This Whipple-Blown Roush Has Gotta Have It Fast

Larry Starost is no stranger to owning a few Mustangs in his time, his first being a coveted 1992 Red GT hatchback. After enjoying the Fox for some time, Larry decided to start a family, thus he sold the Mustang.

“I wasn’t a fan of the SN-95 body style, so I laid dormant in the Mustang world for quite some time,” he said.

Roll forward several years, while browsing a local dealership lot, Larry saw a brand-new 2013 black Roush Mustang GT with a six-speed. This purchase would ultimately lead to Larry’s return to the Mustang world and his current ride.

Did we mention that Larry loves this color? Gotta Have It Green is everywhere on his car.

Boosted At Brenspeed

It wasn’t long before Larry decided he needed to go fast, so it was off to Brenspeed for numerous modifications and upgrades. The Roush came with an exterior green strip so it was only fitting install a powder coated green six-point roll cage. After several outings with the car, Larry realized he wasn’t a huge fan of rowing the gears of his manual. He and the owner of Brenspeed, Brent White, began researching the feasibility and costs an automatic-transmission swap. After extensive research, Larry decided the swap was not worth the time of costs associated.

Several months later, however, Brent mentioned to Larry he was going to sell his 2013 Gotta Have It Green Roush. Larry was immediately interested for several reasons. First, it was an automatic and, second, it was green.

After several days of negotiations, the Black Roush was sold and Larry took possession of his “new,” Gotta Have It Green 2013 Roush Mustang. Upgrades began almost immediately, starting with a Ford Performance Aluminator engine stacked with a 2.9 liter Whipple supercharger. This combination produced just over 623 horsepower with 11:5:1 compression.

The heart and soul of this 2013 Roush is the Whipplecharged Coyote Aluminator engine making well over 600 horsepower.

Thirst For Competition

I realized I made a fatal mistake ordering an engine not set up for a power adder. — Larry Starost

Bradenton Motorsports Park is where the NMRA kicks off its inaugural race of each season. On Larry’s second qualifying pass in the Super ’Stang class in Bradenton, Florida, the engine let go.

“It was a long drive home back to Ohio,” Larry confessed. When Larry and the team at Brenspeed tore the engine down, there wasn’t much left. “I realized I made a fatal mistake ordering an engine not set up for a power adder.”

With a stock fuel system, their best guess was the engine went lean at wide-open throttle. With the next NMRA race in Atlanta a month away, Larry quickly ordered another Aluminator engine. Only this time, he ordered one with 9:5:1 compression, ready for the Whipple blower. Vowing to not run the engine lean again, he upgraded the fuel system to a Fore Innovations triple-pump, return-style setup.

The good folks at Brenspeed did everything they could to get the car finished for Atlanta but it wouldn’t be completed until mid-July for the NMCA/NMRA Super Bowl in Joliet, Illinois. The car ran consistent 10.70s all weekend in the Super ’Stang Class.

After Brenspeed installed the new Aluminator engine and fuel system, Larry reintroduced the car at the NMCA/NMRA Super Bowl at Route 66 Raceway, where over 500 vehicles competed. Like clockwork, his Roush ran consistent 10.70s all weekend. Although he went out in round two of the Super ’Stang class, Larry was extremely pleased with the car’s performance.

Bright Future

2013 Roush Mods

• Ford Performance Aluminator Coyote crate engine

• 2.9-liter Whipple supercharger

• Brenspeed custom tune

• Stock Automatic with TCI 3,400-stall converter

BMR Suspension

• Viking Shocks

Moser Axles

Eaton TruTrac differential

• 3.73 rear gears

• Race Star wheels

Mickey Thompson Tires

• Best quarter-mile e.t. and MPH: 10.48 at 127 on 93 octane.

Roll forward a bit and Larry finished the 2017 season at Bowling Green making it to the semi-finals. Overall, Larry finished in the top ten even missing two major races. He has some big changes planned for 2018, including competing in the Limited Street category.

To remain competitive, Larry’s upgrade list is extensive. First and foremost, he will outfit the Roush with an 8.50-legal roll cage by Mcilvain Racing.  Then Jordan Performance and Racing will add a single 76mm turbo; a Powerglide trans rated for 2000 horsepower; an MSD Two Step; bead-lock wheels; aluminum race seats, and a parachute!

Initially Larry will campaign the car in the low-9-second zone with plans run deep sevens in 2019!

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