Road Blog: Day 2 GoodGuys Hall of Fame Road Tour

Day 2 of the Goodguys Hall of Fame Road Tour started out in Carson City, Nevada. During the night a few more cars joined the tour and after the drivers meeting we were off and headed to the Nevada Northern Railway Museum in Ely, NV.  The first leg of the day was a 320-mile cruise on Route 50 through some of the most beautiful roads we had ever seen.  Long stretches of open road mixed with twisty mountain roads and plenty of sunshine made for a great day of driving. About an hour out we found a ’51 Ford Convertible pulled off on the side of the road and stopped to see if we could be of assistance. Turns out they were having hood latch issues very similar to the one Courtney had on Rally North America 2013. A gust of wind from a passing truck had busted the welds holding the nut on the latch. After trying to fix the problem they resorted to the same solution Courtney had found, a piece of rope which she happened to still have in the car. It held until they got the problem fixed at a local shop.

After stopping we had to hurry to make it to the train in Ely, for the ride through a few mining camps. Running up late as always we hopped on and the train started rolling. The 90 minute ride was a great time full of jokes and laughs with all the other Tour members.

Photos by Rob Kinnan

Then we were on the road again and headed to Wendover, Nevada for the night. On the way we spotted a ’56 Chevy and ’61 Impala on the side of the road and once again followed the motto of “leave no man behind” and stopped to check out the situation. The Chevy had a loose tail pipe and the problem was quickly solved by removing it with a wrench and sticking it in the trunk to be installed later, and we were rolling again.

We got to Wendover with what we thought was enough time to sneak in a trip to the Bonneville Salt Flats. The entire day angry clouds had been following the tour and finally managed to catch up right as we made it to the Salt Flats. The wind and storm was like a scene out of the Wizard of Oz.  Salt water from the flooded area felt like hail and with lighting flashing we hopped back in the car and made a run for it back to the Rainbow Casino for the night. There, Courtney was lucky enough to win 7 times her money played at the slots! Sounds like a lot more when we say it that way, but in reality she only played a dollar. It’s always best to get out while you’re ahead!

Tomorrow we head off to Utah with stops along the way at Miller Motorsports Park, RaceDeck Flooring and Kindig-It Designs in Salt Lake. Looking forward to another great day of cruising with amazing cars you normally only see only in shows.

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