Kooks Kruise-In Offered Fords, Fun & Burnouts

There are car shows, cruise-ins, meets and any number of automotive events on any given day, but it’s aways fun when an event brings a variety of activities to one spot. That’s just what inspired us to hop in the car and ride out to Statesville, North Carolina.

The folks at Kooks Headers and Exhaust opened up the doors at their facility for the eighth annual Kruise-In. As you would expect, the event serves as an open house for the exhaust manufacturer to show off a wide variety of its exhaust products.

These two awesome, black 1993 Ford Mustang Cobras are at two different ends of the modification spectrum. On the left, Kevin Box's snake features every mod you can imagine. On the right, is a low-mile, all-original example. Personally, we want them both!

However, as we mentioned there was plenty for car fans to see. Not only was there a good-sized car show with hundreds of participants, but there was plenty of action for attendees to enjoy. Pro Dyno was on hand with running cars on its mobile dyno. Moreover, there was a pretty impressive burnout contest, which wowed the throngs of spectators.

In all, it was a fun day. And, of course, we were there for the Fords and had no trouble finding some sweet rides to capture for your enjoyment, so keep reading to see some of our favorites and check out the full photo gallery at the end of the story.

CCW wheels, Corbeau seats, a Vortech supercharger, and the list goes on and on. Kevin Box’s 1993 black Cobra is built to drive, and we love it. He has the body sitting at the perfect stance over the CCW wheels. While we understand the desire of the purists to keep a 1993 Cobra stock, we certainly appreciate the work that went into creating this beauty.

With only 859 miles on the clock, this 1993 Cobra is the opposite of Kevin’s modded machine. With the window sticker still in place, plastic on the seats, this is a museum piece for sure. We were honored to get a chance to see it out in the wild. A Cobra with such low mileage is certainly a rare piece.

One of our favorites Mustangs at the event was this ebony S550. Sitting on a set of Niche Wheels, this sinister, black machine featured the potent Ecoboost four-cylinder. These Ecoboost cars are no joke and it is always cool to see something just a little different on the show field.

The folks from Pro Dyno were on hand with their mobile dyno putting car after car up on the rollers. Every time we walked by the company’s blue Powerstroke shop truck we cannot help but snap a photo. It is one great-looking tow rig.

With walls full of magazine articles (We know Editor Turner recognizes a few of these.) on the inside of the Kooks building, its clear to see Kooks Headers have been on some of the most memorable Mustangs of all time.

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