Over 100 Fox Mustangs Cruise Into Mustang Week

If you are a regular on Saturday at Mustang Week at some point or another you have probably seen an impressive line of Fox Mustangs cruising down Hwy 31 or maybe blocking traffic on Hwy 17 rolling into the cruise-in over 100 cars deep.

That impressive collection of Foxes is know as the Foxbody Cruise. It is hosted by the Southeastern Foxbodies Club and the 2017 edition marked the eleventh year for the cruise. Although the routes have changed over the years, the mission remains the same — get as many Foxes as possible together in a line and cruise. And, let us tell you, it is one impressive sight to see coming down the road!

This year’s cruise started off at Tire Town out by Myrtle Beach Speedway and ended, of course, at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center on the show field. The police-escorted route took participants on an approximate 30-minute ride across town. Participants made a donation of $5 to enter the cruise, which gets them a special window decal unique to each year’s cruise. We saw several participants with a stack of SEFB cruise decals on their windshields, which shows you how loyal this crowd can be.

Southeastern Foxbodies then donates the money to one of the many charities they support during the year. This year’s cruise had 127 Foxes show up. With the hurricane forcing some of the normal participants to change plans or head home early to Florida, the Southeastern Foxbodies staff was quite happy with that strong turnout.

Foxbodies as far as the eye can see! What better way than to start of the final day of Mustang Week!

Once at the convention center, the Mustang Week parking staff assisted the Fox group into front-row parking by the massive Ford Performance display, making the Fox Mustang the center of attention for the day. If you have not had the chance to experience this cruise yet, you really need to make plans to attend the 2018 edition.

Even if you do not have a Fox, enthusiasts are always welcome to come on and tag along in the rear of the parade. There are always a half a dozen or so “non-Fox” Mustangs bringing up the rear. For more information on next year’s cruise, check out The Southeastern Foxbodies club online here!

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