1970 Ford Falcon Brings Big-Block Smoke Show To The Pavement

In the United States it is estimated that the muscle car era started around 1964 and reached its peak in 1970. While American muscle roamed the roads of North America, halfway across the world Australia and nearby New Zealand were seeing a surge of enthusiasts enjoying powerful Aussie-built vehicles. However, there is one minor detail that separates the two besides a large body of water.

American muscle were traditionally two-door cars, while the Aussie-built Fords were mostly four-door sedans. In both cases, the love of big power, big blocks, and big smokey burnouts reigned king. This 1970 Ford Falcon is no different with 555 cubic-inches of supercharged big-block Ford power.

Today, it’s a standing joke that if it has four doors, a giant blower sticking through the hood, and tires that wouldn’t stand a chance against the engine’s torque at any rpm, it’s probably from Australia or New Zealand. This particular Metallic Blue 1970 Ford Falcon has a 10/71 TBS billet supercharger attached to the top of its built 555 cubic-inch big-block Ford powerplant. Internally, the engine is outfitted with a Callies 4340 crank and stroker kit with Diamond pistons. Proper air/fuel mixture is provided by twin Holley 1050 carburetors and the top end revolves around a pair of Edelbrock Performer RPM cylinder heads. All said and done, this beast makes over 1200 horsepower.

Transmitting the power from the engine to the rear wheels is a Ford C6 transmission with stage 3 billet internals. A Ford 9-inch rear differential accepts that power and pushes it through the 35-spline billet axles before it reaches the matte black 19×10 Simmons wheels. While this Falcon would likely be pampered and treated as a trailer queen elsewhere, this owner has no problem billowing smoke from the tires at regional tracks.

While thousands of miles away from each other, it’s funny to see the only difference between the two geographical different muscle car groups was the amount of doors each had. From a practicality standpoint, four doors and a massive engine sounds like the perfect way to transport my kids to school on time. If you feel the same, you can reach out to the owner who recently listed this beautiful ride for sale with global shipping available.

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