Our Favorite Vanity Plates Of Carlisle Ford Nationals

When it comes to expressing yourself through your car, there are an infinite number of ways to do this. Some people do it though a wild paint scheme, slammed rides, or even a loud exhaust note. However, one subtle way that we love to see is through the use of vanity plates. While some states make this a large financial decision to be punny, others are a little more lenient. It looks like Pennsylvania and surrounding regions encourage these plates as they were abundant at the 2022 Carlisle Ford Nationals show. Below are some of our favorites. Make sure you check out the gallery for more of these self expressions through registration!

Our Favorite Vanity Plates Of Carlisle Ford Nationals


When you’re driving a high performance car there is always the chance of introducing yourself to the local police department. Whether this was coincident or not, you have a few choices: accept the ticket or bring a sense of humor and hope they laugh off your shenanigans. Well, with a vanity plate that reads HY OFCER you have a slight chance they’ll chuckle and let you go on your way.


If there was ever a vanity plate that could tell the future, this would be it. Newwife plates would surely have me looking for a new spouse after the harsh verbal abuse from the first. However, as much as we love our cars, I can see why our spouses get jealous of the time spent with them.


A common question every enthusiast gets asked while attending a car show is, what year is it? Well, when you’ve built the car of your dreams from parts you have in the garage, that becomes a very difficult question. As these cars get older, the parts availability goes down and thus makes it even more difficult to answer. If “66ish” doesn’t fulfill their quest for information then you can just recite One Piece At A Time by Johnny Cash to see their reaction.


The Lightning community has always had a fun time creating puns and jokes based around the Lightning. Some love to use Metallica’s second studio released album, Ride The Lightning, as a means to convey their love of metal music. Some take it towards the natural phenomenon sending electricity out of the sky. Although at this point the EV Lightning has stolen some of the charge the first and second generation Lightning community had, it’s still great to see these trucks at the shows.


I won’t lie, I sat behind this GT350 for more than a few minutes trying to figure out what the vanity plate spelled out. I won’t embarrass myself with what my thoughts were, but it hit me. The Shelby GT350 is a fantastic track car and what is one of a road racers biggest fears? Well, there it was. A threat of getting lapped, although I wouldn’t complain of seeing a GT350 pass me for the second or third time on any track.


For those not familiar with the modern cartoon era, Gary is SpongeBob SquarePants’ pet snail. While this would make little sense in most naturally-aspirated vehicles, the ST from Ford came equipped with a turbocharger. If you’re still confused, snail is slang for turbo as it has the same physical appearance. You might be thinking this sport compact runs at a snail’s pace, but these hot hatches have plenty of power allowing them to be thrown through each corner at a rapid speed.


There is nothing like a good Bronco pun. The term bucking Bronco comes from the equine community when the horse was labeled too dangerous for normal activities. Well Ford has twisted this and has the Bronco taming any terrain that was once deemed undriveable. In this case, this is one bad BUKIN Bronco.

For more entertaining plates check out our gallery below.

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