Road-Race Mustang Testing New Performance Battery

Batteries might be overlooked as performance upgrades, but those in the know often choose Absorbent Glass Mat-based batteries because they offer powerful starting performance combined with flexible mounting possibilities and race-ready durability.

If you aren’t familiar, these sealed batteries are resistant to vibrations and can be mounted in any orientation, as they won’t leak. There are some notable options on the market already, but at an industry trade show earlier this year there was talk that Sears’ Diehard brand might be venturing into the AGM game.

After meeting the Diehard crew at the SEMA Motorsport Parts Manufacturing Council trade conference, Kenny Brown did some testing of the forthcoming DieHard Max-Performance Battery in a NASA-prepped Cobra.

You have to watch out when you start this thing, the battery has enough power to flip the car! — Kenny Brown, Kenny Brown Performance

Based on some testing shots of the battery in a NASA-prepped New Edge Cobra shared by Kenny Brown Performance, it appears that the DieHard Max-Performance Battery is pretty close to hitting the market, and apparently it works pretty well.

“You have to watch out when you start this thing, the battery has enough power to flip the car!” Kenny Brown, of Kenny Brown Performance, enthused.

We expect to see Diehard’s Pure Lead AGM battery to hit the market later this year in time to celebrate the brand’s 50th anniversary. Thus far there is no concrete info about the unit, but it should show up on the official site here when it is available.

The DieHard Max-Performance Battery is based on sealed, vibration-resistant absorbent glass mat technology, which is suitable for the rigors of a race car like this NASA-spec Mustang Cobra.

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