11th Annual NMRA/NMCA Super Bowl Coverage From Route 66



We finished up round one with a little time to spare before the 11 PM curfew last night with some great racing and quite a few upsets. As we move into round two this morning the weather is a bit more sunny which could play a bigger factor in eliminations today compared to Saturday’s mostly cloudy skies.

It’s the summers’ biggest door car bash, and thanks to the support of Fuel Air Spark Technology, Dragzine will be bringing you all of the action, all weekend long from Route 66.

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My partner in crime this weekend Brian Wagner shot this from the stands this morning before we got under way. We have been blessed with nice weather with the exception of a bit of rain on Friday. We have an exciting day ahead sure to be packed with some tight racing and enthusiasm.

My partner in crime this weekend Brian Wagner shot this from the stands this morning before we got under way. We have been blessed with nice weather with the exception of a bit of rain on Friday. We have an exciting day ahead sure to be packed with some tight racing and enthusiasm.

This years Route 66 NMRA/NMCA Super Bowl has three new classes this year including Pro Stock which is the second race for the class this year and was prompted by Richard Maskin and Bob Book along with Dave W using 400 cubic in limited small blocks loosely based on Australian Pro Stock rules and including an 11,000 RPM limit. Bob has one of his small block Chrysler Hemi engines in Steve Graham's GXP who is here to help support the class and it's destined for long time racer Robbie Blankenship who will be competing in the class in 2017. The rules allow EFI and engine swapping between brands so racers are not bound by car make with the hopes of drawing cars from the Comp Eliminator ranks of different body styles, not just the late models. Other well known racers including Don Bowles and Don Baskin are also rumored to be interested in campaigning cars for the class next year.

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Kevin Fiscus was having a rough weekend in his Pro Mod Mustang. No time on the Q1 hit due to the car pushing through the beams, Q2 lost to weather, and Q3 was a no go due to a broken oil line. The team was able to overcome all those issues in round one to knock out Randy Adler who was top qualifier. Fiscus is very confident in the team’s chances now after getting the new motor sorted and ready.

Shawn Pevlor reset the MX235 record last night with a blistering 4.67 pass. Pevlor's crew chief Jason attributes the improved performance to constant testing and the switch to a fogger system on the Mustang. The team is running nearly identical on the 235 tire as they did in their win at a Nitrous X event last weekend in North Carolina at Shadyside Dragway.


Jennifer Brooke is using her fathers old turbo motor in Nitrous Pro Street at the Super Bowl as she chases her first championship. The team is very confident if the track can take the power they are trying to put down a Super Bowl win is within their grasp.


NMRA racer Adam Arndt does some prep work to his Mustang for the next round of Renegade racing action. Arndt has been running like a bracket car all weekend peeling off passes in the 7.60s all weekend.


NA 10.5 driver Dwight Ausmus gets his 1972 Pontiac Firebird ready for round 2 today. Ausmus knows how finicky these all motor monsters can be when it comes to track conditions, so he has both a hot track, along with a cloud-covered track tune-up on tap.



NMRA Renegade racer Valerie Clements in her SBF F1A ProCharger powered 2005 Mustang has been creeping up on the tune with her new EGT sensors and it has paid off. The car went 7.60 with a 4.80 1/8th mile time, a new personal best for her. She racers her brother Alton Clements in round two who just went a 7.65

Nitrous Pro Street racer Randy Dolensek's 1969 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler Two could be one of most unique cars on the property this weekend. The car is powered by a 498 cubic inch big block Ford that is huffing a huge hit of nitrous through an EFI system, and is backed by a TH400 transmission. Dolensek is still working through the new car blues trying to figure things out, but has cracked into the seven second zone with this massive car, and is going to round three in Nitrous Pro Street.

We stopped by the Hot Rodders of Tomorrow display and had a chat with Rodney Bingham about their engine building competition. The program is designed for high school students in the automotive field where five person teams tear down and reassemble engines in a timed competition. There are multiple qualifier events across the country with the teams with the best times are invited to the Dual Championship Shootout at PRI show and SEMA for a chance to win a share up 4 million dollars in scholarship funds from tech schools such as the School of Automotive Machinists, OTC, UNO and Universal Technical Institute now in it's ninth year with this being the thirteenth for 2016. The engines are small block Chevy engines from 1986 to 1993. This year there are 172 teams competing with forty nine manufacturers participating in sponsorship. Plans are in the works for an LS engine based competition for college age students which are about a year out.

This beautiful 1969 Chevelle caught our eye running in Open Comp and is owned by Donny Edmunds based out of Franklin, Ohio. The car is powered by a big block Chevy displacing 565 inches topped with Dart CNC heads and Dart Big M block built by Greg Robinson at Robinson Racing Engines with TRZ rear suspension and Global West control arms up front. The 12 bolt rear is filled with Strange internals and a Richmond 4.11 pro gears. The car runs consistent 6.0's in the eighth and 9.40's out the back at 141 MPH.

The Factory Appearing Stock Tire (F.A.S.T.) class is here at the NMCA for the second time after running one event at Norwalk last year. The interesting thing about the class is all the cars are factory appearing with full interior with the engines maintaining a factory appearance as well though modifications are allowed to the internals. This 69 Hemi Roadrunner belongs to Dave Dudek displacing 498 cubic inches and has run in the high nines at 139 MPH. The class will also be featured again at Norwalk later this year which should draw about 30 cars compared to the ten here this weekend with several racers sitting out and making repairs.