American Muscle Launches New Company, Japanese Muscle

We were amazed by the 900+ rwhp gain from the simple bolt ons.

American Muscle is known around the world for supplying top notch muscle car parts, with their specialty being Mustangs. Furthermore, their professionally-filmed video installs are grossly popular throughout the forums. Though, American Muscle knew that they were missing a completely different market segment with Imports, thus they started their new venture,  Japanese Muscle Cars.

Their new site is packed with awesome go fast goodies. Some of our favorites (seen to the right) are their oversized, universal direct-fit performance exhaust system, welding services for those pesky blown intake manifolds from running too much NAWS and even an overnight shipping service to make sure you don’t miss that race against Dom or Johnny Tran.

Though what impresses us the most is Japanese Muscle’s project Nissan Cube. While their initial dyno testing of their performance race GTR wing didn’t net any gains, they knew power was still left on the table with some tuning. Lead calibrator Mike Wilson added some additional performance enhancements, including chrome wheel covers, fender air vents, and a performance Type R badge. With all these enhancements completed in a matter of minutes, Japanese Muscle was able to pick up an astounding 900+ rwhp GAIN. Needless to say, we are sold on the idea of a high performance Nissan Cube.

Oh, and if you haven’t guessed by now…Happy April Fools!

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In 1995 Mark started photographing drag races at his once local track, Bradenton Motorsports Park. He became hooked and shot virtually every series at the track until 2007 until he moved to California and began working as a writer for Power Automedia. He was the founding editor for its first online magazines, and transitioned into the role of editorial director role in 2014. Retiring from the company in 2016, Mark continues to expand his career as a car builder, automotive enthusiast, and freelance journalist to provide featured content and technical expertise.
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