PRI 2022: Control The Twist With Fluidampr’s Godzilla 7.3L Damper

PRI 2022: Control The Twist With Fluidampr’s Godzilla 7.3L Damper

When it comes to torsional harmonics, there are a lot of forces and repercussions that are hard for a layperson to visualize. That’s why companies like Fluidampr exist: to identify and solve issues to make the job of the consumer easier. Their line of viscous harmonic damper units have been handling the challenges of high-performance internal combustion for many years. Now, they’ve applied it to one of the market’s latest sweethearts — Ford’s 7.3L Godzilla engine.

“We were contacted by Paul Svinicki of Paul’s High Performance of Michigan to develop a 7.3L damper for both the crate engine program and his race engine program in his Mustang,” explains Fluidampr’s Nick Orefice. “We took his testing data, and our engineers developed this design. We then made some chips, did prototype testing with Paul, and it performed well. The numbers look great; it offers good torsional control.”


The Fluidampr viscous damper will work for anything you want to do with your Godzilla engine. And, if you plan on racing your Godzilla, the damper is SFI-approved, so there will be no issues with tech inspection.

With a successful prototype, the damper shown here at the show is heading into production. “One of the things we found out with the Godzilla is there’s a weak link with the timing chain. The OE damper fails at higher power levels and higher RPM. Our damper takes care of that. Not only does it offer torsional control, but the benefits resonate through the timing gear, oil pump, and valvetrain. All of those side benefits add up,” says Orefice.

Also according to Orefice, Fluidamper’s new Godzilla damper design can be used on a wide variety of applications, from a stock crate engine to a mild build, all the way up to an all-out race build, which is why it’s also SFI-certified. Head over to Fluidampr’s website for more info on the Godzilla damper, as well as their full lineup of applications.

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