Our 10 Favorite Vanity Plates From Mustang Week 2017

No matter what time of year it takes place, Mustang Week is one of our favorite events of the year because it encompasses so many good things. Not only is it a celebration of our favorite pony car, but also it brings out the positive spirit of enthusiasts all joining together for the week to have a good time with their cars.

As a result of its fusion of car events and vacation, Mustang Week has become a destination show that brings out some of the best rides in the country. People often target this week as the time to debut their latest projects and freshened builds. That was all the more true with the inclusion of this year’s indoor displays, which showcased some of the nicest cars we have seen in one building together.

Of course, with all that work put into customizing and restoring Mustangs to a high level, there comes a certain level of pride. That carries over to almost every aspect of the vehicle, so it was no surprise that we saw an overwhelming number of personalized license plates bolted to ’Stangs at every Mustang Week event.

We snapped a photo of a clever one, then another, and another. Suddenly we realized these clever plates were worth sharing. Having tried to come up with our one clever vanity plate digits on occasion, we know a little inspiration always helps. Plus, some of these are just too good not to share, as our selections pegged the creativity meter.

There were plenty of tags that simply identified their rides, which is cool, but not attention-grabbing. Likewise, while some like to use these plates to taunt their Brand X rivals, we think mentioning another brand on your car simply gives those rivals validity. So, we focused on the most creative combinations of digits and letters.

So, without further adieu, here are our 10 favorite personalized license plates from Mustang Week 2017…


This one starts off our countdown based simply on sheer dedication. It’s one thing to attend Mustang Week or even every Mustang Week. However, when you dedicated you license plate to one event, that has to earn some respect. The only thing that could top this one is a Mustang Week tattoo…

9. C0Y50TE

While simply scrolling Coyote on your steed’s hindquarters might seem a little basic, we had to give this owner high marks for using a bit of poetic license (pun intended). Not only is it spelled like a celebrity baby name, but it incorporates the displacement into the canine moniker.


A Boss 302 is certainly a machine worthy of a personalized plate, so it would be easy to simply come up with a plate that features the word Boss. However, this owner nailed it with a Track Key-themed moniker. Yes, the red key is the one that maximizes the Boss’ potential, but you have to know your Fords to get it.


Who doesn’t love a little sarcasm? While the plate may claim that the car it is attached to is still showroom stock, having to peer around the parachute mount, might be a clue that something doesn’t add up. Clearly this owner has a sense of humor and we can appreciate that.

6. 50-OH YES

Whether it was the pushrod engine that started the trend or it is the modern Coyote engine, we love the 5.0-liter engine. These magical digits have inspired envy in the competition and glee in the hearts of Ford fans, so, oh yes, we definitely support this clever twist on the five oh theme.


Your scribe fell for Mustangs during the Fox era, so it’s no surprise that we still love these cars today. There were certainly plenty of great Fox builds in Myrtle Beach, but this one had a great twist on an old saying. We’ll forgive the extra “x” and just appreciate the Fox love.


This is exactly the way we felt the first time we introduced the gas pedal to the floor pan in a 5.0-powered Mustang. Whether it’s the grunt of a pushrod 5.0 or the high-winding power of a Coyote, we’ll never get tired of showing our oh faces when we hit the loud pedal, which is why we dig this plate.


Anyone who is successful is bound to have a few detractors. In fact, the more successful you are, the more haters you will earn. This plate sums up what a badass ride will do to competitors and those who can’t have a nice ride — they become haters. Embracing the dark side is what makes this plate so great.

2. 526VO-DO

Speaking of high-winding, there is no Ford engine that does it quite like the 5.2-liter engine under the hood of the Shelby GT350. With a post-8,000-rpm redline and a 526-horsepower output, the Voodoo engine is special in every way. That’s why a plate that checks the horsepower and name boxes in just eight characters earned our respect.


As power junkies, this is the one that resonated with us the most. With the advent of the chassis dyno, we’ve all become addicted to verifying the rear-wheel output of our rides. Of course, for most of us, too much rear-wheel horsepower is just right. In fact, XS RWHP is what we all want!

So, there you have it. There were some creative plates at this year’s show. Of course, you might have some other favorites, which we didn’t select or spot at the show. If so, feel free to share some of the plates you enjoy in the comments.

There were so many great plates at Mustang Week 2017, that it was tough to narrow it down to just 10 of our favorites. However, you can see all the plates we documented in the full photo gallery below. It might provide some inspiration for your own custom license plate.

Photo gallery


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