PRI 2022: Ford Performance Unleashes Megazilla Crate Engine On Crowd

A major vehicle manufacturer rarely releases a new engine line. In most cases, the manufacturer will stick through several generations and iterations of an engine that is known to perform. One such example is the 5.0-liter Coyote which is now entering its fourth generation in the S650 Mustang. However, Ford Motor Company made a big splash when it decided to build a 7.3-liter gas engine meant for the modern F-250 and F-350 Super Duty trucks. The old 6.2-liter Boss engine was on its way to being fully retired and the truck needed something with a bit more power and modern machining backing it.

Fast forward a few years, car builders had caught wind of how capable this truck engine could be. While a few were quick to jump into the 445-cubic-inch platform, the majority waited to ensure there would be an aftermarket product availability, which the Boss engine had lacked over the years. After the Godzilla engine became available in crate form and the aftermarket manufacturers began to build forced-induction units for it, the engine quickly became the hottest swap option from Ford.


The Megazilla incorporates everything one was wanting to add to the original Godzilla engine. Pistons, rods, CNC-ported heads, and an intake manifold.

Early adopters of the 7.3 realized the engine was built robust and for the most part, could make serious power on the stock block and crank. Where the engine needed some attention to make more power was in the pistons, cam, and heads. Designed for stump-pulling torque, the engine just wasn’t dedicated to top-end horsepower numbers. Ford Performance knew this and wanted an option for a boost-capable Godzilla engine that could easily handle the boost.

Enter Megazilla, A 7.3 Godzilla With Built Up Internals Ready For Boost

The new Ford Performance Megazilla crate engine will feature CNC-machined heads, Mahle Pistons, and Callies H-Beam forged rods, while still retaining the production steel crankshaft. Consumers will have the option between two camshafts, one aimed at low-end torque and the other at a few extra top-end horsepower. The previous banana-shaped throttle body intake built to meet F-250 and F-350 packaging constraints has been removed and a streamlined version sits in its place with a 92mm GT500 throttle body. All said and done the engine makes 500 lb-ft of torque at 2,500 rpm and 640 lb-ft by 3,800 rpm. Peak horsepower came out to 615. All this while remaining naturally aspirated!

The Megazilla will be equipped with a straight intake manifold with provisions to run a Shelby GT500 92mm throttle body.

If the Godzilla engine was on your slate, but the thought of building it for boost worried you, you now can relieve yourself of that fear with the Megazilla crate engine. Aside from having a cool name and being the perfect jump-off point to a forced induction build, you’ll be saving yourself time and money by avoiding the machine shop to have the same build take place.

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