SEMA 2016: Flaming River’s Classic Mustang Race Steering Racks


Building a first-generation Mustang for road racing has always been an item on our bucket list, and the folks at Flaming River have made it that much easier for enthusiasts like us to do so. The company debuted its latest road racing-oriented steering rack for ’65-’70 Mustangs, and the stellar quality of this OEM-like unit is one you’ll want to consider if you’re building your own early Mustang project.

“Our standard rack and pinion kits are for a street car,” said Ron Domin of Flaming River. “The Mustang is a real hot car for road and track racing, and when they do race them, they have to have a lot more flexibility in the geometry setups.”

That flexibility includes myriad adjustments to suit the needs of any combination or road surface.

'65-'70 Mustang Road Race Power Steering System

“For lowered or raised cars, when turning on the track, they want to adjust for different camber settings, toe, and more,” Ron added. “We developed an entirely new road racing steering rack, and the durability it has is much more than a regular street kit. It allows you to adjust the inner tie rod ends, as well as the travel bar.”

These enhancements offer far more flexibility than Flaming River’s standard street system.

“With the dual-mount positioner, it gives the vehicle more stability for the travel bar,” Ron continued. “In essence, it works like a center steering rack. A lot of enthusiasts exclaimed that our standard rack doesn’t give them enough versatility for chassis adjustments.”

The package from Flaming River has gone under more than six months of testing and adjusting to better develop the final piece for Mustang enthusiasts. Included in the package is the power steering pump, power steering reservoir, and a Mustang-specific floor shift column (although the package is available without this component).

Head over to Flaming River’s website fore more information on its all-new road racing power steering rack for the first-gen Mustang.


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