.

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