Top Five Ford Finds At The Atlanta Dragway Swap Meet

With the creation of the internet and the growing popularity of web sites like eBay and Craigslist, the allure of the swap meet has faded over the past decade. Back in the day, spending hours walking through a field of parts, searching for that diamond in the rough was the best way — and often times the only way — to complete a build. Today, however, in our instant-gratification world, it is much easier for people to just click a button and have it shipped to their doors.

Who can blame them? Just about any rare part you want is available on eBay if you can afford the asking price. There are, however, a few swap meets still going strong out there and growing larger by the month. They are filled with loyal participants who are still building cars the old fashioned way — one swap meet find at a time. During the first Saturday of each month, event promoter Brad Ocock opens up Atlanta Dragway for the North East Georgia Swap Meet.

By 7:30 a.m., the place is packed with spectators and vendors alike. Used parts, new parts, antiques, cars for sale, and more. There is a little bit of everything laid out on the hot Georgia asphalt for people to take home with them. Of course, we were there in search of some cool Ford items and the selection did not disappoint!

From cars to rare parts to sweet memorabilia, we found all sorts of cool items we wanted to bring home with us! Check out our five favorite finds from the swap meet field at Atlanta Dragway…

5. 428 Cobra Jet Air Cleaner

Oh the stories these air cleaners could tell. On the left of the table, a 428 Cobra Jet air cleaner. On the right, a ram air set up from a 1971 to 1973 Mustang. Both hard-to-find pieces that will no doubt be a finishing piece to someone’s Mustang! Or maybe a cool addition to some other cool Ford muscle car project? In the center we have a cool set of classic Ford Motorsport valve covers that would look good on just about anything.

4. Flathead-Powered Coupe

Proof that the practice of modifying cars has been around since the early days! This Ford coupe was upgraded with a later Flathead V8 engine. Still a dinosaur compared to today’s modern engines, however in the late ’30s, this was a big horsepower upgrade! Still sporting the original Firestone tires and Ford wire wheels, we cannot imagine going fast in this piece of Ford history. An early hot rodder definitely pushed this Ford to its limits along the way.

3. 1964 Ford Custom

One coolest aspects of the event is the cruise-in. If you drive your classic or muscle car, you get to park inside along the main grandstand at no extra charge. This event draws 75-100 cars on any given Saturday, which is where we spotted this 1964 Ford. It features a common theme you will see on a lot of cars at trucks at this swap meet — the old-school hot rod look, which includes period-correct wheels, a big Hurst shifter, and a dash-mounted tach, all topped off with an ultra-cool vintage Holman & Moody tag on the front. This Ford muscle car looks like it drove to the swap meet right out of the 1960s!

2. FE Dual-Quad Intake

1. 1966 Mercury Park Lane

OK, we know what you are thinking. Number one, yes this is a Mercury, there is no hiding that. Number two, what the heck is it? This is a 1966 Mercury Park Lane, what makes it cool is the fifth digit in the vehicle identification number. It is a Q, which means this car came from the factory with the optional 428 engine. That makes it a unique and rare factory muscle car! Sitting in the Car Corral with an asking price of just $4,500 dollars, we cannot help but think this has to be a good deal for someone looking for a restoration project.

2017 Swap Meet Dates

• September 2

• October 7

• November 4

• December 2

Gates Open at 7 a.m. for spectators

So if your are looking for that hard to find part or maybe your next project car, make plans to head over to Atlanta Dragway and check out the swap meet one month. Even if you do not need anything it is still fun to walk through and check out all the cool stuff for sale!

Click here to see more information on the remaining events!

Even though the 1/4 mile at Georgia's House Of Speed is quiet, the pits are full of parts, trucks, trailers, cars and spectators! In fact the swap meet stretches basically the entire length of the 1/4 mile! That is 1320 feet of swap meet goodness! It would be nice to see some other major NHRA tracks take notice of this event model instead of just letting these tracks sit dormant on the weekends!

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