Crazy-Clean, Low-Mile 1993 Mustang Cobra Is A Dream Come True


Six thousand, nine hundred, and thirty eight. That’s what the odometer read when we pulled Brandon Clontz’s near-perfect 1993 Cobra out of his shop in Morganton, North Carolina, and into position for its photo shoot.

As we got the car set up, Brandon told us the story about how he had looked at an identical Cobra years ago at a local car dealership. His dad, however, wouldn’t let him get it. Disappointed, Brandon promised himself one day he would have one. When he ran across this 1993 Cobra, he knew it was time to fulfill that promise to himself! He could not have picked out a finer Cobra to live out his dream in!

It only takes one look at Brandon’s 1993 Cobra to realize it’s something special. Everything is in perfect condition, just as it came when it arrived on the dealership lot in 1993. The Teal Metallic paint is as near perfect as it gets. Teal was one of just three colors available on the 1993 along with red and black. It’s also the rarest with 1,355 Cobras of the 5,100 coming from the factory with the “RD” option box checked for Teal Metallic.

The car’s spotless interior features the “D6” cloth seats. If we didn’t know better, we’d swear these had never been sat upon. Shoes, it appears, haven’t touched the carpet either. The only thing missing is that “new car smell.”

We are not sure what is a more rare sighting in the interior, a factory Fox shifter and boot or the factory AM/FM cassette radio! Not to mention the Peel Here sticker to protect the screen on the radio still in place! It’s obvious the original owner of this Cobra knew they had something special from day one. This car is nothing short of a time capsule.

Even with the low miles, Brandon still takes the car out for an occasional trip around the block or to a local show. But with the original 20-year-old Goodyears still on the car, he doesn’t venture too far in it! He did trailer the car last March to Ponies In The Smokies in Sevierville, Tennessee, where it took home “Best 1979 to 1993” trophy in the indoor car show.

Who knows, maybe you’ll run into this mint 1993 Cobra at a show one day! If you do, be sure and check it out and tell Brandon we said hello!

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