Holley Intergalactic Ford Fest Pre-Registration is Live!

Holley Intergalactic Ford Fest Pre-Registration is Live!

There are only 54 days until the Holley Intergalactic Ford Festival kicks off at Bowling Green, Kentucky’s Beech Bend Raceway Park (with several events taking place just down the road at NCM Motorsports Park in Bowling Green).

We’ve been looking forward to this year’s event since we left last year, and if it isn’t on your list, you need to add it. Pre-registration is already open for the event, which takes place from October 1st to 4th, so you can secure your spot at the second annual Ford Fest now! Why should you be there? Let’s count the reasons.

    1. The NMRA racing action of course. Holley and the National Mustang Racers Association collide for a whole weekend of index and heads-up racing, featuring some of the fastest Fords in the world in Mickey Thompson Street Outlaw and Edelbrock Renegade. Have a street car that might do well on the track? Why not try your hand at True Street? Whatever level your Ford is operating at, there’s a class for you!
    2. Autocross. Are you more into turning than straight line acceleration? The autocross portion of the event is a low-speed competition putting handling, acceleration, and braking capabilities to the test. The course includes wide sweeps, tight hairpins, chicanes, and slalom sections for the ultimate challenge. Autocross will take place throughout the entirety of the weekend, but registration is limited to just 125 cars, so pre-registering is a must! There will be a variety of time classes for close competition throughout the field, and the cars closest in time to the designated time class are eligible for awards. If all goes well with timing, Holley will hold a competition between the quickest five vehicles, averaging together three laps to determine the winner. The winner will take home a $250 cash prize, an Optima battery, and a jacket, with an Optima Battery Charger and Optima Battery Maintainer being awarded to runners-up respectively.
    3. 3S Challenge. The 3S Challenge borrows quite a few rules from the Autocross competition, but focuses on speed, steering, and stopping in a side-by-side challenge. Each driver must complete the left side and right side of the course separately, with times from each run combined for an overall time. Winners of the 3S Challenge can expect the same great prizes as winner of the Autocross challenge.
    4. Burnout Challenge. Want to make some smoke? Holley is setting aside an oval track to contain the chaos, but the rest is up to the drivers. Burn the most rubber and put on the most entertaining display possible to win! Those interested in taking part can email [email protected] to throw their hats in the ring.
    5. Drifting. The event will host drifting exhibitions starring Vaughn Gitten Jr. and Chelsea DeNofa, and you can join in the drifting fun! Simply email [email protected] by September 10th with your name, address, phone number, and car year, make, and model. Don’t forget to include photos of the exterior and engine compartment, and let Holley know in 200 words or less why you should be chosen and what skills and qualifications you have to help you compete.
    6. Grand Champion. The Grand Champion event is going to one for the books! Participants compete in drag racing, autocross, and 3S Challenge competition for a chance to be crowned the event’s Grand Champion. The driver who does the best all-around job in multiple events will be one that can go fast, stop fast, and dominate in the corners. Points are awarded from each challenge, with an extra point earned by competing in the Vendor Poker Run at each event. There are three varying Grand Champion classes: Late Model, Vintage, and Truck. Rest assured that the competitive field will be tight!The Late Model class will feature vehicles 1990 and newer, the Vintage class is designed for vehicles 1989 and older (including Ranchero), and the Truck class is for all trucks regardless of year. All vehicles must be four-wheeled, licensed, and registered for street use. “Street car” capabilities must be proven by driving in the countryside cruise during the course of the weekend, and participants are not allowed to change tires over the course of the weekend (they will be marked in tech). The payout for each class is $1,000 cash, a plaque, and a jacket.


In addition to all of these fun-filled events sure to get the adrenaline pumping, Ford Fest will feature a Countryside Cruise with a digital scavenger hunt, a dyno challenge, a Show-n-Shine, and a massive swap meet!

For the complete list of events with rules and regulations, visit www.FordFest.com.

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