Fun-Haver & Friends Drop A Heart-Pounding Video Adrenaline Bomb

If you were trying to imbue a video with the potency contained in a can of Monster Energy drink, it would likely include fast machines, a pounding metal soundtrack, and of course, explosions! That’s just what Team RTR delivered with its latest promo video, dubbed ‘Bomb Track,’ which you can view in all its glory above.

I love when crazy ideas become reality and everyone leaves with smiles on their face! Pumped for everyone to see this one, we worked hard for it. — Vaughn Gittin Jr., Team RTR

Captured at the sprawling, 750-acre Panthera Tactical Training Facility in Old Fields, West Virginia, this short-form action film brings together two of the worlds where the Professional Fun-Haver loves to play — drifting on asphalt and blasting across the back country. Naturally, they do so in the Ford Mustang RTRs and Ultra4 4400 class Ford Broncos from the Blue Oval.

RTR Motorsports new ‘Bomb Track’ video includes drifting and dirt-slinging action from Formula Drift stars Vaughn Gittin Jr. and Chelsea DeNofa, as well as off-road racer Loren Healy, who has triumphed in Ultra4 and King of the Hammers competition. It is a wild ride for sure. (Photo Credit: Team RTR)

“This was a very fun, wild, and slightly terrifying experience! Drifting behind Loren’s Ultra4 Bronco on massive 40-inch Nitto tires with Chelsea on my door was a huge highlight for me,” Vaughn enthused. “The explosions and Loren jumping over us was icing on the cake. I love when crazy ideas become reality and everyone leaves with smiles on their face! Pumped for everyone to see this one, we worked hard for it!”

As you can see, the Formula Drift champion brought a couple of Ready To Rock friends along for the ride. His drifting teammate and Formula Drift runner-up Chelsea Denofa piloted his RTR Motorsports Mustang, while Fun-Haver Off-Road’s Loren Healy, a three-time Ultra4 Champion and two-time King of the Hammers winner, wheeled one of the Broncos.

“Drifting, explosions, jumping, and extreme sketchiness is pretty much how I get through my life, so creating this was right up my alley,” Chelsea said. “Got to do a lot of things I have always wanted to do and enjoy it with all my friends.”

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“It was rad getting to takeover Panthera training facility in West Virginia!” Loren added. “It has so many crazy features it was easy for Vaughn, Chelsea, and I to make ‘Bomb Track’ epic!”

As the heart-pounding clip comes to its explosive climax, the Bronco sails over the two Mustang with a huge detonation as the backdrop, which makes you want to binge-watch a full season of this action series.

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