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This month’s Babe Of The Month is brought you by the letter “B,” for a brown-eyed, brown-haired, beautiful-bombshell named Mercedes Terrell. She’s a native from Orange County, California who took some time out of her very busy schedule to stand behind the camera for us. Mercedes may look familiar to you, and that’s for a good reason. She was Miss Supercross 2010, and currently a Monster Energy Girl and Bellator ring girl. If you follow her on any of her social media platforms, then you’ll see just how busy she is. Just about every day she’s at a different shoot or event, enough to make your head spin thinking about it. If you want to follow along with her adventures, just follow her on your favorite social media site. Luckily, Mercedes was able to squeeze in a few hours for us. We set up a 1960 Chevrolet C10 and a 2005 Mustang GT. Mercedes is a gem and can change her looks and persona with ease. Besides her beauty, her personality is on par as well, making us laugh and smile the whole time.  We had a blast shooting her and getting to know her. After snapping away a few hundred pictures, we sat her down and asked some questions to get to know her better.

Kickin’ back

The Basic Specs… Name: Mercedes Terrell Hometown: Orange County, California Hair and Eyes: Both dark brown Height: 5’6″ Weight: 110 Ethnicity: Sicilian/Mexican/Welsh/German…and the list goes on Her unique ethnicity gives Mercedes a very unique look. We loved how with a simple outfit change she easily matched the vibe of each vehicle at the shoot. With the basic specifications out of the way, we wanted to get to know her a little bit better. She was happy to oblige and told us that she’s a pretty open book-she doesn’t hide much from anyone. Following her Facebook, we see she’s very open and always states her honest opinion.

High heels and a low ‘Stang

Chevy Hardcore: If you could have only one super power, what would it be? Mercedes Terrell: “I would want to be able to fly or to be able to become invisible.” CHC: Whats one thing that you can’t live without? Terrell: “Sweets!” CHC: What do you look for in men, what are your likes and dislikes? Terrell: “I look for someone who is honest, smart, has a great sense of humor, fun, spiritual, and most of all secure with himself since my job often takes me away from home and puts me in the limelight. My dislikes when it comes to men are jealous personalities, insecurity, dishonesty, bad breath, poor table manners, and lack of deep conversation.”

CHC: What is your favorite vacation that you have taken so far? Terrell: “Bali!! Can’t wait to go back! But right now Egypt and Peru are on the top of my bucket list.” CHC: What are you doing for work now? Terrell: “I, obviously, model for a living which in itself is a full-time job; But outside of modeling I also design and manufacture custom garments for all types of companies. You may have seen my work on the Monster Energy girls, the UFD Indy car girls, the Bellator ring girls, and many more. Check out more of my work and/or contact me to design your outfits at Dirty Birdie Designs.”

CHC: Why are you a model? Who inspires you with modeling? Terrell: “Growing up I never saw myself modeling, or even really thought of it as a career choice. I sort of just fell into modeling when I was 19; I was somewhat ‘discovered”‘while I was out with friends at a nightclub and asked to work at a car show for a clothing company. After working that first job I was asked to shoot for the cover of several different car magazines in a row and somehow my career just took off from there! I’ve had an exceptionally lucky and amazing modeling career.” “As far as who inspires me with modeling, I’m not sure I have any certain inspiration. I’ve built many friendships with photographers, agents, and other people in the modeling industry including other models that have just come naturally. Out of those friendships I’ve been able to model for a living, it’s something I really enjoy doing. For the most part I get to work around people I love, and go to places all over the world that in any other job I might not have the chance to; so I guess I find my inspiration from the people I surround myself with, the people I get to work with, and by just absorbing the positivity all around me.”

We’d take a ride with her any day!

CHC: Who do you look up to in life? Terrell: “I try to surround myself with people I look up to. A large portion of the people I call my friends are entrepreneurs themselves, as well as very self-motivated; I find being around like-minded people that share common goals is important in keeping myself on track to reaching my career goals, spiritual goals, and everything in between. My parents, as well, have always been people I really look up to. They are both successful entrepreneurs themselves and have always set a good example for me and my siblings.” CHC: What is your dream car? Terrell: “What I’d really like is a helicopter so I could skip the traffic…But if I have to keep it on land, I’d say a Porsche Carrera GT. That has been my dream car for many, many years and still is.” CHC: What’s one thing that most people don’t know about you? Terrell: “I put the majority of the details of my life out there on the internet thanks to social media [laughs]. But one thing people might not know about me is that I come from a family of sand toy lovers. We spend every Thanksgiving in Glamis getting dirty on dirt bikes, quads, and my current favorite, sand rails!” CHC: How did you get involved in Supercross? Terrell: “I’ve always been a fan of Motorcross and Supercross, since I come from a family who rides; I guess you could say it was already in my blood. I’ve been working at Supercross events for several years modeling for different companies including Boost Mobile, and Monster Energy.”

CHC: What was it like being Miss SX? Terrell: “I had a ton of fun as Miss Supercross, it was a lot of work but totally worth it. I learned so much and got some invaluable experience interviewing the Supercross fans as well as the riders.” Who’s Your Favorite Rider? Terrell: “Dean Wilson, such a sweet kid and growing up to be super handsome. [laughs] Love you Deano!” CHC: You’re very busy and we see you everywhere. What’s a typical day like for you? Terrell: “Ha! In one word: CRAZY. But seriously, if you follow me on social media and you see me skipping from one place to another it’s not just for show. I really am traveling almost every other day to another city in another state, or sometimes out of the country for a modeling job. Plus I’m juggling my other full-time career as a designer and manufacturer of custom garments. Between the two I am just trying to find a way to balance it all. But don’t feel bad for me, I choose to be this busy. I love my life and I wouldn’t change anything in it.” CHC: Do you have a favorite book? Terrell: “I’m a huge reader, probably because I spend so much time sitting on an airplane, so I have several books that I would call my favorites. To name a few: The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, The Art of Happiness by the Dalai Lama and Howard C. Cutler, all of Dan Brown’s books, and the Hunger Games series.” CHC: Who’s your favorite musician? What’s the last song you listened to? Terrell: “The last song I listened to was Hunger of the Pine by Alt-J. My favorite bands/musicians are: Phantogram, AFI, Metric, the XX, Lorde, and Bullet for my Valentine.” That wrapped it up for our interview with Mercedes. If you want to see more pictures of her, check out our gallery below. Also, follow her on your favorite social media site. Everyday she’s uploading new behind-the-scenes photos and letting you know where’s she at in the world. It’s almost a real life game of, “Where On Earth Is Mercedes Terrell?” Click Here To Follow On Instagram Click Here To Follow On Twitter Click Here To Follow On Facebook Click Here For Mercedes Terrell’s Website For Mercedes’ custom garment design and manufacturing: Click Here For Dirty Birdie Designs Click Here For Dirty Birdie Designs On Instagram

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