Ford Teases S650 Exhaust Growl In Advance Of Stampede Reveal

Ford Teases S650 Exhaust Growl In Advance Of Stampede Reveal

It appears that the S650 Mustang might just be the last gas-burning, V8-powered muscle machine to roll off the assembly line in the United States. As such, Ford is ramping up the excitement leading to the official reveal of the seventh-generation stallion on September 14. The latest tease is a hint of what the Mustang sounds like at full trot.

“Get ready to feel,” the company posted on its social channels followed by the date for the reveal. This message was accompanied by a short sound clip of the next Mustang accelerating at wide-open throttle. The sound is glorious and percussive, but not too far removed from what we might expect from a modern-day, Coyote-powered stallion.

It would be safe to assume that this sample comes from the next S650 Mustang GT with Track Mode engaged. No matter what the configuration, it is wonderful to hear the sound of a V8 driven in anger. No matter how fast EVs become, this is one aspect of a performance machine that is difficult to replicate synthetically, so savor these sounds while new Coyotes are still howling.


Ford recently teased what the next-generation Mustang exhaust sounds like as the car accelerates. Just hearing that Coyote V8 howl got us even more excited for the S650 Stampede reveal event on September 14, 2022. (Photo Credit: Ford Motor Company)

Of course, how these cars sound is but one aspect of the forthcoming Mustang, and much more will be revealed in a matter of days, but if you have some burning questions about the new Mustang or even older versions, Ford’s CEO plans to answer some on his podcast to coincide with the new pony car’s debut.

“For the upcoming reveal of the all-new, seventh-gen Ford Mustang, I’m doing a bonus episode of DRIVE with Jim Farley,” he said. “Ford archivist Ted Ryan and I will sit down to answer your questions about the Mustang, past or present.” You can submit your questions for the podcast right here

Like you, we can hardly wait to see what’s under that camp cover, so stay tuned for full coverage of the next-gen stallion’s Stampede reveal.

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