SEMA 2022: Three Locations Outside The Garage To Use RaceDeck

The garage is the pride and joy of most enthusiasts. It is a place to show off a build, invite friends over for a late night of wrenching, or just escape the confines of work. However, there are times when the garage is not an option. But just because you’re out of your garage does not mean you need to leave the comfort of a fortified garage floor at bay. RaceDeck Garage Floors can be utilized in multiple ways outside of the home as well. Here are some of our favorite uses of the connectable flooring.


The RaceDeck Garage Floors easily snap together and offer a quick and mobile solution for away-from-home conditions. Instead of laying on the broken asphalt in the parking lot of the drag strip or cold concrete of the road course, bring enough RaceDeck Garage Floors pieces to allow a comfortable work area that won’t have you digging pebbles out of your forearms.

Car shows are often a battle of egos with owners trying to showcase their build as a step above the rest. Instead of adding tacky plaques and old show trophies, consider putting down a layer of RaceDeck flooring to give your show car an appearance that will make other attendees jealous.

Have you ever asked a landlord if you can permanently alter your rented floor surface? Well, If you have, then a resounding no might still be ringing in your ears. Even if the landlord is okay with the idea, at the end of your lease you’ll still be out a garage floor with no solution in the next location. This is where a complete RaceDeck Garage Floor would provide the best solution.

RaceDeck Garage Floors are more than just garage floors. The product is easy to move from location to location and provides owners with track-side comfort, show-car steam, and an affordable option to protect the floor of a rental property. So remember, just because garage floors is in the name, doesn’t mean you can’t use RaceDeck products elsewhere.

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