Electric 1968 Mustang Fastback Capable of 750 Horsepower

Photo by Steve Berry

EVs and Ford Mustangs are not usually mentioned in the same sentence. This time these two are tied together in the form of a 1968 Ford Mustang fastback that has been equipped with a brand new heartbeat, a much different one than the heart it was born with. What started life as a T-code 289-cubic-inch small block, is now a whole new animal with an electric motor claiming 1,800 lb-ft of torque and 750 hp on the mild side.

Inspiration on this electric classic Mustang build comes from the 10-second Datsun 1200 drag car called White Zombie which was built by John Wayland, a man who is no stranger to electric car builds. The White Zombie features twin 9-inch electric motors generating 538 hp.

Mitch Medford, of Texas, decided that he needed an electric build of his own after seeing footage of the White Zombie in action. Being an old muscle kind of guy, the 1968 Mustang fastback was a perfect candidate for the electric surgery. Medford reached out to White Zombie builder Wayland to get this build underway.

While hardcore traditionalists might find that throwing an electric motor inside of a Mustang might be blasphemous, an electric Mustang capable of 750 horsepower is more than okay in our book. Plus, the world has no shortage of Mustangs. Inside of the engine bay sit two 11-inch electric motors, a set of Zilla controllers, a 40 kwh battery tied together to throw down 750 hp and nearly 2,000 lb-ft of torque. The car is said to run 0-60 mph just three seconds, even with the 600 extra pounds of batteries, good for 120 miles of range.

Other upcoming mods include coilover shocks, a Strange 9-inch rear axle, Watts-link street rear suspension, 13-inch brakes behind all wheels, and a rollbar. Even more impressive, is the planned addition of air conditioning and power steering.

With other additions to this electric fastback dubbed Black Zombie, it should be able to hit the 1,500 hp. More good news, Mitch and John said they should be taking orders for more electric muscle cars known as Zombie 22 and called Bloodshed Motors as business. At the moment, Mustangs are the main car of choice, but soon Challengers and Camaros will be added to the electric build lineup. Two other classic Mustangs, both 1967s (one being a convertible and the other a fastback), are already on the list for conversion.

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