We’re Driving The ’15 Mustang Soon, Tell Us What You Want To Know

In just a few days we will have our first opportunity to get behind the wheel of the 2015 Mustang. We’re sending Editorial Director Mark Gearhart, our resident hot shoe, to drive the all new pony car for the first time. Rest assured, we plan to have a review with our thoughts, posted here, as fast as we can.

Ford is holding this event as a tech briefing and initial drive event. We won’t get any track time. There won’t be any flogging the car on the drag strip, no heading to the road course to turn lap times, and no hard data outside what Ford provides, and what we can surmise from the seat of our pants driving on public roads during daylight hours.

Aside from the performance data that we’re hoping Ford releases in the tech briefing, we’d like to know what questions our readers have about the sixth-generation pony car. We have a list of our own to ask Ford, and some things that will only reveal themselves during the test drive session.

We don’t expect to hear anything regarding the GT350. Ford has yet to even trickle out any information on this car, they won’t even comment as to whether it exists. While we, and others, will ask, Ford’s position will likely be there standby that they simply want to focus on the car at the event.

The ’15 represents a huge leap forward for the Mustang. The car is wearing an all new suspension system, the layout of which is different than any Mustang before. It’s heavier, won’t get as good fuel economy, and on paper boasts a better horsepower to weight ratio than any Mustang preceding it, outside the recent BOSS and GT500 variants.

Post your best, most engaging questions below, tell us what you want to know, then keep checking back here over the next week for our review and test drive of the 2015 Mustang.

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