SEMA 2016: X-Force Bluetooth-Adjustable Varex Exhaust

Sound, power or performance. Pick two. Can’t do it? Neither can we! It’s why X-Force Performance Exhaust Systems U.S.A. created its Varex series of performance exhaust systems more than three years ago. It’s also why they’ve spent that time perfecting, as evidenced by the infinitely adjustable third generation of the Varex series exhaust with its SmartBox Bluetooth controller.DSC07920GR

“We’ve launched a new platform for the Varex system,” Adam Matthews of X-Force U.S.A. told us. “The next step for us is finding out how we can integrate a newer technology which gives the user complete control of the valving. In the past, enthusiasts could utilize the included key fob to do this–but it wasn’t as precise as today’s example. We’ve created what we call the Smart Box Unit which is Bluetooth enabled. The unit also installs into the vehicle’s OBD-II port. This allows for live data to be streamed from the unit to the downloadable app on a smartphone or tablet device. It gives the end-user RPM, throttle-input percentage, and a speed reading.”

One of the main features that X-Force incorporates into its latest generation Varex exhaust system, is the Geo Mode. When driving the vehicle in an area that requires a stealth-like approach (such as a school zone) the app includes a GPS portion which allows enthusiasts to pin-point specific zones anywhere in the world where the system will close the valves.

“Enthusiasts can now customize the valving using those specific parameters,” Adam continued. “They can completely tune where they’d like to have the valve open or closed. There is also a manual mode, which is similar to our first generation Varex system. However, enthusiasts can now set their preset values within one percent–making this system truly precise.”DSC07923GR

The kit still includes the classic key fob for the use of the new Panic Mode, which is used to slam the valves shut in a situation where complete quiet is key. When Panic Mode is enabled, it overrides the entire system, including the smartphone or tablet app.

The latest generation Varex exhaust systems from X-Force Performance Exhaust Systems U.S.A. are available for a multitude of Ford applications, like the ’10-plus Mustang and F-150; so checkout its website here today for more information.DSC07936GR

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