2024 Mustang Configurator Launch Reveals Tire-Shredding Trend

2024 Mustang Configurator Launch Reveals Tire-Shredding Trend

Since last September, Mustang fans have anticipated the arrival of the 2024 Mustang. While it will hit the street soon, for those who’ve been dreaming of exactly how they would order their S650s, the car’s online configurator is fully realized with all the options. From those who have already ordered the car, some trends are apparent.

“Ford Mustang customers love to make their cars their own, and the all-new 2024 Mustang once again offers a number of great ways for people to personalize their vehicle,” the company shares. “Today Ford is launching the full Build & Price website for 2024 Mustang, giving customers the chance to configure their Mustang the way they want and see it, too.”

The availability of the Electronic Drift Brake as part of the High-Performance Package may just have led to a spike in orders of the base Mustang equipped with this option. (Photo Credit: Ford Motor Company)

Some trends from the orders thus far are intriguing, while others could be considered concerning for the Save The Manuals set.

The most overwhelming trend shows a bias toward EcoBoost customers adding the High-Performance Package option, which also garners the Electronic Drift Brake. The latter could contribute to 50 percent more buyers adding the package than EcoBoost buyers did for the past three years.

That said, only 22 percent of Mustang GT buyers — who you might assume are more inclined to slay tires with all that Coyote power — are choosing the Performance Package. Meanwhile, 26 percent opted for the Ebony-themed Nite Pony Package.

While it might be surprising to see so few go for the Performance Pack on the GT, it might belie a predilection toward straight-line performance from the 5.0-liter crowd or just an acknowledgment of how good the modern automatics are. That might also explain why only a scant 27 percent of GT and Dark Horse buyers ordered manual transmissions.

The 2024 Mustang variants are available in 11 different colors, and buyers of the different models have distinct tastes with GT customers preferring Shadow Black and Dark Horse customers preferring Blue Ember.

When it comes to paint-color choices, the Mustang GT and Dark Horse customers showed more distinct tastes. GT buyers preferred Shadow Black (19-percent), Oxford White (13-percent), and Rapid Red (11-percent). Meanwhile, Dark Horse customers overwhelmingly chose the signature Blue Ember hue (39-percent) followed by Vapor Blue (18-percent), and Shadow Black (16-percent).

Of course, you might have different preferences, so if you want to have some fun you can visit the site here and build your own S650 dream machine.

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