ATI Performance Super Dampers For Supercharged Coyote Engines

ATI Performance Super Dampers For Supercharged Coyote Engines

Most enthusiasts will agree that making the jump to boost on a stock 5.0L Coyote engine is an easy and relatively inexpensive way to add significant power. And the new dual-fuel Coyote is no exception. But we also know that if your build requires additional upgrades for faster times on the track, many of the stock components in your boosted application can only take you so far.

ATI Performance Products, Inc. specializes in producing high-performance products for street and strip applications. ATI has earned a reputation for developing cutting-edge technology and rigorous testing under a variety of different conditions.

ATI Super Dampers provide balanced dampening of torsional crankshaft vibrations through all RPM ranges, especially during competition use. – Harvey Baker, ATI Performance Products

If your next S550 supercharger upgrade requires an aftermarket damper, ATI Performance Products has a Super Damper for the 2011 and newer Ford 5.0L Coyote engine. These 8-rib aluminum shell dampers come with supercharger pulley drive diameters of 7.240 inches for 10% overdrive and  7.795 inches for 15% overdrive to further increase boost over what the upper supercharger pulley will allow.

The 6-rib, billet aluminum, A/C pulley is in the OEM location and is OEM size. The dampers come with laser-etched timing marks, a single 3/16 keyway, and exceed SFI 18.1 Safety Certification.

“OEM dampers are optimally tuned to a narrow band of normal driving conditions and do not perform well outside of those limits,” said Harvey Baker Marketing and Sales Associate at ATI Performance Products. “The ATI Super Damper can handle any engine speeds and driving conditions that get thrown at it to better protect your engine. ATI Super Dampers provide balanced dampening of torsional crankshaft vibrations through all RPM ranges especially during competition use.”

These 8-rib aluminum shell dampers come with supercharger pulley drive diameters of 7.240 inches for 10% overdrive, (Part# 918052), and 7.795 inches for 15% overdrive, (Part# 918053).

Will the Super Dampers Work With My Blower? 

If you have a 2011 and newer 2011 Ford 5.0L Coyote engine, the ATI Performance Super Dampers will work with any factory supercharger that runs the factory drive belt. ATI informed us that companies like ROUSH Performance, ProCharger, and VMP Performance superchargers have all utilized these dampers for added performance. While horsepower and boost gains will vary based on your build needs, a general rule of thumb is every .125-inch of pulley change is 1 psi of boost.

Upgrading to a larger pulley system was one of the key components to Lethal Performance’s Goldmember project, the Whipple-supercharged 2018 Mustang GT which performed a 9.79-second quarter mile run earlier this year. We had the chance to talk to Lethal Performance CEO Jared Rosen to find out more about the upgrades they made to their Whipple-blown 2018 Mustang GT.

“We have learned from past experiences that the 6-rib setup can only take you so far,” Jared explained. Even though the car makes great power and runs well at the track, the plan to go deeper into the nines really requires us to upgrade to the Whipple 10-rib setup. More belt-to-pulley-surface ratio prevents belt-slip and power loss.”

Jared went on to explain that the original six-rib setup with the stock balancer and the 3.625-inch upper pulley made around 12 psi. When they made the switch to the Whipple 10-rib setup with the ATI Performance 20-percent overdrive balancer and a 3.75-inch upper pulley, the new combo boosted the dual-fuel Coyote to a mind-blowing 17-18 psi!

The versatility of the Super Dampers is a smart investment, and having the ability to run the system on a stock or heavily modified supercharger system is something that is sure to benefit your next build. It also carries an SFI certification that ensures its legal at the racetrack.

For the complete line of ATI Performance products for your late model Mustang, you can click on the companies official website here.

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